This will be the best thing you’ve ever voted for (2007 edition)

typed for your pleasure on 10 February 2007, at 2.13 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Dead womb’ by Death from above 1979

In the interest of promoting a wee bit more interactivity from readers of ‘Shouting etc etc’ — the ratio of people that visit to people that actually leave comments is probably about 10:1 — I came up with this after finding new info and pics concerning China’s first Gynoid, Dion. Yes, that’s forthcoming as well.
So I thought: in the meantime, why not whip up a poll? Why not, indeed?

Which modern-day Gynoid would you most love to spend a dirty week-end with?
Actroid DER
Actroid DER2
EveR-2 Muse
Android SAYA free polls

And here are the nominees!


Actroid DER

Actroid DER2




EveR-2 Muse

Android SAYA

If you’re so inclined, you can indicate who you voted for and why in the comments. And anyone who pipes up with any bobbins along the lines of ‘well, they can’t even walk, let alone fu…’ or worse, gets the back of my hand. This poll is for Amusement Purposes Only. That also means you won’t actually win a date with the lass that receives the most votes, either. But don’t let that prevent you from voting, by god!

The poll will run for a week, so vote with vigour

ADDENDUM (17 Feb): Well, it’s been a week! I kinda lied; you can still vote after today, but I just wanted to see what results would occur within a seven-day period.
Unfortunately, very few people commented, but a handful did at least vote. Glancing at the stats right now, it seems Actroid DER2-chan has taken most peoples’ hearts, with 58% of the vote; EveR-2 Muse came in second with 26%; and a couple of people were drawn by Ando-san’s MILFiness, at 11%. Sadly, everyone else received nul points, with the exception of poor Actroid DER-chan, who got a single vote, as I voted for her. 🙂

Remember, you can keep voting if you like! I’m sure the other lasses would love some appreciation as well! Just think: dirty week-end

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8 have spoken to “This will be the best thing you’ve ever voted for (2007 edition)”

  1. TomasCoSauce writes:

    I got 100% of the vote! Woo! I win!

  2. PBShelley writes:

    Hmmm… I just had to pick DER2, the Hello Kitty gal 😀

    It was close between Muse and her, but the open eyes won out in the end. Plus, she is TOO cute! But I’d bet that the compressed air system would be *something* of a distraction LOL

    PBS et al

  3. SafeTinspector writes:

    DER-2 loves the Helo Kitty!

    Is there no one making one with glowing lights and curved chrome highlights? That’s the one I’d love to polish.

  4. Mahtek writes:

    I voted for DER2. Cute as can be, big smile, who better to spend a weekend with? Gynoids just keep getting better.

  5. Davecat writes:

    T-money –
    You win not only the place of First Voter, but the privilege of saying that you won. Congraturations!

    PBS et al –
    Upon reflection, I should’ve uploaded a different pic for EveR-2 Muse; I’m sure quite a few people think her eyes are always like that. But they’re not! I believe she was about to sneeze when that shot was taken. 🙂
    They’re all cute! It’s a difficult decision! Well, Android SAYA… she’s… not so cute. But at least she’s making a decent go of it…

    No no mate, you want one of those Sorayama Gynoids. No interior illumination to speak of, but there’s chrome, and plenty of it. Lovely, but too cold for my tastes. Although they’d turn a dirty week-end into a shiny one…

    Mahtek –
    DER2-chan is a charmer! And you’ve seen her in action, right?
    Last I’d seen, she was in place at a cosmetics booth somewhere in Japan, hawking its wares. If she were selling raw uranium, I’d probably buy it. Such is the Truth of her Cute. 🙂

  6. Ray writes:

    I pick DER2, because she looks strangely like Suzanne Summers to me…

  7. Davecat writes:

    As long as she doesn’t sink to the abysmal depths known as ‘She’s the Sheriff’, then we’ll all be okay…

  8. Ray Rentell writes:

    White rabbit syndrome again, soorry I am late on this one DC but better late than never !
    My choice, which would appear to be a minority one , is Ando-san.
    No idea why other than to me she looks the prettiest and most lifelike but then what about the rest of her bits, are they as realistic ?

    What a coincidence but then probably not, as a journeyed man you would of come across Sorayama and his fantastic artwork.
    Just happen to have a collection of his glorious metal women.
    His tastes and mine coincide ………..

    Now theres something for Safe-t to polish as she moves with a slight his and gurgle of hydraulics and compressed air to his soft polishing cloth.
    As for illumination a few well placed LED’s would do the job and his fantasy is fulfilled.

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