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typed for your pleasure on 24 November 2005, at 1.01 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Such a little thing makes such a big difference’ by Morrissey

The people at 4woods have been hard at work, apparently, crafting a sexy new Synthetik. And good on them!

Lipstick: frosted, not frosty

Their latest variant of lovely artificial companion is the A.I.NEO, the first model of which is named Yu-ki. She’s just over 5’1″, 66 lbs, and her measurements are 34.24.35. According to the 4woods English page, the NEO series has improved features, among which are a stronger and more moveable skeletal structure, softer skin than previous models, bigger breasts (always good), and a lighter weight. Gentlemen, you’re speaking my language. 🙂
I’m so taken with the look of this model, that I believe once I’ve graduated, I’ll have to get one — after I buy a new body for Sidore-chan, an A.I.Doll Kunika-type, and a Jenny-type RealDoll, in that order.
So sexy! How is that even possible??

4woods has more pics are available here. Unfortunately, it’s in a Flash format, which makes saving them nigh-impossible, but I’m sure photos will be available through the usual channels soon enough.
Above photo shamelessly stolen from atsushi-san and MaRi-chan’s blog

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  1. MaRi & atsushi writes:

    Hi! Davecat & Shi-chan,
    Thanx for your link of my blog.
    Are you graduated doller? whatt’s happen?

    -MaRi & atsushi-

  2. Davecat writes:

    Hi atsushi-san and MaRi-chan –
    No, I haven’t quit the scene, I’ve just been very busy. 🙂 We’ll be back soon!

  3. SafeTinspector writes:

    This one looks loli.

  4. Davecat writes:

    And yet she’s not!

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