Set Active Desktop controls for the heart of the sun

typed for your pleasure on 19 November 2004, at 4.04 am

Okay, so in my mind, it’s Sunday. *shrugs*
So here’s the deal: I have here five .zip files containing 20 wallpapers each, covering typical Davecat subjects such as anime, videogames, tiny 60s cars, and other windows to my manias. (Don’t worry; there’s like only two RealDoll-related wallpapers — I save all of my Synthetiks pics for my screensaver. 😉 Most, if not all of them, are at 800×600, cos that’s what resolution I’m working with. Each .zip file will be up for a week, from Sunday to Saturday (except for this set, obviously), whereupon it’ll be replaced by the next file, and after five weeks, the files will disappear, never to be seen again by mortal man. Unless, of course, you’re immortal; in which case, well done.
CAVEAT: a couple of pics in there may be considered Not Safe for Work, but as I always say, it really depends on where you work! But be careful where you open those anyway..

Here’s where Set One used to be. (3.95 MB)


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