We Disassemble Excitement / Wallpapers part deux

typed for your pleasure on 28 November 2004, at 11.52 pm

No, no-one’s killed me; I just haven’t had anything worth writing about happen to me lately.
*thinking hard* Err.. I catsat for Monti, played Halo 2 from start to finish over at Mike’s (and I really have no desire to play it again), and my back gradually got better — it’s still a bit sore sometimes, but it’s a lot better than it was. O, and I picked up all of the Tekki/Steel battalion figures over at MediaPlay for $7 a pop. So there you go.

Right; well, the link to the second set of wallpapers was
right here, but now it merely isn’t. (3.47 MB)

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Machines 1, Fleshlings 0

typed for your pleasure on 22 November 2004, at 5.28 pm

A couple of years ago, my first ex-roommate Steve & I were sitting around in the livingroom of our townhouse, discussing something or other, and somehow the subject of Androids & Gynoids came up. (With me in the room? The devil you say!) ‘Wouldn’t it be ace if you could put your brain in the body of an Android?’ I remarked. ‘You wouldn’t have to worry about getting sick, or having to eat, or getting old, or at least a dozen other things!’ Steve, in a shining moment of hyper-lucidity, replied, ‘Yeah, but I’d rather put my brain in a Gynoid’s body. Think about it.’ OMIGOD YES, YES, A THOUSAND TIMES YES. I would probably never leave the house. *big pervy grin*

Yesterday my parents & I were ransacking the house for disposable items, as today is Bulk Garbage Day for our neighbourhood, and my father decided he wanted to finally get rid of the stove-converted-from-an-oil-barrel that had been sitting inactive in the basement for at least a decade. So, believing I had nothing better to do with my time, he handed me a bucket and a garden trowel, and told me to empty the ash from the stove into that, so we could haul it out. After using a larger implement, like, y’know, a fucking shovel, he decides that it’s light enough to haul it out. I had maybe left about two-thirds of the ash in there, as it was so sedentary over the years, that it had become compacted and dense. Nevertheless, out it was going. Everything was alright until we headed out the door, and that’s when I felt a rather sharp pain in my lower back. I don’t think either one of my parents had ever heard me curse to that extent, so it’s nice to know I could teach them something.
So last night, I went to bed at just before midnight, with a throbbing feeling in my back, and I called into work this morning, as Monday is our nine-hour day, and I wasn’t gonna put up with this shit while at work for nine hours. Yeah.
Now who do I grab by the lapels so I can get hooked up with a Gynoid body that resembles Alyson Hannigan? I DEMAND SATISFACTION!!

Right, back to bed wi’ me, I suppose

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Set Active Desktop controls for the heart of the sun

typed for your pleasure on 19 November 2004, at 4.04 am

Okay, so in my mind, it’s Sunday. *shrugs*
So here’s the deal: I have here five .zip files containing 20 wallpapers each, covering typical Davecat subjects such as anime, videogames, tiny 60s cars, and other windows to my manias. (Don’t worry; there’s like only two RealDoll-related wallpapers — I save all of my Synthetiks pics for my screensaver. 😉 Most, if not all of them, are at 800×600, cos that’s what resolution I’m working with. Each .zip file will be up for a week, from Sunday to Saturday (except for this set, obviously), whereupon it’ll be replaced by the next file, and after five weeks, the files will disappear, never to be seen again by mortal man. Unless, of course, you’re immortal; in which case, well done.
CAVEAT: a couple of pics in there may be considered Not Safe for Work, but as I always say, it really depends on where you work! But be careful where you open those anyway..

Here’s where Set One used to be. (3.95 MB)


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100 wallpapers GET!!

typed for your pleasure on 18 November 2004, at 3.32 am

That’s right; I’m finally up to 100 walls. I’ll start .zipping and posting probably this coming Sunday at the latest, but for now, I have to get to bed..

Ps.’No cities left’ by the Dears wipes me out nearly every time I listen to it.

Pps. I turned 32 last Sunday. Just so you know.

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Keitai no bunka / He’s MaRi-chan’s lad

typed for your pleasure on 8 November 2004, at 4.56 am

I ran across this in a textbook recently, and thought it was pretty spot-on:

Cell phone use has far exceeded practicality. For many, it’s even a bit of an addiction, a prop – like a cigarette or a beer bottle – that you can hold up to your mouth. And each person is meeting a different psychological need by clinging to it.

As I see it, the pack breaks down something like this: Some users can’t tolerate being alone and have to register on someone, somewhere, all of the time. That walk down [the street] can be pretty lonely without a loved one shouting sweet nothings in your ear.

Others are effiency freaks and can’t bear to lose 10 minutes standing in line at Starbucks. They have to conduct business while their milk is being steamed, or they will implode. The dividing line between work and home has already become permeable with the growth of telecommuting; cell phones contribute significantly to that boundary breakdown.

Then there are those who like to believe they are so very important to the people in their personal and professional lives that they must be in constant touch. “Puffed up” is one way to describe them; “insecure” is another.

– Matthew Gilbert, “All Talk, All The Time”

Also of note is a Shiny New Link to atsushi-san & MaRi-chan’s Blog, o’er in the sidebar under ‘Colleagues & co-conspirators’. Not only is atsushi-san a fellow lover of Synthetik femmes, but he also holds Joy division in high regard. Good taste on all fronts!
Unfortunately, seeing as that he’s from Japan, his Blog’s almost entirely in Japanese. Ah well. It’s got some interesting links every so often, though, so give it a look

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Alright, I’m bored / WE’RE FUCKED: supplemental

typed for your pleasure on 5 November 2004, at 3.41 am

Who amongst you readers (all three and a half of you) would like some nifty new wallpapers? Hm? I had the startling idea earlier today of uploading the wallpapers off my very own desktop, for the perusal and usage of all. Right now, I’m up to 91 walls (a nifty programme called WallSmart chooses one at random every 10 minutes); once I reach 100, I’ll .zip them and release them for download over the course of a couple of weeks. Sounds like fun? Sounds like fun.

And this is neat: sorryeverybody.com. Kind of an ad hoc apology to the world, on behalf of all of us thinking, upright mammals who didn’t vote for Dubya

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Any Doll-related news, Davecat? (Nov 04)

typed for your pleasure on 4 November 2004, at 11.22 pm

Well, yes! Kinda. I’m currently grilling Uli & Jeff of Delphi creations as to their Superdoll product, as I’m rather intrigued, and so far, I like what I hear.. Still waiting for part three of my interview with the illustrious Meghan Laslocky. And.. that’s about it, really.

Shi-chan is doing quite well for herself; these days, she spends like 99.9% of her time in bed. Due to our living situation, she’s currently in semi-retirement from being the RealGoth pin-up model that she usually is — I’m trying to come up with a logistical way to take photos in our bedroom, but the surroundings are too bleh for my tastes, but I’m giving it some thought. We’re stuck here for at least three years until we move *grits teeth* but, despite the bedroom decor, I’d like to get some shoots in. I might take the approach of what some of the Japanese doll owners do, or those with similarly limited space, and just restrict the photographs to a ‘staging area’, much in the same way that t-dash-san & Yuka-chan, or atsushi-san & MaRi-chan, work. It’s really about doing a lot with a little, as it were. Besides, people aren’t looking at my pics to check out the background — or so I would hope…

Finally, back in September, Elisabeth, our friend & interviewer from France, met up with Valérie Guignabodet, the director of ‘Monique‘, the satirically romantic RealDoll comedy. (Yes; niche market, I know, but consider what site you’re reading.) A couple of weeks beforehand, Eli told me she would be meeting up with Mme. Guignabodet, so I mailed her the sleeve insert of my DVD copy of ‘Monique’ to pass along to be autographed. And she did.

Needless to say, we’re quite proud!

O, and I still have yet to watch my copy of ‘Love object‘.
Hmm.. am I really in such a hurry to view that one? (cue image of a needlessly jealous Shi-chan coming at me with a Liston knife)

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