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typed for your pleasure on 2 December 2006, at 10.14 pm

Hi, I’m Davecat. Mentally I was born in the mid Fifties, so by extension, I was mentally a pre-teen in the Sixties. I managed to construct a time machine and launched headlong into the early Eighties, which is where I spent my teenaged years, and where everything started to fall into place. Which either explains a lot, or nothing at all. I used to say that condensing me into a paragraph was nigh-impossible, but I’ve pretty much just done it.

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Failing that, I honestly can’t help you.

Doting husband to Synthetik Goth girl Sidore Kuroneko, intimate friend of Synthetik Russian ex-pat Elena Vostrikova, Synthetik fan of lowercase lettering Dyanne Bailey and Synthetik coldwave enthusiast from Canada Ursula Clarke, as well as good friend to excitable Synthetik Miss Winter (also Canadian), Davecat spends his days sleeping, (barely) restraining his contempt for popular culture, researching developments in Gynoid and high-end dutch wife production, listening to Power-electronics and Sixties yé-yé in equal measure, pretending he’s a bon vivant, overshooting his spending limit, and writing about himself in the third person. He lives in a city on a land mass, somewhere in the Uncanny Valley.

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My lasses and I are keen to be a part of your projects, but we do ask that you contact me at least two to three weeks prior to any deadlines you may have to fulfil. As much as we’d love to be able to grant interviews on a full-time basis, we do have other bits and bobs in our lives that need to be attended to; i.e, work, errands, videogames, and existence in general. A heads-up of a fortnight may mean the difference between us saying ‘o yeah, we’d love to be involved in your piece’, and you not being able to submit your finished product to your publisher or producer cos we didn’t have enough time to help you. Which only makes sense.

Finally, be prepared to discuss monetary compensation. My lasses and I offer a unique perspective that you really won’t find elsewhere on an unusual lifestyle, and as much as we’d love to do this sort of thing for free forever, that obviously wouldn’t pay bills. Thank you!

Twitter: @Davecat / N.B: Zoom is preferable for interviews


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