Some new human / Thailand also exports Djarums!

typed for your pleasure on 12 February 2005, at 10.53 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Yoshino no yamazakura’ by Merzbow

Another site added to the ‘colleagues & co-conspirators’ Family of Links: please welcome S N A P P E R H E A D, and all that stop round here because of him. Greetings!

And after a fine dinner at our favourite Macomb county Japanese restaurant, the lads & I caught ‘Ong bak‘ over at the AMC Forum 30 last night. You know what that fillum needed more of? It needed more kicking. More kicking, and more flying elbows/flying knees. Good lord. Does anyone have any statistics on how many Muay Thai kickboxers and wanna-be kickboxers get gruesomely killed just in training alone??
Highly entertaining? I’ll say. Of course, after the film, we were all giving each other plenty of flying elbows. What fun!

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