Man in a suitcase

typed for your pleasure on 25 September 2007, at 1.30 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Mind how you go’ by The Advisory Circle

Hi there! Yep, still moving. Well, to be honest, like 95% of my stuff is already there, but we still haven’t gotten an Interonet connection set up, which you can blame my dodgy work hours for that. Go ahead! I do! But I intend on getting that at least sussed this week, as not having teh interwebs is like not having functioning sinks, as far as I’m concerned. Or rather, given the nature of most of the World Wide Wet, it’s like not having a functioning toilet. But you know what I mean.

Now I have to attempt to cram a bookcase into my car, so enjoy this still from ‘Monique‘ in the interim. Back in a few!

Probably the most famous Celine-type RealDoll around. At the very least,
she’s certainly the most French

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7 have spoken to “Man in a suitcase”

  1. SafeTinspector writes:

    So what’s on her wrist?

  2. Miss Hyde writes:

    Even tho i’m still not talking to you for giving me flu (my lawyers are working on me sueing yoo) i’m glad that you will be back on line soon! I missed my davecat! X

  3. themeteorpolice writes:


  4. Davecat writes:

    She’s wearing a wristband that matches her charming collar! Which matches her charming lingerie. A charming package overall, but you’d expect me to say that.

    Miss Hyde –
    My barrister’s advised me not to speak to you, as they’re poised to counter-sue. But off-the-record, sorry that you got the flu! By the time I’m back online full-time, you’ll more than likely be over it!…

    themeteorpolice –
    Why, thank you! O wait — I assume you’re referring to Monique. Hrm.
    Seriously, thanks for the link! You’ve been added as well. Hope you’re enjoying what you see!

  5. barstowmama writes:

    Oy DaveCat and Shi-Chan!
    Long time no chit chat. Two things…have you seen the new Honda commercial with the cute little robot taking videos of the absolutely awesome new car? And the other one is…DaveCat do you watch “Torchwood” and did you see the female cyborg episode? Of course I thought of you when these things came up.

    Hope you’re feeling better and that you’ll be aces soon.

  6. Mahtek writes:

    Still in a suitcase eh?

    Not the most ideal of situations. I just got back from a week of suitcase living in Mexico City.

    An adventure for a week. But it doesn’t compare to the joy of being in your own home.

    Hope you get settled in soon. So you can enjoy being home.

  7. Davecat writes:

    Mahtek –
    You must tell fanciful tales of your Mexico City trip at the iDollators get-together! Or if they’re not fanciful, make them fanciful.

    barstowmum –
    I’ve not seen this Honda video of which you speak! Looks like I’m gonna have to root through the ol’ YooChoob.
    And I did indeed see that episode of Torchwood. I’m a big Doctor Who fan (if it isn’t already obvious), so when they announced that spin-off series, I was agog with excitement. But after having watched that episode and the ones previous, I find that I can’t bring myself to care about the characters, especially after the security compromise that one of them did in that episode you’re referring to. The end of the ep actually made me angry, it was so badly written, and I washed my hands of Torchwood from that point on. With Vault.

    The Cyberwoman, though? Pretty sexy, no question. 😉

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