My specialty is ‘grocery shopping’ / Not thinking far enough ahead

typed for your pleasure on 12 July 2011, at 10.48 am

Sdtrk: ‘Model home’ by Group Rhoda

EDIT (12 July 2011): Clearing out some driftwood here. As you’ll quickly gather, I’d written this post some time ago, when I was employed at B**********. I can smile about it now, but at the time it was terrible. Or have I got that in reverse?

So this comprised my workday a few days ago:

R: Are you bringing anything for potluck?
ME: Chips!
R: What’s your specialty?
ME (bewildered): Ahh… chips?

Later that same day, I made a call to a person named Walterina. Walterina, huh? I can just imagine the conversation her parents had, shortly after her mum knew she was pregnant…

FATHER: If it’s a boy, we’ll call him Walter!
MOTHER: But what if it’s a girl, dear?
FATHER: Ha ha! It won’t be a girl.

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5 have spoken to “My specialty is ‘grocery shopping’ / Not thinking far enough ahead”

  1. Prion Indigo writes:

    Walterina! Ha ha! Love the way you portray it!

  2. Davecat writes:

    I’m sure Walterina is considered a perfectly cromulent name in some cultures, but putting ‘-ina’ at the end of a name is kinda… I dunno, lazy?
    ‘Davecatina’. See? Doesn’t work.

  3. Barbielle writes:

    Davecatina xD lol. Davina would sound pretty at least in my language, but unfortunately it’s without “cat” so it wouldn’t do either :(((((((((((((( Well Sidorina would be adorable if you two ever have your very own synthetic baby girl. (; (even though I read that interview that said that you’re not wanting to have kids).

  4. Davecat writes:

    Sidorina almost sounds Russian! Well, Eastern European. It almost works!

    One of the reasons the Missus and I got together is that neither of us want kids! Every couple of years, we give some thought to getting a Reborn, but I think that’d be taking things a bit too far. Although I think it’d be an amusing excuse to purchase Similac (a brand of artificial breast milk)!…

  5. Barbielle writes:

    Ooh, aaw. 😀 I’ve never heard of an artificial breast milk before! Who would buy those anyways? Reborn parents?

    Luckily I get the milk my Babies need from my boobs ;D Maybe I produce Similac then, if is synthetic milk coming from synthetic breasts :DD <3 !!

    You should really have kids some day. Why? Cause you're too perfect! (:

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