Doing double duty. Well, duty and a half

typed for your pleasure on 8 August 2005, at 8.10 pm

Sdtrk: ‘All beauty is our enemy’ by Merzbow + Genesis P-Orridge

If you’re a regular reader of The Diner [at] Penda’s Realm — of course you are — then you already know that she and her hubby are driving to and fro, hither and yon, from state to state, from Here to There, from Point A to Point B, etc, for a number of days. So I said I’d fill in occasionally. It’s a chance for you to read stuff that I’ve written that doesn’t revolve around either bitterness or Synthetiks, which I’m sure should please some of you more than others. Truly, a Rare Opportunity!

RETRO-EDIT: The offending articles are here:
My coach, the cat (08 Aug); My friend, you are no Jack Kerouac (09 Aug); Did he scream ‘I REGRET NOTHIIIINNGG’ as he fell? (10 Aug); Alles für Steve Jobs (16 Aug)

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