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Sdtrk: ‘Cleopatra 2001’ by Pizzicato five

Scena: DAVECAT, a tormented tele-fundraiser, is on the phone speaking to a household’s RESIDENT PRESCHOOLER, who resides in Illinois.

DAVECAT: Is your mum or dad at home?
RESIDENT PRESCHOOLER: My dad’s at work, and my mom’s in Branson.
DAVECAT: Branson, Missouri?
DAVECAT: Heh, what; is she seeing Buddy Hackett or Don Rickles or something?
RESIDENT PRESCHOOLER: She’s in a dance contest.
DAVECAT: Ahhh, that makes sense. Y’know, if I didn’t have a calendar in front of me, I’d swear it was 1963.

Good ol’ Branson, MO. Like a segment of the late Fifties trapped in amber

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‘EAT MY GOAL!’: supplemental

typed for your pleasure on 13 June 2006, at 2.00 am

Sdtrk: ‘Velvet goldmine’ by David Bowie

Before Alan Partridge got his own chat show, Norfolk’s Favourite Son used to firmly grip the sportsdesk on ‘The Day Today‘. Here’s an old, yet relevant, clip!

Absolutely classic

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Sdtrk: ‘Interesting drug’ by Morrissey

One could accurately describe me as the most casual football fan ever — I’ve only been into it for the past three or so years, and I don’t keep up with it as much as I could be. I like Manchester Utd for obvious reasons; Juventus, probably cos they were the first Italian team I’d seen; and Bayern München, cos Ollie Kahn’s goalkeeping skills impressed me, even though he’s a bit of an adulterer. O, and there’s Gatas Brilhantes H.P., but as it’s a futsal team composed of Japanese idol singers, I don’t think they really count. Nevertheless, as far as the 2006 World Cup goes, I know who I’m backing..

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Text / Audio

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Sdtrk: ‘Alice in Boogie Wonderland’ by Noise/girl

Right, so I’ve given HaloScan their $12 ransom money, which means that all comments are viewable for posts older than three months ago. At the time of this writing, it still looks like the older posts have a comment count of zero, but I’m sure that’ll change accordingly very soon. *eyes HaloScan menacingly*
You’ll THRILL!! to the seemingly-witty repartee! You’ll gasp in HORROR!! as people unashamedly use vowels and consonants! Etc etc!! Yes, it was $12 undoubtedly better spent elsewhere, but I did it all for you.

Completely unrelated: My copy of Noise/girl’s ‘Discopathology‘ arrived through the post today. I’m only halfway through it, but it’s ‘wicked’, as the kids say. Picture the crushing Power electronics of Merzbow crossed with the anarcho-noisy breakbeats of Speedranch ^ Jansky noise, and you have a winner. Eight tracks for $13, with a cover by trevor brown? I approve!

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Any Synthetiks-related news, Davecat? (Jun 2006)

typed for your pleasure on 6 June 2006, at 8.29 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Flashback’ by Ministry

I would say so, yes! Otherwise I wouldn’t be posting about it..
Last night, whilst grabbing the Interbutt by the lapels and shaking information concerning ‘My living Doll‘ out of it, I saw a home theatre forum where they had a thread about telly shows that people would love to see on DVD. One poster commented:

according to Julie Newmar Official website – Julie herself owns the rights to all 26 episodes of My Living Doll and apparently owns copies of each episode — here is a link to her website so you can read all about it — she is planning to release them onto dvd—

How incredible would that be, I ask you? I already know the answer — pretty damned. I’ve recently obtained, through a secret website, copies of six of the 26 episodes of ‘My living Doll’ burned to a DVD, and the show’s definitely worth seeing. Apart from the fact that Julie Newmar plays a Gynoid — which would clearly be any Technosexual’s dream come true — the show’s so cheesy, it makes ‘Three’s company’ look like the Royal Shakespeare Company. But I love ‘Three’s company’, so your mileage may vary.
So now I have to get round to writing Ms Newmar. She’s sitting on gold, I tell you! GOLD!!

Also, a new Doll company challenger has appeared, fighting for dominance in the cut-throat world of Japanese Dutch-wife production: the Erie series of Dolls, by Cruyff.


Cute? Yes, although that’s really all I can say about them — they possess a generic style of cute. As any iDollators worth their salt know, American Synthetiks manufacturers have the lock on making their lasses sexy, whereas the Japanese are focussing on cute. To me, the Erie Dolls have a look somewhere between UNISON’s Superdolls, and Orient Industry’s CandyGirls — visually they’re so similar, that you want to ask Cruyff (quite a name, by the way — sounds like a pastry) ‘so, what exactly makes your Dolls different?’ Apart from the one-piece assembly, and the relatively inexpensive price, that is.
I’m really hoping the next Japanese company that springs up takes a different aesthetic approach, and makes their lasses look less like another CandyGirl imitation, and more like, say, Chestnut co. Ltd’s late-lamented Rare-Borg..
Still and all, the Erie Dolls ain’t too shabby, and the more Synthetiks manufacturers out there, the better. But you knew that.

Also also, I’ve managed to get a bonafide DVD copy of Luis García Berlanga’s ‘Tamaño natural’, aka ‘Grandeur nature’, aka ‘Grandezza naturale’, aka ‘Life size’, aka ‘Love doll’, aka ‘The Doll’. Heh, now you see why it took so long to hunt down a copy. But it’s a pretty ace little fillum overall — almost tailor-made for iDollators. Astonishingly enough, it’s from the Seventies!

She was a biter. But he loved her regardless

The only drawback to the DVD is that it’s in Spanish with no subtitles whatsoever. C’est la vie. Or however you say that in Español.

Finally, on a more personal front, Marika, Sidore-chan and I might well be in front of a camera again sometime in the next month or so, for a documentary being shot by an English film crew. Details, as always, are forthcoming..

‘Shouting to hear the echoes’. Synthetiks? Really? No shit?

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Just ignore the zero

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Sdtrk: ‘Hold on’ by Sharon Tandy

Woooo, it’s 6.6.06 today, baby! This is an extremely rare occurrence, so get out there and celebrate it by slapping on some corpse paint, kicking over a garbage can, and flipping off a box of kittens! Hail Satan!

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Commence testing

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Sdtrk: ‘Smrt za smrt’ by Laibach

Yep, still going through my Bowie downloads.

Which David Bowie are you?

Two of those above descriptors don’t actually apply to me, y’know. Also, we have:

Which Clockwork Orange character are you?
F. Alexander – A writer and political dissident, you devote your life to unseating the government; who you see as a great oppressive wrong on today’s society. We are all victims of the modern age.

*does Danny Thomas-style spit-take* Bollocks, I was hoping I’d be Alex! Or at the very least, Pete

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