An actual scene from work today

typed for your pleasure on 31 August 2004, at 9.56 pm

SOME GUY ON THE OTHER LINE: My wife’s not here right now, she’s out golfing.
ME: Stalking??
ME: Ahh, that… that makes more sense.
GUY: Heh heh — well, I guess they’re kinda similar…
ME: This is true. You’re following the ball everywhere it goes… you’ve got a blunt metal object… sometimes there’s bushes involved.

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  1. scott writes:

    Some people just cant grasp the joke. obviously this guy has never stalked anyone or been stalked. Personally I would be worried more about the wife out golfing without her husband i have never encountered women golfing without their husbands and most of them where forced to go.

  2. Davecat writes:

    You can have the most brilliantly-crafted piece of music; weeks upon weeks painstakingly taken by the musician to make sure that not a single lyric was wasted or a note out of place, but if you were to play that piece to someone deaf, all that work would be in vain. Some people just aren’t that clever! *shrugs*

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