Greetings from Banalville (pop. 52,687)

typed for your pleasure on 15 June 2006, at 3.24 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Cleopatra 2001’ by Pizzicato five

Scena: DAVECAT, a tormented tele-fundraiser, is on the phone speaking to a household’s RESIDENT PRESCHOOLER, who resides in Illinois.

DAVECAT: Is your mum or dad at home?
RESIDENT PRESCHOOLER: My dad’s at work, and my mom’s in Branson.
DAVECAT: Branson, Missouri?
DAVECAT: Heh, what; is she seeing Buddy Hackett or Don Rickles or something?
RESIDENT PRESCHOOLER: She’s in a dance contest.
DAVECAT: Ahhh, that makes sense. Y’know, if I didn’t have a calendar in front of me, I’d swear it was 1963.

Good ol’ Branson, MO. Like a segment of the late Fifties trapped in amber

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4 have spoken to “Greetings from Banalville (pop. 52,687)”

  1. zszsz writes:

    cute . . .

    weird, ’cause i was trying to think of the word “banal” for the last 22 hours . . .

    even in my sleep! no.

  2. MontiLee writes:

    You know, with some well-timed Blue’s Clues jokes, you could have gotten an address and we’d totally be sitting in air conditioned comforted ordering porn on their Direct-TV.

    Damn your lack of foresight.

  3. SafeTinspector writes:

    Banal is only one consonant away from fun-hole.

  4. Davecat writes:

    And if you take ‘banal’ and ‘fun-hole’, you pretty much have a startlingly accurate description of Branson, MO.

    Valid point! But if his dad or mum came back early whilst we were enjoying ‘Breast Attack on Fuck Mountain‘, we’d have to, y’know, torch their house. And you remember how hard it is to get that scorched smell out of your clothes.. it’s a real drag. 😛

    eszs –
    Now that you have attained the grim knowledge of the word, what shall you do with it?
    What shall you do?

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