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typed for your pleasure on 8 November 2004, at 4.56 am

I ran across this in a textbook recently, and thought it was pretty spot-on:

Cell phone use has far exceeded practicality. For many, it’s even a bit of an addiction, a prop – like a cigarette or a beer bottle – that you can hold up to your mouth. And each person is meeting a different psychological need by clinging to it.

As I see it, the pack breaks down something like this: Some users can’t tolerate being alone and have to register on someone, somewhere, all of the time. That walk down [the street] can be pretty lonely without a loved one shouting sweet nothings in your ear.

Others are effiency freaks and can’t bear to lose 10 minutes standing in line at Starbucks. They have to conduct business while their milk is being steamed, or they will implode. The dividing line between work and home has already become permeable with the growth of telecommuting; cell phones contribute significantly to that boundary breakdown.

Then there are those who like to believe they are so very important to the people in their personal and professional lives that they must be in constant touch. “Puffed up” is one way to describe them; “insecure” is another.

– Matthew Gilbert, “All Talk, All The Time”

Also of note is a Shiny New Link to atsushi-san & MaRi-chan’s Blog, o’er in the sidebar under ‘Colleagues & co-conspirators’. Not only is atsushi-san a fellow lover of Synthetik femmes, but he also holds Joy division in high regard. Good taste on all fronts!
Unfortunately, seeing as that he’s from Japan, his Blog’s almost entirely in Japanese. Ah well. It’s got some interesting links every so often, though, so give it a look

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