I think I threw up a little bit in my mouth

typed for your pleasure on 20 February 2005, at 6.58 pm

I’m gonna quote an excerpt here, and you can just go and click that link yourselves.

Op to remove baby’s second head

Manar Maged was originally one of conjoined identical twins, but her sister failed to develop in the womb.

As a result she was born with a second head attached to her own — a condition known as craniopagus parasiticus.

Yeah. Now may I follow that up with ‘AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHH!!!!’

Cos I’m just not interesting enough to warrant 100 things

typed for your pleasure on 18 February 2005, at 12.13 am

Sdtrk: ‘Video 5.8.6’ by New order

My ‘100 things’ list is finally complete! Only I’m 15 things short. Tch!
Now you can all learn more than you ever wanted to know about me. Heh heh, you have no idea. Unless of course, you actually know me, then you might have some idea. Nevertheless!

Comments / snide remarks are always welcome. Well, not so much the second one

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This was the Future, Vol.05

typed for your pleasure on 16 February 2005, at 2.11 pm

Holy crap, another one? Already? So soon? Yeah, why not.
Sdtrk: ‘Ushiwaka kurama iri’ by Merzbow

Europe, you need to send some of your cooler architecture over here. Or at the very least, some of your cooler architects…

I’m sure a lot of you have seen this building before, and never knew what it was called. I just learned its name recently, cos I remember seeing it years ago, on the inner sleeve/lyric sheet of the ‘Sparks in outer space’ 12″ vinyl. This would be the Atomium, in Brussels.

Designed by the engineer André Waterkeyn for the International Exhibition of Brussels, that took place here in 1958, the Atomium is a structure that is half way between sculpture and architecture, symbolising a crystal molecule of metal by the scale of its atoms, magnified 165 billion times. [..]

The Atomium was not intended to survive the Exhibition of 1958. Its popularity and success, however, ensured its place as a major landmark on the Brussels skyline.

If that doesn’t scream ‘ATOM AGE FIFTIES FUTURE’, I don’t know what does. It’s a bit too wonky to be practical, but who says all buildings have to be practical?
Thankfully, not only did the Belgian government not tear it down after its initial usage was complete (yes, it was an exposition building), but they’re currently renovating it. Gooooo Belgium!

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This was the Future, Vol.04

typed for your pleasure on 15 February 2005, at 8.48 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Choking on air’ by the Ladybug Transistor

This selection is something I don’t know if I’d want to live in, but I’d definitely love to see it. Tonight, we look at The Farnsworth House.

The one-room, steel-and-glass house designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe that has been called one of the most important works of 20th century architecture. Located in a beautiful meadow on the banks of the Fox River two miles south of Plano, the Farnsworth House has been called “sculptural” in its simplicity and a masterpiece of design. Mies’ temple-like pavilion both invites and challenges visitors.

This would be one of those places that I’d seen a few times before in print, or some other media, but I never really paid genuine attention until I saw it on the front cover of The Aluminum group‘s ‘Plano’ Cd. Their choice of the Farnsworth House fit the music perfectly; very smooth, seamless, polished, light and airy. It’s the exact sort of building you’d expect from a man who worked as the director of the Bauhaus school in Dessau. (ooh, the Bauhaus.. I’ll have to cover that soon..)

It’s a beautiful home, but I couldn’t picture myself living there. You wake up in the morning, sluggishly making your way from the bedroom to the kitchen in your PJ bottoms, and you notice several woodland creatures observing you from the other side of the glass. A couple of bears have set up lawn chairs a few feet away, from which they sit comfortably, watching you as you nervously try to make your eggs benedict. A group of rabbits titter when you accidentally pour maple syrup onto your slippers for the second time. Who can live with that sort of scrutiny day after day??

Tours are available! Wear clean socks or stockings though, as I understand you have to take your shoes off before entering

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This is Tomas. Say Hello to Tomas.

typed for your pleasure on 13 February 2005, at 9.47 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Lynda (Let her go)’ by Strawberry switchblade

Actually, this is Tomas.
Tomas has a Blog, called Cerebral Waste Disposal! Actually, he’s had a Blog, but he wouldn’t let anyone link to him before. Something about making sure everyone washes their hands before they access his page or some fumfuh.
Anyway! The link’s the ‘Cerebral Waste Disposal’ (duh) one over there to your left. Go say Hi, shake his hand, and call him friend

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Some new human / Thailand also exports Djarums!

typed for your pleasure on 12 February 2005, at 10.53 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Yoshino no yamazakura’ by Merzbow

Another site added to the ‘colleagues & co-conspirators’ Family of Links: please welcome S N A P P E R H E A D, and all that stop round here because of him. Greetings!

And after a fine dinner at our favourite Macomb county Japanese restaurant, the lads & I caught ‘Ong bak‘ over at the AMC Forum 30 last night. You know what that fillum needed more of? It needed more kicking. More kicking, and more flying elbows/flying knees. Good lord. Does anyone have any statistics on how many Muay Thai kickboxers and wanna-be kickboxers get gruesomely killed just in training alone??
Highly entertaining? I’ll say. Of course, after the film, we were all giving each other plenty of flying elbows. What fun!

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The Virtues of Self-imposed Solitude

typed for your pleasure on 11 February 2005, at 4.48 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Wow’ by Kate Bush

Due to the nature of an extended joke between myself and Steve, my first ex-roommate, I was doing a bit of research on Teh Internets on the godlike* Morrissey, and ran across a splendid quote from this interview with him last year in the Guardian Unlimited. To be honest, it’s a Morrissey interview; most of the quotes are gonna be splendid. But this one really stood out in my mind:

“Well, you see, I consider [choosing to be alone] to be a privilege. I don’t feel like I live alone because I’ve made a terrible mistake or I’m difficult to look at. Can you imagine being able to do what you like and never having to put up with any other person? And their relatives.

“You can constantly develop when you’re by yourself. You don’t when you’re with someone else. You put your own feelings on hold and you end up doing things like driving to supermarkets and waiting outside shops – ludicrous things like that. It really doesn’t do.

“We feel that there’s a shame to being uncompromising and there’s a terrible sadness to solitude, but none of the great poets ever thought that.”

There he goes, striking nails on the head again. One of the things I always say is that I love my friends to death, but one of the best things about them is that at the end of the day, I can say ‘Bye, friends!’ and go home to be by myself. With other people in your home, you always have to take their wants & needs into consideration. Which may sound selfish — and I’ll admit that in a way, it is — but if you’re constantly doing stuff with or for others, when exactly do you have time for yourself?

Ideally, once I move North, I’d like to have a big enough place for a couple of mates to crash at, which will prevent them from forking out money for a hotel room or whatever, but as I’m fairly certain they’re not gonna be driving up to Canada every week-end, 99% of the time it’ll just be me, and my upcoming passel of RealDolls and other Synthetiks. 😉 Which is just the way I prefer it. No strange and unwanted people staying round wearing out their welcome, no having to drop everything you’re doing to drive someone from point A to point F, no panic at the end of the month when your roommate doesn’t have their half of the rent money. The only person I’ll have to answer to is myself.

Some people are just natural isolationists; this doesn’t make us sociopaths. It’s better to be by yourself on your own terms, than to be forced into living with others against your better judgement. I find that ever since I moved out of Steve’s place, we get on ten times better than we used to living under the same roof. Not to say that living there was bad, but it wasn’t all rootbeer & skittles, either. And needless to say, living with The Slag was fifty times worse.
Solitary living really is a much better solution than people initially think it is

*’godlike’ status only extends to Morrissey during his years with the Smiths. Now, he’s just ‘iconic’

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