‘Now I know how Joan of Arc felt / As the flames rose to her Roman nose and her Walkman started to melt’

typed for your pleasure on 15 October 2005, at 5.39 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Rock me booa’ by Merzbow

I have to apologise for the lack of recent posting or updates and sundry, as I’ve been attempting to keep a rather low profile lately. It seems that the recent Salon.com article has not only produced bandwidth spikes the likes of which neither Shi-chan nor I have ever seen, but also a passel of radical feminists are now literally shrieking for my blood, as I, more than any other man in recorded history, am singlehandedly responsible for the subjugation of all women, simply because I’m an iDollator. It’s True! Ahh, notoriety. Is it Good or Bad? I can’t tell from here…
At any rate, the longer, unadulterated version (with a better title) of Meghan’s excellent article is now online here. Read it! It’s markedly better, and if you’re anything of an open-minded individual who was perhaps unfortunately led away from reason by knife-wielding feminazis*, the full article makes a hell of a lot more sense. It’s literally like watching ‘Blade runner’, then seeing the Director’s cut version — it’s like two different films. Well, stories.

On a more acquisitional note; yesterday, I managed to score an inexpensive copy of the Tetsujin 28 box set — just over $15, compared to the $28 – $30 that most online shops want for it — and my copy of Merzbow’s ‘SCSI duck‘ Cd arrived through the post today, which I’m listening to right this very minute. So far, it’s rather sonically penetrating, which is what I require out of my Japanese power-electronic artists. Good job, Masami-san!
And thanx to a benefactor, yesterday I got a new computer! It’s a Toshiba Satellite M55-S135, that I kinda had to jump through some retail hoops to obtain. I’d recount the story here, but it’s a bitter one, and I’m trying to maintain a rare good mood, here. But the laptop boasts a 80 GB harddrive, 512 MB of RAM, and a DVD burner. It’s got some other bollocks as well, which I’ve not paid a whole lot of attention to, as the three qualities I’d mentioned are the selling points for this difference engine for me. So that’s also a factor in my recent silence; not only have been adding all my old software, I’ve also been trying to configure the look and feel of the fecker, so that it’s similar to my old machine. Colour me satisfied!
However, I have to say without reservation, that touchpads are fucking shite. Ergh. I’ll be getting a mouse for this bad boy really soon..

Annnd back to Synthetik women (heh; that didn’t take long, but I stick to what I know), I ran across a photo on 4chan recently of two Japanese lasses seated on a train. They were twins; one was Synthetik, and the other was Organik, and they were both dressed in the height of Elegant Gothic Lolita fashion. Whoever posted the photo didn’t give any names or details, and as a consequence, I had to repost it in the Request board, to find out what the source was, the lasses’ names, anything. A couple of days later, someone provided the URL http://absolutmetropolis.com, and after duly scouring that site, I learned that the name of the Organik lass was Marie Honda, who worked in conjunction with a doll maker by the name of Erimo. So after a number of minutes grabbing Google Japan by the lapels and shaking the information out it, I successfully located Erimo’s site. I have to say, his work is overall rather fab, but my interest is especially piqued by his life-sized Dolls. But that goes without saying!

left, Marie Honda; right, Marie Honda

Right, I’m off to meet up with Penda, for our (mostly) monthly dinner rendezvous. I am having ridiculous cravings for tendon and that soba with the dipping sauce right now

*I don’t use that term too often, so it really means a lot here

EDIT (05 June 2008): The Pandagon, err, ‘people’, have deleted the above-linked post for reasons unknown. Thankfully it’s archived on the Internet Wayback Machine, so you can view the baseless vitriol here

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6 have spoken to “‘Now I know how Joan of Arc felt / As the flames rose to her Roman nose and her Walkman started to melt’”

  1. PBShelley writes:

    Well, DC (& the perepetually pretty Sidore),

    I’m flabbergasted. I linked to the Pandragon THING from the other one (I must have blanked it out lol), and am astonished at all the hate and venom-spewing. I couldn’t rad all of it due to their excess verbiage, but I’m sharpening my chops (and claws) and probably going to dive in with MY .02, once I read Meg’s longer article.

    I’m really pissed to tell the truth. You did a wonderful job expressing yourself, but I find these (I presume) hateful women have their TIIINY little minds made up, and your thoughtful and heartfelt comments went way over their heads. Or, beyond their comprehension. They really need to look in the mirror, methinks. Is it any wonder, and etc.

    Femisist, I don’t think. They ought to check out Mary Wollstonecraft (Mary “Frankenstein” Shelley’s mother) for a real (if antiquated) appraisal of feminism (from Bartleby’s):

    “Published in 1792, A Vindication of the Rights of Woman was the first great feminist treatise. Wollstonecraft preached that intellect will always govern and sought “to persuade women to endeavour to acquire strength, both of mind and body, and to convince them that the soft phrases, susceptibility of heart, delicacy of sentiment, and refinement of taste, are almost synonimous [sic] with epithets of weakness.”

    NOT that the shooting-from-the-lip they exhibit accomplishes anything near the same thing. They OUGHT to be ashamed, if they had any sense, which obviously, they lack. All they know is ALL they know.

    I appreciated very much Meghan’s coming to your defense, and am stunned that you had to endure that bullshit. Lily sends you hugs and kisses (if Sidore doesn’t mind 😉 ) (Oh, heck, she sends some her way as well!)

    In short, fuck these people. Who needs them? And THAT is what pisses them off. Good. And I’m not misogynistic, I feel that way about all twits who “express themselves” this way. And, they really need to consult a dictionary, if they can be bothered; they are soooo sure of themselves.

    Damn, I hope you aren’t taking it too badly, and please do have a great time tonight. I REALLY miss my Soba *sob*

    Anyway, take care, and I’m proud to have gotten to know you 🙂 Lily is as well, but I’m sure you must have guessed that 😉

    Love to you and Sidore-chan,
    PBS & fuming Lily

  2. SafeTinspector writes:

    The knees and ankles of the one on the right look funny, but otherwise it is a strikingly accurate copy.

    As for the “feminists” it is bitches like that which set their espoused movement back more than any chauvinist pig could ever do. Being such disagreeable sorts alienates others who might have otherwise been sympathetic to their cause. Every time someone dismisses an issue out of hand because its feminist, and feminists are all crazy, we have these people to thank.

  3. KrazyQ writes:

    Whoah dude! The Feminazis are really harsh, aren’t they?

    Maybe they need to hear of your attempt at a relationship with She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (SWMNBN) and how you were used and betrayed on so many levels. All that AFTER you had Shi-chan for several years. How can you not feel contempt towards women? Heck, she even tainted my view of goth-girls with her exploits.

    I still consider you a great friend and a great person that is vastly mis-understood. Mis-understood by the same people that think Harry Potter is turning our children into Satan worshipping hedonists and that explicit violence in video games is A-OK as long as there isn’t any implied sex.

    I’m not so much angry that they attack men and woman that own these dolls as I am that they are attacking you as a person.



  4. Davecat writes:

    To everyone –
    As always, Shi-chan and I really appreciate your support and well-wishes. In all honesty, I could not agree with you more.
    You all get a short response this time, as I’ll be writing a detailed post rather soon that addresses everything here.

    The dinner (and conversation) on Saturday was excellent, by the way. 🙂

  5. PBShelley writes:

    By the way, DC and sweet Sidore, I was in the Chat Room last night at um… “Hello Dolly” (LOL) and it seems that most were not even aware of your recent travails. Well, no longer! I sent at least four of them here and they were aghast! At best.
    I think this Blogness thing is strange to them though, as they didn’t post here though expressing wishes, but the message is: We wanted you to know we are 100% behind you! Some may have attempted responses in the Pandagon Harpy-pit (or whatever the hell it is called); neverthelss, don’t feel that you are in this alone 🙂

    Hugs and Love to you and Sidore-chan!
    PBS & loaded-for-bear Lily

  6. Doctress Julia writes:

    Hey, people. I am a feminist. I do not hate anyone for having a doll. To each their own, really. As long as you are happy! I think it’s kind of cool. But can you please try not to hold ALL women in contempt? That isn’t quite fair. I know many people are lying scumbags, but not all women are like that. I know that not all men are posturing douchebags, either! OK? Thanks for being receptive. Later! ;D

    P.S. Try to stay positive, and have a nice cold beverage! xoxoxo

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