Meow Mix coated in 10w-40: supplemental

typed for your pleasure on 2 December 2008, at 12.59 am

Sdtrk: ‘Blister’ by Venetian snares

So going from the results of our recent poll, it appears our little toy robot cat finally has a name — you can call him Shironeko.

See how ecstatic he looks? That’s the picture of glee right there

It was a landslide; as of 12.40am Monday morning, that particular name choice garnered twenty votes, versus the ten that Mecha-Moggy 5000 received. I suspect that Shi-chan might have called in some favours from other Dolls…

Our friend Neo did have a point, though, when he remarked ‘I really think the lady of the house gets first dibs as she has to house-sit the cat!’ Yeah yeah, buddy, you and your ‘logic’. *waves hand dismissively*

Thanks very much for your participation! We’re all winners?

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8 have spoken to “Meow Mix coated in 10w-40: supplemental”

  1. Laura writes:

    The one with the rack wins. You better learn that now 😉

    The missus needs a manicure!

  2. SafeTinspector writes:

    Davecat: “We’re all whiners?”

  3. Davecat writes:

    Laura –
    O, you women with your bOObs. Hetero blokes are guaranteed to lose, as the cards are always stacked against us. 😉

    And yes, Sweetie needs a manicure. I have to talk to some people about how to securely fit some hard nails to her — under normal circumstances, only silicone will stick to silicone.
    She’s not extremely upset about it, though. When her nailvarnish is nice and freshly applied, that’s Goth. When the varnish is all chipped, that’s Punk. 😀


  4. Laura writes:

    I can’t even tell you how many free movie rentals my boobs have gotten me 😉

  5. Veach writes:

    Although others noted your sig-o’s punk-i-cure, none noted she is, obviously, left handed (the hand which does the most work sheds polish faster). And/Or she takes the right side of the bed, and – therefore – your right and her left entwine more oft than vice-versa. (Lovely word, that.)

  6. Desiree writes:

    Shironeko is very cute. ^^ And Sidore needs a manicure, but her mood ring looks colourful so I suppose she doesn’t mind. (I quite envy the shape of her nails actually.)

  7. Desiree writes:

    Addition: I hadn’t even read your comment and I still sensed she was ok with the nails. But I missed that she’s left-handed!

  8. Davecat writes:

    Laura –
    O, I can imagine. 😉

    Veach –
    A clever deduction, Mr Poirot. Unfortunately, YOU ARE WRONG!! Well, partially.
    The Missus actually sleeps on the left side of our bed, and she tilts on her right side to face me, which means her right arm is kinda wedged between us. Whenever we are in bed… ahh, playing an engaging game of MasterMind, naturally… she’s partial to using her left hand due to her position. However! She has been known to use her right hand, as seen here. I’ve another pic of her holding a Luger, but I’m too lazy to find it now.

    Basically, she’s ambidextrous, but she prefers using her left, as she doesn’t like to show off. 🙂 Good eye, though, sir!

    Desiree –
    Hey, long time no see! Welcome back! 🙂

    Funny thing about that mood ring she sports, and this is an actual true story: that used to be my mood ring, and when Sidore entered my life, I naturally gave it to her. I’d had it for several years, and I noted that when I wore it, the fecker hardly ever changed colour — it was almost always black. *cue ‘lolobvious’ here* But from the day I slipped it on her finger, I noticed that it would change colour with semi-regular frequency. I shit you not. There’s gotta be something to that…

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