Sorry, I’ve been out

typed for your pleasure on 10 May 2008, at 12.25 pm

Sdtrk: ‘My year is a day’ by Les Irresistibles

And by ‘out’, I mean ‘largely unmotivated to do anything due to illness’. Yep, sick again. Either I caught the last vestiges of whatever plague from SafeT when we were round to goshou’s last Saturday, watching the last five episodes of Gundam 00 (note: fucking amazing, and we can’t wait for the rest of the series), or I obtained it from Tsukihime, when she was round last Sunday, moving out more of her belongings and coughing like a pro. Personally, I’m hoping it’s from SafeT, as Tsukihime has had an on-again off-again battle with bronchitis for months…

So I got round to my GP on Friday, cos although I don’t really have the fever or shivers or any of the usual symptoms of the grippe, I’ve been congested, and my throat’s been bone-dry. I could be uncharitable and partially chalk that up to my job, which has me constantly talking to twats across the nation five days a week, but I won’t for now. He has me open wide for the tongue depressor assessment, and I’m a third of the way through my AAAHH when he pulls the popsicle stick out, telling me that it’s really red in there. As quick as that judgement was, it was undoubtedly pulsing a bright crimson at the back of my throat. He’s got me on stronger antibiotics this time round, and these feckers are the biggest pills I’ve ever encountered. Behold its enormity (sorry for the blurriness):

left, a 2008 United States penny; right, a suppository

Imagine, if you can, a two-month old baby. Now imagine swallowing said baby whole. That’s what kind of dimensions we’re dealing with here. Dr S., do I look like a horse??
Ugh. Organiks. Walking germ factories. But I did manage to stop round Borders and pick up vol.10 of Monster (‘a taut psychological thriller’) and How to read Death note after my visit, as well as pre-ordered the new book about Boyd Rice, Standing in two circles, when I arrived home, so the day wasn’t a complete loss…

Well then! Back to work, or back to bed?

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  1. Euchre writes:

    Sorry to hear you’re sick again… BTW that pill looks about as big as a Centrum vitamin. I take those alot and they’re probably the reason why I don’t get sick that much… maybe.


  2. Davecat writes:

    As of this writing, I’m 95% better, thanks for asking! All due to those pharmaceutical slabs!

    Why would you want to make a pill that big, anyway? You almost get the impression it was an inside joke with whatever pharmaceutical company that got out of hand.

    ‘Hey Bill, we gotta see if we can make one that’s just big enough to fit inside a bottle. You’d like open the bottle, and a single pill would slide out with a thud.’
    ‘I dunno, Max; the guys over in Lab Six are working on one the size of a baseball. We need to top that somehow.’
    ‘Oh shit, the supervisor’s looking at our plans! Awww, he’s throwing ’em in the garbage!’

    N.B.: the above part’s funnier if you read it aloud in a Seinfeld-esque voice

  3. PBShelley writes:

    Ya know… it’s awfully (un)funny that they give you the largest pills to swallow when your throat’s incapable of anything larger than a very small pea. I guess one solution would be to slice it in quarters somehow, but given as they seemingly make them out of cement, that might not be as easily done as said.

    Anyway! Glad to see that you’re feeling better and that you properly rewarded yourself with some reading material(s). “Monster” has been on my “anime-to-watch” list since I first got into the art-form, but… 74 episodes??? :-O o.O and all those kinds of smilies…

    And how is the Final Death Note “rules” book? I’m going to be eventually getting them all, once I have, like, money and stuff.

    a very broke PBS, Lily, & Eden

    PS: ALWAYS choose “back to bed” lol

  4. Desiree writes:

    I hope you feel better soon.

    Why are you interested in Boyd Rice?

  5. Davecat writes:

    PBS & J –

    Were it not for the pill’s rounded edges, it would probably consitiute a choking hazard. Probably still does, regardless.
    Then my thoughts turned to back when I was living with zszsz, an ex-roommate that pops up on ‘Shouting etc etc’ now and again; I remember once that he insisted that humans can breathe and swallow simultaneously, much like snakes can, and we’ve simply forgotten how to do so. I was like, ‘If you want to give it a go, be my guest…’ Thankfully, he didn’t. But wouldn’t it be (marginally) cool if we could?

    Monster = highly recommended. I’ve not seen any of the episodes (insert typical comment about me working my way through fifty episodes of Kamen rider 555 and fifty eps of Turn A Gundam here), but from what I understand, the tv show almost follows the manga shot for shot, which is ace. But personally, I’d just stick with the 18 volumes of the manga. You’ll read them again and again!

    I’d say Death note 13 is pretty essential as well! Lists and stats of all the characters, both human and shinigami, interviews with the writer, extra never-before-published-in-English short manga stories, comprehensive lists of what L eats in a day and Near’s toy list requests (?!)… At a little over 200 pages, I’d say it’s recommended. Plus, you can finally learn what L’s real name is. Dun dun DUNNN!!

    And yes, ‘back to bed’ is always the better option. Especially if there’s a pleasant Synthetik lass awaiting you there. 😉

    Desiree –
    Thanks for the well-wishes as well! I’d say I’m on the road to recovery, but I’m not a doctor — just because I wore a lab coat while doing my three-year stint as a specimen processor doesn’t mean I’m actually licenced to practise medicine. But that’ll be our little secret, ‘kay? 🙂

    I’ve always liked Boyd Rice! Well, at least since I discovered Industrial music back in the early Nineties, and by that, I mean the good Industrial groups, like Throbbing gristle, Monte Cazazza, Cabaret Voltaire, etc. The ‘music’ he made as NON struck a chord with me, as it was harsh, abrasive, and most of all, different. I mean, distorted tapeloops played at deafening volume? Drilling off-centre holes in records and playing them at the wrong speeds? Attaching a fan to the front of a guitar? Yes.

    Being the good Industrial geek I was am, I sought out every interview available on the man, and discovered he was articulate, intelligent, and more than a bit cynical, which fascinated me even more, and by the time my friends and I had a chance to speak with him for several minutes after a particularly fantastic NON / Scorpion wind / Strength through Joy / Death in June performance in Pittsburgh back in ’97, we all found him to be quite engaging and funny. There’s always that fear that if you meet a famous person you idolise (for lack of a better term), that they’ll actually be a complete wanker in person, but with Boyd, there wasn’t any of that.

    I dunno, I suppose I like Boyd most due to his creativity, his contrarian nature, and his love for nostalgia and retro culture. Plus, he’s a hell of a snappy dresser. 🙂

  6. Desiree writes:

    Fair enough, I respect his work with NON and re/search but oppose his views on social Darwinism and would hesitate to support him by buying his books. DiJ is sort of a guilty pleasure of mine though. I prefer NWW anyway.

    L’s name amuses me.

    ‘Specimen processor’ sounds rather frightening!

  7. PBShelley writes:

    Hm, in that last pic he looks like he could be Morrissey’s cousin :-O I’m not exactly NOYSE oriented having long ago been there & done that (more or less but more less than more)… I enjoy music I can enjoy these days. But given those (presently absent) mind expanding enhancements I might/could change my mind. Unassisted it’s just noise though… At this rate I’ll settle for some absinthe as the only “green” in my life until I grow a thumb of like color 😉

    OH! Didja know that “Atom Heart Mother”-era Pink Floyd actually wanted to record a whole album using “found instruments” and not using a single traditional one? Not surprisingly, it got shot down lol
    Hm… come to think of it, many people considered them to be “just noise” so I laugh in their general direction lol <— (see?) Still, a vastly underrated band despite the Sheepish acceptance of Dark Side of the Moon. I knew ’em when!!! They were a band that had guts, and didn’t care who didn’t like it…
    So, I’ll have to look into this Boyd Rice fellow.

    Man, that Death Note manga looks too good to resist… just the goodies alone make it worth having, for L’s name alone lol. And I’m oddly interested in Near’s toy list! As I’m completely broke atm, are these the kinds of things they keep in print or are they those $*%%@^^& limited editions I hate so much? I must have them but only when I can…
    *sigh* So much time and so little money 🙁

    Regrds regardless,
    PBS & Lily & Eden and a Pennie-for -your-cats

  8. PBShelley writes:

    There’s a huge gaping hole on your page of pages!!! What has it et? :-O

  9. Davecat writes:

    Pbs et al (pronounced ‘pibbs-etal’) –
    Hole? Where? What speak you? Get a screenshot of said hole and Email it to me if you can, si vous plait…

    Err, given the wild popularity of Death note, I don’t see it going out of print anytime soon, but you never know… I’m sure it’ll be round for quite a while, though, so don’t sweat it. Sweat’s disgusting, anyway. 🙂

    Had Pink Floyd recorded a found instruments album, that would’ve really been ace! There really isn’t enough of that. Harry Partch and his self-made instruments spring to mind, or my favourite Japanese noise-god, Masami Akita, as well as a multitude of others. Sure, Pink Floyd might’ve lost some fans, but they probably would’ve gained a passel of new ones…

    And Boyd Rice, Morrissey’s cousin? Now THAT would be out there. 🙂

    Desiree –
    You gotta love Tsugumi Ohba’s names — they’re like English, yet not English. You know, ‘Quillsh Wammy’, or ‘Lind L. Tailor’. L’s true name maintains the status quo nicely. 🙂

    Being a specimen processor was more boring than frightening, really, which is weird, considering that I was dealing with other people’s bodily fluids all the time. But a mate of mine helped me get the job, plus it had really good benefits, and the rise in pay over my previous job helped me pay for Sidore. So it was definitely worth it!

    Re.Boyd’s Social Darwinist angle: Personally… I wouldn’t say I agree with that philosophy 100%, but I do agree with a number of aspects of it. I’m of the opinion that there are a lot — and I do mean a lot — of people in society that do far more harm than good, and if they didn’t exist, it’d be beneficial to everyone. For instance, if it weren’t for the fact that innocent lives are occasionally taken in gang wars, I’d simply let ’em shoot it out, and then get rid of the survivors. As far as I’m concerned, if you’re in a gang, not only are you not too smart, but you’ve pretty much forfeited your right to be a part of society.

    That’s probably what attracted me to the story that Death note illustrates: the whole concept of being able to get rid of undesirable elements at a stroke has an incredible appeal. If I had a Death note in my posession, I’d probably be using it, to be completely honest.

    As there’s different increments for morality and ethics applying to a billion different situations (‘would you go back in time to kill Hitler while he was still a baby?’), there’s no such thing as black and white with anything, obviously. So although I personally don’t have a problem with Social Darwinism as a whole, but that sort of theory is awfully hard to put into practise. So one does what one can, really…

    And actually, I used to like Current 93 more than Death in June, when first getting into that whole former World Serpent cabal of artists! Then David Tibet started getting too folky for my tastes, so I switched to DIJ. Nurse with wound is kinda hit-or-miss with me, but I like Stapleton’s collaborations with Stereolab, does that count? 🙂

  10. Desiree writes:

    If I’m not feeling generous, I would gladly let gangs shoot it out, who cares? But I would feel that the winners were as worthless as the dead. If I *were* feeling generous, I might think both sides were equally troubled and confused and deserving of help. I’m not a Darwinist anyway, I have more faith in entropy.

    With Boyd Rice, I think it’s more an excuse to be a sexist jerk who just likes to call attention to himself, and a way to truthfully deny accusations of being a Nazi. And I annoy myself by being annoyed with him, because I am sure he would be flattered, if he cared at all.

    I really loved ‘The Guilty Have No Pride’ but I like the folk side as well. Only, the lyrics are really repetitive and boring. Maybe they are for harsh songs too, but one notices it less.

    I would use a Death Note too, but would probably find myself using it in trivial ways, against people who vocalize yawns or put apostrophes in plurals. It is very good that I don’t have one.

    Anyway, I will tentatively forgive you for liking Boyd Rice, since you like Masami Akita. I saw him perform live once, it was amazing.

    But Stapleton’s collab with Stereolab does not count, no…

  11. PBShelley writes:

    ‘ello DC & the ever-exquisite Sidore-chan!
    The hole of which I speak is just a HUGE space in the text of this post, that starts sfter the second paragraph’s apology for blurriness and extends until the pic; the space in between is about nearly as long as the replies so far.

    It’s like a pause that doesn’t refresh. Or summat…

    Re; The Note of Death; one reason I dug it right off the bat was the realization that (a) yeah I’d use it, and (b) what a bastard I’d become. I related to Light at first and then the rest was a continuous gritting of teeth as his destiny and ultimate fate became more and more obvious.

    But those early scenes where he’s writing in the Note and that “Damien/Omen” music is playing over the scenes… brill!

    Re: Pink Floyd: in the early days at least (before DSOTM) they didn’t care about keeping fans, just making music theretofore unheard. A very brave band, indeed 🙂

    If you’ve never seen Pink Floyd At Pompeii, it’s incredible (and lots of lava scenery as well as a live performance in an amphitheatre there). You haven’t lived until you’ve seen “Careful With That Axe, Eugene” in all its screaming splendor :O

    PBS & girls

  12. Davecat writes:

    Desirey –
    Oooh, you’re a Grammar Nazi, too? High five! 🙂

    Early DIJ, as you know, is rather Joy division-esque, which naturally drew me to them, mid-period stuff is either a bit folky or rather Eightiesy pop-Goth, but the last cluster of albums he did really grabbed me, as they’re loop-tastic. Working with Albin Julius was probably one of the best things Douglas P.’s done for the project…

    One of the better concerts I’d seen was Merzbow, preceded by Masonna. Merzbow is definitely fun, isn’t he? Those two really need to come to the States more! And not perform so far away where I can’t drive to see them!

    And in the end equation, you can’t get away from Entropy, no matter how hard you try, really…

    PBS und die Frauen –
    Ergh. I now see what you mean regarding that hole.
    You’re still using Internet Exploder, right? Dude — get Firefox. It’s a better browser overall, and, might I add, ‘Shouting etc etc’ looks far far better with it. That gap doesn’t appear when the site’s viewed in Firefox. And man, checking it out in IE, it quite frankly looks retarded. I’ve no idea why IE fucks with the coding, but I’ve no control over it.

    Seriously, get Firefox; it’ll be one of the better things you’ll do for yourself. Would I steer you wrong?? Ah, don’t answer that. 🙂

    Re. Desu note: Yeah, you know it’ll end in tears for Light, but you’re like ‘how far can he go with it??’ In the end equation, he came very close to realising his dream on a better world in his lifetime. Good on you, Light, you megalomaniac, you!

  13. Desiree writes:

    I would like to see Masonna someday. I didn’t wear earplugs for Merzbow, I trusted him completely, but I would certainly wear them for Masonna.

    I’m not a grammar Nazi, I’m a Linguistic Darwinist.

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