Commence testing

typed for your pleasure on 5 June 2006, at 6.57 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Smrt za smrt’ by Laibach

Yep, still going through my Bowie downloads.

Which David Bowie are you?

Two of those above descriptors don’t actually apply to me, y’know. Also, we have:

Which Clockwork Orange character are you?
F. Alexander – A writer and political dissident, you devote your life to unseating the government; who you see as a great oppressive wrong on today’s society. We are all victims of the modern age.

*does Danny Thomas-style spit-take* Bollocks, I was hoping I’d be Alex! Or at the very least, Pete

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  1. Zip Gun writes:

    Strangely, I came out as Alex. Must have been my love of culture, sex, and knives. And I was Berlin-era Bowie, for whatever that’s worth. I’m artistically challenging, apparently. And a boozer.

  2. Wanda writes:

    Hey, no fair! I came out as Alex, too.

    “Alex – The vicious leader of your gang of droogs. Other than rape, thievery and ultra-violence; you love classical music (amongst other forms of culture) with your heart and soul. Regardless of morals, you are committed to your own ideals.”

    Actually, setting aside the desire to be the leader of a gang, the rape, thievery, ultra-violence, love of classical music and other forms of culture, and committment to my own ideals, it is amazingly accurate…

  3. PBShelley writes:

    CRAP! I came out as Alexander TOO! That “Have some WIIIIINE”-sipping git! Grr.

    Oh well, This Is Only A Test.

    But I did emerge as the Berlin-era Bowie, so I guess it’s not all bad. Collaborations with Eno, Fripp, and… some other guy. Wonder why they don’t let you copy-and-paste from that test, the buggers 🙁

    And you might be interested to know that there is a youTube clip of Bowie guest starring in Pink Floydian David Gilmour’s last London show, singing… Syd Barrett’s “Arnold Layne”! Whoda thunkit? A song about a cross-dresser! Huh!

    Ze worl’, it is a funnee place!

    Seek and ye shall find 😉

    Interesting! Fun! Waaaaay out and -off 😛 Ta anyway 😉

  4. SafeTinspector writes:

    These two identities seem at odds with your pure evilality as revealed by your earlier surveys.

  5. Davecat writes:

    heh heh, ‘evilality’. Don’t you mean ‘eviluation’? 🙂
    Well, I, like any other man, am multi-faceted! Spiteful one moment, vindictive the next. Brimful of frothy lust one day, then filled with lusty froth on another day entirely.
    No wait, that sounds rilly wrong.

    PBS –
    ‘She DIED, you know; poor, poor girl!’ Yeah, F.Alexander was a wee bit, err, mental. But I suppose having your wife raped by multiple drugged-up hoolies in freaky rubber masks would do that to a man. He had a lovely house, though. Or rather, ‘HOME’. 🙂
    Also, thanx for the Bowie YouTube tipoff!

    Wanda –
    But what about your smart little bowler hat? And your white shirt/white trousers combo? And the cane with hidden knife? And the codpiece?! 😐

    Le Gun du Zip –
    I was kinda hoping for Berlin-era Bowie, as musically that was his best period, but aesthetically, the Thin White Duke rules over all!
    And your love of knives should prompt you to change your nickname back to Shiv Shankly, y’know..

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