Celebrating the One Week Anniversary ov ‘Shouting to hear the echoes’

typed for your pleasure on 26 July 2004, at 5.39 pm

Davecat here, wishing everyone out there on the Information Superhighway a fine ‘oozabootye?’ as they say in fair Scotland.
My goodness, where to begin? It’s been quite a week! So many people have written in, saying ‘Your blog saved my son’s life!’ or ‘I read your blog, and thru a series of events too complicated to explain, I met my future wife!’ or ‘Thanks to your blog, I can see again!’ Well, if it weren’t for people such as you, the reader, I wouldn’t be able to provide such witty, original, insightful, and life-enriching content as I have been for the past *looks at calendar* seven days. I’d just like to raise my glass in a toast, and say, Here’s to another seven days!!

(don’t worry; I won’t be doing this sort ov thing every week)

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6 have spoken to “Celebrating the One Week Anniversary ov ‘Shouting to hear the echoes’”

  1. Patrick writes:

    Thanks to your blog, my grandmother can afford that operation she was saving for! Too bad she’s been dead for 5 years.

  2. Davecat writes:

    See what I mean? Another satisfied customer!?

  3. Jessie writes:

    Congrats on your first week, Dave! The sonar is going mad with all the pings.

  4. MontiLee writes:

    I was considering that sex change operation so Jessie would like me better, but your blog changed all that!


  5. Jessie writes:

    So I would like you better? Hon, your sex is fine. My marrital status is the problem! You do me the honor of gracing my fantasies with regularity, though.

    Hmmm, might toss Dave in tonight for a threesome. A picture would help matters, hint, hint.

  6. Davecat writes:

    Whoo! Getting a wee bit warm in here, aheh heh. *opens window*

    Jessie, I have to scrounge up a semi-decent photo ov myself. I won’t leave you hangin’. 🙂

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