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Sdtrk: ‘Deep down’ by Christy

I just feel that I have to step in here and add, without any trace of self-aggrandising whatsoever, that ‘Shouting etc etc’ began covering this, y’know, months ago. Just so you know.
This blog truly is ‘slicing edge’, as the kids say! Or is it ‘chopping edge’? I’ve no idea.

Robot or Human? Here’s ACTROID (link to article on Akihabara News)

Roger that, and drooling now

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End of an era

typed for your pleasure on 30 November 2005, at 11.16 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Surfboard’ by Antonio Carlos Jobim

This Saturday past, before the lads and I took part in our usual parade of Britcoms/kaiju films/yakuza serials/horrible music video viewing, Derek and I headed out to Japan book center over in Livonia. Japan book center, or JBC as we know it, has been a shop that I and my anime-lovin’ friends have repeatedly patronised for roughly 17 years. A nondescript store in the back corner of a strip mall, it was our source for anime magazines such as Animage, Shonen Jump, Terebi magazine, and Animedia. It was also a treasure trove of Japanese films and programmes recorded via satellite. They had all types of genres there, but we usually gravitated towards the anime. And back before Derek and I started hanging out in extant, my best friend Sean and I would motor the 15 miles out there every single month in all sorts of weather, in order to obtain the latest issue of Newtype — keep in mind that not only was this years before the domestic anime explosion, but Newtype didn’t even have an English language version back then.

The shop was run by a middle-aged Japanese lady who knew rudimentary English, and whenever she wasn’t behind the counter or restocking the shelves, she was usually seen with her pair of small white dogs, who functioned like overactive, furry proximity alarms. You’d open JBC’s door, and thirty feet away, those dogs would begin incessantly leaping and yipping behind the counter. The other owner was a man we knew as Jii-san (Grandad), a kindly gentleman who appeared to be somewhat late-middle-aged. As I’d stated before, since Derek, Sean and I et al were shopping there regularly before people in the States knew what anime was, we kinda stood out, and he always recognised us. He knew what we were pretty much after, and always let us know when the latest shipments of whatever magazine would be arriving, or when such-and-such videotape of whatever film or Tv series would be ready. All in all, a nice bloke.

Derek and his roommate Dave both had yearly subscriptions to various magazines at JBC, which was one of the great features that Jii-san offered. Go up there, fill out a form, make a down payment, and Jii-san would set aside a copy of whatever magazine every month in a special pile just for you. Back in October, Derek was telling me that he was at the shop, paying for one of his subscriptions, and the clerks more or less told him to not worry about it and to keep his money, which struck him as not only strange, but somewhat foreboding. Now, over the course of the past year or two, Jii-san and.. the lady.. were up at JBC less and less, and a new couple of clerks were staffing — a bloke and a lass in their twenties, who both looked as if they belonged on the set of ‘Kamen rider 555‘ — and we all didn’t give it much thought, apart from ‘Jii-san is getting older, and these are probably going to be his sucessors at the shop’. Red flags definitely went up, however, as Derek reported that he’d gone back there after work a couple of weeks later, and the store was closed at 5pm on a weekday.
‘Jii-san’s dead, he’s probably dead’, Derek said, in the way that a person says something whilst simultaneously not wanting to believe that it may possibly be true.
‘SHUT UP SHUT UP’, was my well-thought-out response.

So the previous Friday, Derek and I resolved to get up there and find out what the hell was up. We arrived at the strip mall a wee bit after noon and walked round the corner towards JBC, only to see white paper completely covering the glass door. Apart from a UPS shipment notification, there was a piece of paper taped to the door on the inner side of the glass, bearing a note in Japanese. Between the pair of us, we translated it as Tanaka (Jii-san) had passed away on the 19th of September. Hm.
We walked over to Koyama shoten, which is a Japanese grocery store in the same strip mall that we automatically stop round after any JBC visit, and after picking up some Gundam figures and onigiri, I asked the clerk about the state of JBC. He mentioned that since Jii-san died, they were probably going to end up closing the store, and any other books and magazine sales and video rentals would take place in the dry goods retail section of Koyama shoten. Hm.

Derek and I passed JBC for the last time, and I peered in through the window of the darkened shop. It was as if the place was now a museum, or a time capsule, as all of the magazines on the shelves were dated from September. It was a little depressing, I don’t mind telling you.

Saraba (Farewell), Jii-san, and saraba Japan book center. You will be definitely missed

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This was the Future, Vol.19

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Sdtrk: ’22: The death of all the romance’ by the Dears

Good news, bad news: I’ve run across a site that contains not one, but 15 — fifteen! he said, squealing like a schoolgirl — sterling examples of 20th century Modern architecture from eastern Europe. The bad news would be that all the info contained therein is in Deutsche. Of course, if you naturally speak German, this is in no way a problem, but for me, it makes finding additional info difficult. Would you believe it’s nearly impossible to find anything on my personal favourite, the Empfangslounge für Regierungsmitglieder Flughafen Bratislava (Reception lounge for Cabinet members, Airport Bratislava) pictured below? Damnit!

Anyway, the site is called ‘ostmoderne‘, and if the above picture does nothing to stimulate your retro-modern aesthetic senses, you are dead inside. Dead, I say

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Cunning plan ENGAGED

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Sdtrk: ‘Crash for Hi-fi’ by Merzbow

Now, if you’ll throw a sidelong glance towards the lefthand sidebar, you’ll notice something new beneath the hit counter. Shi-chan has a Flickr account of her own!
I’ll commence work on rebuilding ‘Kitten with a Whip!’ when I can scrape up some spare time, but for now, Sidore has an effective way to display her photos. It seems that Flickr has a limit on how much bandwidth (there’s that word again) per month that you can use when you upload pics, and I’m already at the halfway point, so you can expect a monthly upload of about two photoshoots; of course, you’ll be notified when the new ones are up. Currently, we’ve got the ‘Short black hair’ and ‘Red is the new purple’ shoots uploaded, so for the six or seven of you who’ve never seen the Missus before, do give them a look..
We might even throw in some never-before-seen material as well! Who can say?

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Yum yum, yum yum

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Sdtrk: ‘Such a little thing makes such a big difference’ by Morrissey

The people at 4woods have been hard at work, apparently, crafting a sexy new Synthetik. And good on them!

Lipstick: frosted, not frosty

Their latest variant of lovely artificial companion is the A.I.NEO, the first model of which is named Yu-ki. She’s just over 5’1″, 66 lbs, and her measurements are 34.24.35. According to the 4woods English page, the NEO series has improved features, among which are a stronger and more moveable skeletal structure, softer skin than previous models, bigger breasts (always good), and a lighter weight. Gentlemen, you’re speaking my language. 🙂
I’m so taken with the look of this model, that I believe once I’ve graduated, I’ll have to get one — after I buy a new body for Sidore-chan, an A.I.Doll Kunika-type, and a Jenny-type RealDoll, in that order.
So sexy! How is that even possible??

4woods has more pics are available here. Unfortunately, it’s in a Flash format, which makes saving them nigh-impossible, but I’m sure photos will be available through the usual channels soon enough.
Above photo shamelessly stolen from atsushi-san and MaRi-chan’s blog

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How could someone not write about this??, or, Is this loli?

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Sdtrk: ‘Hawk’ by Broadcast

Everyone’s favourite glam-rocker-turned-paedophile might get killed by firing squad!

Glitter could face firing squad
John Aglionby, south-east Asia correspondent
Tuesday November 22, 2005

Gary Glitter could face the death penalty in Vietnam after it emerged yesterday that a 12-year-old local girl has claimed the disgraced rocker paid to have sex with her three times.

Police in the southern resort town of Vung Tau, where Glitter, 61, has been detained since Saturday amid allegations he had sex with at least one minor, said two girls aged 18 and 12 went to his rented house in the town and had sex with him.
the rest of the article is here

Everyone has a small place in their heart for ‘Rock ‘n’ roll Part 2′ — the version that the Human league did was the best, obviously — but apart from that, glam rock is singularly repellent. However, like many repellent things, such as Nazis and Mariah Carey, some fascinating aspect can be found if you look deep enough (snappy uniforms and boobs, respectively). Without glam, we wouldn’t have David Bowie, or Suede, for that matter.
But Gaz Glitter potentially facing a firing squad! You have to laugh! I mean, moreso than usual.

If they execute him, will he be allowed to wear his wig, makeup, stage outfit and platforms? It honestly won’t be a real execution otherwise

thanx to Zip Gun for the tipoff

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click ‘Hello?’ click ‘Hello?’ click ‘Hello?’ etc

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Sdtrk: ‘You and I’ by Silver apples

Today was my first day at my even newer job! Yep, new job. Let me bring you up to speed on my recent attempts at ‘gainful’ employment: The job I previously had driving to and fro wasn’t really bad at all, apart from the fact that the hours were virtually non-existent. It was an on-call kind of thing, and during that time of year, there wasn’t a hell of assignments available – more often than not, it was a case of there being more drivers than tasks available. Whilst at work one day in early October, my dispatcher called me over to the side, saying ‘Just so you know, if you want to look around for another job, you can, cos we’re really not going to have a lot of work until the beginning of the year’. At first, I thought it was just me he didn’t have any work for, but as it turns out, it was across the board. My friend/coworker Dave Z was firing off resumes left and right as well, as the hours were really scarce. One day I came in, worked about an hour, sat round in the dispatcher’s office for another 45 minutes waiting for a new assignment, was told there wasn’t anything left for that day, and was sent home. Now, a two-hour workday would be feckin’ ace if it were a normal job, wherein you’d be paid for eight, but we were paid by the hours we actually worked. WOO HOO.

So! I did a bit of job-hunting, and interviewed at some place that needed outgoing callers in the daytime. They called me back a couple of days later; they told me that I was hired, but they’d let me know in a week what day to come in, as they were in the midst of getting a project from a new client. So a week went by, and I was in relatively high spirits. The bloke who interviewed me called me back while I was in line buying my laptop, saying ‘Well, the hours for the job have changed, as the new client wants us to call some days in the evening’.
‘What days?’ I asked.
‘Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday’, he replied. ‘I remember that you said you have classes, but I don’t remember what days..’
‘Monday and Tuesday eve’, I replied, cutting him off. As you suspect, I was rather pissed off at that point, especially since I had just quit my driving job the day before. He hemmed and hawed, telling me that they’d keep my name on the list, and I hung up on him.

Thankfully, two weeks ago, I was graced with an interview and a callback for my new job, which I’ve just come home from. It’s *sigh* fundraising via telephone again, but this is something that’ll be able to put fuel in my tank until I graduate. Mon – Fri, 10am to 2pm, at $8 per hour, plus commission when I get succesful sales. Err, I mean donations. It doesn’t sound like much, but 20 hours a week is a hell of a lot better than six to eight hours a month.
The office contains about 40 people, and since it’s in Southfield (a nice 15 minute drive from mine), 95% of the workers are playas and would-be gangstas. So of course I’ll fit in even less there than I usually do most places. *shrug* Our paid orientation was four hours, and it’s about as straightforward as you can get. Like I’d said, it’s something to put fuel in my tank.. It’ll be nice not being absolutely broke!

Ooh, look at what comes out at BestBuy tomorrow!

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