Hamsters! As many as you can carry!

typed for your pleasure on 29 March 2005, at 12.22 am

Sdtrk: ‘Dimension futur’ by Lucien Lavoute

It seems people are digging hamsters all of a sudden! Well, not literally digging them. You don’t plant packets of hamster seeds, water them, and come back months later to find small rodents partially submerged in dirt. Unless, of course, hamster gestation has made some really left-field developments that I was previously unaware of.

‘Ayep Martha, the crop sure done looks good this year’

Nation’s shoppers covet sofa and small furry pet
Times Online | March 22, 2005

HAMSTERS have burrowed their way into the nation’s shopping baskets, taking their place for the first time in an official list of widely bought products.

People trying to keep up with the times need to buy one of the furry creatures, along with laptops, leather sofas, wrapping paper and Botox, according to the list, which is used to measure inflation.
the rest of the article is here

Better stock up now before the Summertime, is all I can say. Come June, they won’t be able to keep them in the stores

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