(Soon to be) Gracing the glossies, Part I

typed for your pleasure on 28 January 2009, at 1.51 am

Sdtrk: ‘Closet romantic’ by Damon Albarn

Fellow SE Michigan-area iDollator Mahtek (you remember him) informed me a number of weeks ago that he was going to be interviewed by Anne Vial, a French journalist, concerning being a Doll husband and the subsequent joys thereof, and that Anne was looking for other iDollators that might want to be involved. Naturally, my name came up, although I can’t imagine why! So we arranged to meet at his on a Saturday at the end of January, along with colleagues CJD and Euchre, for shop talk and a photo session. Anne also wanted to meet with us separately for individual interviews and picture-taking, and that’s precisely how Sidore-chan and I spent our Tuesday afternoon and evening. Nice!
I’d gotten home from work at 5pm, which left me just enough time to scrub off the blood coating the walls of Deafening silence Plus, and slide the Missus into a cheong-sam. Mme. Vial and her photographer, whose name currently escapes me, stopped round about a quarter to eight, after a gruelling day of driving from South Dakota for an unrelated story they were working on. After introductions were passed round, Anne got down to the question salvo. She stated that the idea of doing a piece about Dolls and their owners was inspired after viewing ‘Lars and the Real Girl‘; specifically, how Dolls can be so much more than just ‘sex toys’, and can actually make a marked difference in one’s life. Sixty minutes of my idle ramblings later, the photographer bloke (yes, I will learn his name) started snapping pics of us. I’m not giving any of it away, but I know there’s at least one photo of Shi-chan and I in our kitchen, where I’m feeding her some dodgy AFC sushi that’ll look fantastic if it sees print…

As Anne and… friend… were growing knackered, they made their leave round 11pm, but not before profusely thanking us, and confirming plans for this coming Saturday. All in all, a very enjoyable experience! It was almost like having Elisabeth Alexandre and Elena Dorfman round simultaneously! It’ll be ace working with them again; rest assured, there’ll be a more detailed post about the possible article release dates, so keep your eyes peeled (sounds painful)!

And speaking of interviews, you’re all aware that Slade, the now-retired RealDoll Doctor, has a six-page article in the Jan/Feb issue of Details magazine, right? Well, you know now! I suppose you could simply read the article online, but it’s just not the same

UPDATE (28 Jan): The photographer’s name was Stephan Gladieu. Mea culpa!

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4 have spoken to “(Soon to be) Gracing the glossies, Part I”

  1. PBShelley writes:

    Very much looking forward to this, as it’s a subject both near and dear to my heart, not to mention the presentation’s angle 😀

    But I’ll let you do the eyeball-peeling, thankyouverymuch! I’ll just keep mine open, and you know that Lily-chan will as well (who also sends hugs & kisses to her sister Sidore and your esteemed self!)…

    PBS, Lily, and Eden

  2. Laura writes:

    Oh when will the mysteries of Davecat’s kitchen be revealed?

    I only had sushi once (before I was vegetarian, obviously) and it was nasty.

  3. Mahtek writes:

    Yes, Anne and Stephan are wonderful people!

    I’m glad that you had a great time together!

    I look forward to your arrival on Saturday. The girls will be decked out in all their finest!

  4. Davecat writes:

    WWordsworth and girls –
    As a matter of fact, Anne and Stephan (see? I do know his name!) were flipping through ‘Still Lovers’ at one point, and they spotted you with Lily. They were intrigued! As Mme. Vial pointed out, it’s going to be a bit of an ongoing project; half a year to get additional photos and writing in. Perhaps you and Lilykins would be intrigued in possibly being a part of it? Let me know through the usual channels, of course…

    And eye-peelers… I think those were on sale at Target. I’ll check this week’s circular. 🙂

    Lauraaaahh –
    The Mysteries of my Kitchen? It’s actually a kitchenette, so there’s not as much mystery involved. 🙂

    As I’m sure I’ve pointed out, I’m unnaturally keen on sushi, but that AFC shit is an affront to the sensibilities of people who like food. It’s like fast food sushi, but with like zero quality. Stephan was setting up the shot of the Missus & I at the table, with empty plates in front of us. Anne enquired if there were any sushi places open, and unfortunately, the closest one I frequent had closed just eleven minutes before. I then remembered that there was a Meijer not too far away that sold AFC sushi. Now, I should point out that AFC sushi (not to be confused with the real thing) is made at pretty much the beginning of the day, and it was 9pm at this point. So we bought sushi that had been ageing for the majority of the day. By that point, it wasn’t even bad food; it was just a prop. Sweetie even has this look of partial disgust in one of the shots, and you really can’t blame her…

    Mahtek –
    It was fun having them round! Did I thank you for the recommendation? Thank you for the recommendation! 🙂

    It’ll be ace seeing you and your silicone sexpots again, for sure. Hopefully one day, Shi-chan will get to meet you all as well! Without freaking out the neighbours, of course. That’s the downside to apartment living. 😐

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