The Curse of the Gmail’s Tomb (Hammer Films, 1962) / ‘Burton-esque’

typed for your pleasure on 25 February 2005, at 5.35 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Never understand’ by The Jesus and Mary chain

D’ye remember how I was exhorting people to take a Gmail invite from me cos Shi-chan & I had so many? Well, I gave away four, but since then I’ve discovered that even if you give them away, Gmail just sends you some new invites, thereby perpetually keeping you at ’50 invites left’. It’s like an Internet version of Sisyphus’ little problem! You give them away, they keep coming back! YOU GIVE THEM AWAY, THEY KEEP BUH HUH HUH *drops to knees, weeps openly*

And you have to check out this recent post that Penda’s scribed.

So I promised that I would scan and post some early journal entries from my childhood.

Scary, but a funny kind of scary. 🙂
I’d do something of a similar nature, but I kinda had a scorched-earth policy on any school-related documents prior to 9th grade. No, I mean, literally — I set them all ablaze

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  1. Brian writes:

    Who didn’t burn everything before 9th grade? I’m still trying to track down all the crap my parents kept from my highschool years …

    I think gmail must like me, i’ve given away 1 invite, and they’ve issued me 0 more. Was sisyphus the one what had his spleen eaten out by vultures every day or was he the dude with the boulder?

  2. Davecat writes:

    Sisyphus was the poor bastard with the boulder.
    Now I can’t remember, but was his a case where he’d roll it up the mountainside pretty far, lose control, and then have to roll it back up again, OR, was it where he’d just have to get it to the summit of the mountain, only in that wacky Greek gods manner, there *was* no summit, and he’d just keep thinking to himself, ‘I’ve GOTTA be near the top by now! It’s only been 468 years! URGH UFF’

    Either way, the Gods of Old had a decidedly unpleasant sense of humour. 😛

    And give the Gmail cogs a couple of days to realise that you’re not carrying your weight in Gmail accounts, and they’ll give you a few more. 🙂

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