This was the Future, Vol.29

typed for your pleasure on 17 September 2006, at 11.45 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Bel air’ by Can

This is La Vallée 70, somewhere in France. The top section holds the kitchen and living room, and there seems to be at least four colour-coded compartmentalised rooms beneath, and below that, there’s an indoor swimming pool. The furniture and accessories are appropriately 20th century Modern, and it’s built into the side of a hill that overlooks a small stream.
Also notable: the entire residence looks to be made of 100% pure Awesome.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, that certainly holds true for this sexy action-packed instalment of ‘This was the Future’, cos I can’t copy any of the text, as not only is it all in French (pronounced ‘Frawnsh’), but the site’s all Flash. A pox on you, webdesigners! I’m sure these screencapped pics will pique your interest, in lieu of an actual article…

Something this sexy doesn’t need words, anyway — it’s self-descriptive. Dibs on the Violet Room!

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  1. PBShelley writes:

    Awesome house! I’ll take the orange room then, and put violet light bulbs in it 😛

    Oddly enough, speaking of the light bulbs, Pink Floyd used them on a cover of one of their albums. Why is this interesting (or not)? Because they did a soundtrack to an album called La Vallee in 1972. And this house definitely looks rather Floyd-ish! Hell, I’d live in it!

    PBS & the Etcs

  2. Davecat writes:

    Ah, the Eerie Synchronicity. Well, not so eerie — I’m sure they knew what they were doing. 🙂

    La Vallée 70 does have a wee bit of a Floydian look to it — don’t know why I think that, as I’m not into Pink Floyd, but it does.. But I think we can all agree that you simply can’t go wrong wth design like that!

  3. SafeTinspector writes:

    Looks like it is a large spacecraft which has crashed upon our filthy dirt-ball. Observe its main gun!

  4. Andy writes:

    Let’s see if someone notices comments to 6 years old posts….

    Wasn’t that swimming pool used in the German film “World on a Wire” (“Welt am Draht”)? ……. Which I watched because of your recent recommendation somewhere.

  5. Davecat writes:

    O, Andy & Amy. You thought you could sneak one past? Tsk tsk! No, as far as I’m concerned, it’s always fantastic when someone comments on an older post here, cos it means that there’s someone out there that’s 1) reading my blog to begin with, and 2) not just sticking to the newer stuff. Neat!

    I was surprised to learn about ‘Welt am Draht’ that a lot of the futuristic interiors were filmed in France, as they said Germany didn’t have such modernistic interior design back then. Which I would beg to differ with, but on the other hand, I wasn’t there. Maybe what Rainer Werner Fassbinder saw around him wasn’t futuristic enough.
    Although the swimming pool at La Vallée 70 is awesome, it’s got far more mirrors and disco ball-per-square inch than the pool in ‘Welt am Draht’, which is a a shame. That is, upon reflection. 😉

  6. Andy writes:

    Didn’t think I would get caught so fast!
    Actually I have started reading all the posts from the very beginning recently. A good 2 years down, 6 more to go!
    (Still not convinced regarding the swimming pool, though. My DVD was rented so I can’t check it. ……….. But I just noticed the stairs on the right, where the bar would have been in the film. Damn, I hate it to be wrong. Grrrrrrrrrrrr)

  7. Andy writes:

    Kommando zurück!

    After a bit of googling I’m shocked. There is not similarity between the “Welt am Draht” swimming pool and this one. I have no idea what triggered that impression.

    *hides embarrassed*

  8. Davecat writes:

    Regarding reading all that writin’: Don’t worry, some years have very few posts to speak of over a twelve-month span. On the other hand, there’s always October 2005. Twenty-one posts? That’s a bit mental!

    And you saw a space-age modern pool, and thought of a retro-future. Completely understandable! And wet! 🙂

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