Collect them all!

typed for your pleasure on 16 August 2004, at 4.06 pm

Just so you know, I change the blog description every week (found beneath the title in the lefthand sidebar). One day, there might be a quiz on this

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  1. Jessie writes:

    Who is interupting your reverie? Or is the “you” a generality implying that the whole world is intruding upon your time? Perhaps it is a personal “you” used to describe one of your own thoughts that insists upon popping up unbidden in your mind when you’d rather be dwelling upon other, more entertaining memories and/or fantasies?

    Jessie – determined to pass the test.

  2. Davecat writes:

    Heh; the origin ov that particular phrase springs from when I used to work as a medical specimen processor. I’d be typing away in my cubicle, with the volume on my Cd player headphones (which I referred to as my ‘idiot filters’, cos they blocked out the banalities ov my coworkers) at full crank. Occasionally, I’d be in the midst ov a really good song, and someone would tap me on the shoulder wanting something or other, and ‘YOU’RE INTERRUPTING MY REVERIE’ would be my automated, mostly-in-jest response. Good times. 🙂

  3. Jessie writes:

    Processing medical specimines while wearing headphones… Exactly what kind of music goes with that line of work? And did you ever handle the specimines yourself, because if ya did, you’ll have to excuse me from shaking your hands if we ever meet.

    *sigh* This means I’ll have to haunt you with a twenty foot pole…

  4. MontiLee writes:

    When people asked me what Dave did,

    Me – “Oh, he spins pee.”

    Them – “Spins Pee?”

    Me – “Yep. He’s a pee spinner.”

    The confused look was worth it.

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