This will be the best thing you’ve ever voted for (2016 edition)

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Sdtrk: ‘Hoodrych (Voc)’ by SALEM

A number of years ago, I was fielding questions for some interview or other, and I’d mentioned how even I was amazed at how much development that had taken place in Gynoid and Android technology between 2003 and 2011, where Osaka Labs/Kokoro co. Ltd were cranking out several models in the Actroid series in a short span of time. Throw Miim-chan (that’s HRP-4C to you) by AIST into the mix, and that’s quite a few Synthetik women. For a while, there’d been a lull in the number of debuts, but it picked up again round 2014 with multiple new robot ladies; most of them are from Osaka Labs in Japan, but China and Russia brought a few into the world, so well done them.

In light of that, I thought it was time to re-introduce a post that I’d written almost ten years ago, in which you, the reader, can answer the question: Which modern-day Gynoid would you most love to spend a dirty week-end with? I’ve updated the premise somewhat, however, as you’ll see in the poll itself…

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Yeah, there’s a metric ton of choices. Like I’d said, though, it’s been almost a decade! Plus, for the sake of fairness, I’ve included all of the contestants from the previous poll, which makes the total number of Gynoids surprisingly high. So if you have difficulty making a decision, I can completely empathise with you.
And here are the nominees!


Actroid DER

Actroid DER2

Actroid Repliee ‘Ando-san’



EveR-2 Muse

Android SAYA

Actroid DER3

Actroid ‘Haruka’

Actroid Sara

Actroid-F ‘Minami’




Chihiro Aiko

Chihiro Junko

Chihiro Kanae

Aiko 2

Gynoid Kelly Chen

Mark I

Gynoid Marilyn Monroe


Android ASUNA





Otonaroid 2

Jia Jia

Yang Yang


Simroid (2011 version)

Hanako Showa 2

Alisa Zelenogradova

Tuma Urman

That’s… that’s more than I thought there’d be. And that’s not including the four or five other Gynoids from China that fellow robosexual Vokabre told me about whose names are impossible to hunt down or translate. But even with their omissions, that’s still a gigantic selection to choose from! It’s actually a rather comprehensive list. *nods agreeably*

Since it’s been so long since I’ve done an article on contemporary Gynoids — and I realise there are a number of lasses here that I haven’t mentioned previously, so you’ve that to look forward to — it’s possible I may have forgotten someone. If you can think of any, why not leave a comment? And hey! Leave a comment anyway mentioning who you voted for, just for funsies. Also, you can vote as often as you like; I’d seen that the 2007 version of this poll was visited more than a few times over the years, so this way, there’s more opportunities to participate. Which Synthetik woman makes your heart beat faster? I mean, come on, I know there are some fans of Nadine out there.

Also, please enjoy this Schadenfreudal .gif of Simroid 2011. Although I’d warn you from doing the same to any affictitious people you meet, as that’s totally rude

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  1. Mahtek writes:

    Woo-Hoo! Erica has 100% of the votes! 😀

    OK, so I’m the first to vote, or that’s just how it shows up for me, but I will savor the victory for my candidate as long as I can!

    These are some amazing gynoids, though.

  2. Nanjo writes:

    Goodness, that’s a hard decision. It was nearly HRP-4C or Dion, but Actroid Haruka has such presence! I may have to come back in a day or two and vote for Miim-chan, though. As much as I love Haruka’s sense of style, I’m weak for a lady with a body like hers. Just look at that shine!

  3. Davecat writes:

    Mahtek —
    As of this writing, Erica has only two votes, but you’ll always be her first. 🙂

    Personally, I hope in a couple of years when I invariably make an updated version of this poll, there’ll be even more Gynoids in existence! I’m fairly certain it’ll happen. But who would’ve thought, even back in 2007 that there’d be so many? Truly, we live in the Golden Age. *thumbs up*

    Nanjo —
    Hey, good to see you’re back! Maybe I should post more often! Ah heh heh! Heh.

    Yes, come back as often as you like (well, once a day) for whoever you think deserves your vote! There are worse elections out there! Ah heh heh.

    I know what you mean about Actroid Haruka, though… that race queen outfit of hers is a knockout! I voted for her first. 🙂

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