It’s down, it’s up

typed for your pleasure on 29 June 2007, at 12.28 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Anamorphose’ by Stereolab

I am referring to ‘Shouting etc etc’, you tossers. For some reason, it simply becomes inaccessible at various points of time — not for very long, but long enough. Yeah, cos “Bob” knows there’s just too much loose and unfettered excitement going on here, especially lately, that you absolutely MUST NOT MISS.

Anyway! You lot get a consolation prize pic of the Missus. Sidore-spotters will recognise that as the outfit she wore during our interview segment on Canada’s SexTV, from 2003. Limebarb is the online seamstress who I’d ordered it from, by the way. Quality clothes!

It takes her an hour to buckle those boots — having rubber fingers
helps less than you’d think

More later! Well, soon enough. Besides trying to focus past the pain my recent dentistry has brought me, I’m working on a post or two. I’m sure ‘Shouting etc etc’ will be back to ‘normal’ before the post’s complete, so there ya go

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  1. PBShelley writes:

    Greetz DC and the (obviously) beautiful Sidore-chan,

    “Shouting etc” is always normal to me (except when we fail to connect, which isn’t often).
    Normalcy… what a concept! I’ve never had it explained to me to my satisfaction, which probably explains a lot. Guess I shouldn’t have asked normal people LOL

    Fie on them anyway!

    By the way, my home has been taken over with Rozen Maiden Pullip dolls, for which I guess I should thank you for getting me interested (albeit belatedly) in anime. Cute li’l BJDs! (And for those gutter-minds, that stands for Ball-Jointed Dolls, jeez.)

    Now if I could just find a lifesize Chii doll, hm…

    But I really want Lucy/Nyu for my girlfriend 😛 Talk about fringe benefits! 😀

    PBS, Lily, Eden, & Pennie (and Shinku, Hina Ichigo, Souseiseki, and Suiseseki :-O)

  2. Davecat writes:

    PBS and the rest of the horde –
    ‘Normalcy’… another social wild card. I think a quote from forward thinker Anton LaVey fits here: ‘Good is what you like, Evil is what you don’t like.‘ So true! But ‘normalcy’ in the context of my post simply means ‘being able to load “Shouting etc etc” without having to jam on the F5 button sixty times.’ 🙂

    O egad-desu, you’re hooked on Rozen Maiden-desu. I don’t know what to make of that. But I will admit, Doll joints are pretty sexy. (Which reminds me, I still have to do that post on Hans Bellmer. Priorities, priorities…)
    Speaking of a life-sized Chii, I’m sure you’ve seen the one that Paper Moon has on offer. She’s only about $3000 USD! Don’t buy one for yourself, buy her for Lily & Eden! 🙂

    And I’m not entirely sure having Lucy/Nyu for a girlfriend is the best idea ever conceived. But it’s better than having her be your enemy. ARGH GOD VECTORS-desu!

  3. PBShelley writes:

    I like the LaVey quote: Short, succinct, and pretty damn true!

    @ desu-stuff link = LMAO! I already shared the shorter 1:39 one that ends with Shinku knocking Miss Desu out of the picture… but FIVE minutes?? :-O THAT ‘tuber must have had a lot of patience. Or some real good drugs LOL
    Hm… “tuber” -I think I’ve just coined a new word!
    I saw Chii-chan… but my wallet screamed and scuttled out of the room. No chance there, at least not unless Lily’s book sells well. There’s also a life sized Saber (from Fate Stay Night) that’s awfully pretty.

    Hmf. I need a printing press with lots of green paper… 🙁

    Benefit of Lucy/Nyu as g/f: Imagine, if you will, an obnoxious person, say, I dunno, a doll-basher for instance, who is disparaging you or the Missus. Simply smack sweet Nyu on the behind, change her into Lucy, and send her out to “take care of business” *evil grin*

    (BTW, just got two copies of the July 2005 issues of Newtype with the two-sided Lucy/Nyu centerfold, so I can put both of them up at once! *basks in feeling of accomplishment*)

    Sorry to derail your post/reply thingy, but it seems that the topic is done with anyway 😛
    -er, to date 😉

    Keep up the excellent work 😉
    Regards from us here to you all there!

  4. SafeTinspector writes:

    Rubber? I thoughts she was a latex babe.

  5. Davecat writes:

    PBS-desu –
    Okay, now I follow your thinking on having Lucy/Nyu as a lover. I’d kinda wish she weren’t so messy when she got to work, but that’s but a minor quibble. 🙂

    Since you seem to have an interest in the Fate/Stay Night and the Touhou stuff, you should get round to iichan now and again, as they have specific sub-boards related to both topics. You can kill a lot of time (and hard drive space) there, if you’re so inclined…

    And me; I’d prefer a 1/1 scale Rider Doll. Purple hair, y’know. 😉

    Nope! All the best Synthetiks are silicone rubber. 😉

  6. PBShelley writes:

    Thank you for the links I could read! *adds to BMs -that’s BOOKMARKS)* Where your reply says something like iichan, is that SECRET CODE for 4chan? Or is it smaller by half? *rubs eyes*

    Yes, RIDAH! was cool; she didn’t get enough time though. And that mask has to go LOL

    I’ve been going crazy still catching up… finished “Ergo Proxy” and have just done the “Death Note” marathon (37 eps) -HOLY SHIT! Amazing stuff; mind-fucking galore :-O

    Downloading “Boogiepop Phantom” right now… after finally catching Rozen Maiden Ouverture…

    HELP MEEEEeeee….. *sinks into anime oblivion*

    (still fiddling with website stuff too, ack!)

  7. Davecat writes:

    PBS and the Synthetik sexpots –
    4chan is 4chan, but iichan is idlechan is WAKAchan. It makes no sense, yet makes complete sense. 🙂
    4chan has a better selection of pictures, but WAKAchan has more sub-boards, and the posters are much nicer, for the most part. There’s a bollockload of varying futaba-style boards out there; a good place to start would be The Overchan as it (tries) to list them all. Heh, good luck with that…

    So you likes the Death note, yes? I haven’t seen past the first episode, but I understand it’s almost just like the manga, except for the end, but that’s to be expected…

    And don’t talk to me about multiple serieses! Now that I have until Xmas until the new Doctor Who eps start, I have to catch up on Kamen rider 555, Bokurano, and Turn A Gundam! Plus, if I don’t get Sweetie’s site in order before the year’s up, she says she won’t be responsible for her actions! I shudder to think what that may mean, exactly…

  8. PBShelley writes:

    Holy cow, Waka has a LOT of boards *adds to bookmarks for later consumption*

    Oh yes, Death Note was amazing; probably the best-written and thought-out anime I’ve seen. The characters were deep and involved; the plot twisted like a deranged serpent. I worried that the dueling between Kira and L might become tiresome, but the continual cat-and-mouse play kept things consistently moving; it will WORK YOUR MIND! I was VERY impressed, and satisfied with its ending. IMHO it’s a must-see, and a must-own 🙂 (If you have a hard time finding all 37 eps just let me know!)

    As for the Missus “actions” I think it means deinitely Not Any LOL

    So get the site up! (Jeez, *I* should talk!)

    PBS & gals

  9. Miss Hyde writes:

    oh em gee! I love that dress! Its super kawaii! I need it lol! I think me and shi-dono should share wardrobs! Hyde x

  10. ButtonJessie writes:

    Is there any way I can watch this 2003 episode or are only the pictures available now?

  11. Davecat writes:

    Hyde-chan –
    You and the Missus sharing wardrobes might be construed as sexy. But aren’t you taller than she is? She’s 5’1″. I picture you being… 5’3″.

    ButtonJessie –
    So far, no. The ep was shot and aired back in the Dark Ages, before such things as torrents existed — hard to believe, but it’s true — but sources say that a sequel episode to that may be in the making next year. Sources say. *taps side of nose*

    And how the hell did the gesture of tapping the side of one’s nose denote secret and conspiratorial knowledge, anyway? I’d think it meant you were a cokehead.

  12. ButtonJessie writes:

    Its got to be something to do with the masons. You know what they were like, hand shakers, foot stomers, and dare i say it, nose tappers.


  13. Miss Hyde writes:

    ……… I am 5’3″ I don’t know weather to be amused or frightned by that. Wow, guess something else!

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