Any Synthetiks-related news, Davecat? (Jun 2006)

typed for your pleasure on 6 June 2006, at 8.29 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Flashback’ by Ministry

I would say so, yes! Otherwise I wouldn’t be posting about it..
Last night, whilst grabbing the Interbutt by the lapels and shaking information concerning ‘My living Doll‘ out of it, I saw a home theatre forum where they had a thread about telly shows that people would love to see on DVD. One poster commented:

according to Julie Newmar Official website – Julie herself owns the rights to all 26 episodes of My Living Doll and apparently owns copies of each episode — here is a link to her website so you can read all about it — she is planning to release them onto dvd—

How incredible would that be, I ask you? I already know the answer — pretty damned. I’ve recently obtained, through a secret website, copies of six of the 26 episodes of ‘My living Doll’ burned to a DVD, and the show’s definitely worth seeing. Apart from the fact that Julie Newmar plays a Gynoid — which would clearly be any Technosexual’s dream come true — the show’s so cheesy, it makes ‘Three’s company’ look like the Royal Shakespeare Company. But I love ‘Three’s company’, so your mileage may vary.
So now I have to get round to writing Ms Newmar. She’s sitting on gold, I tell you! GOLD!!

Also, a new Doll company challenger has appeared, fighting for dominance in the cut-throat world of Japanese Dutch-wife production: the Erie series of Dolls, by Cruyff.


Cute? Yes, although that’s really all I can say about them — they possess a generic style of cute. As any iDollators worth their salt know, American Synthetiks manufacturers have the lock on making their lasses sexy, whereas the Japanese are focussing on cute. To me, the Erie Dolls have a look somewhere between UNISON’s Superdolls, and Orient Industry’s CandyGirls — visually they’re so similar, that you want to ask Cruyff (quite a name, by the way — sounds like a pastry) ‘so, what exactly makes your Dolls different?’ Apart from the one-piece assembly, and the relatively inexpensive price, that is.
I’m really hoping the next Japanese company that springs up takes a different aesthetic approach, and makes their lasses look less like another CandyGirl imitation, and more like, say, Chestnut co. Ltd’s late-lamented Rare-Borg..
Still and all, the Erie Dolls ain’t too shabby, and the more Synthetiks manufacturers out there, the better. But you knew that.

Also also, I’ve managed to get a bonafide DVD copy of Luis García Berlanga’s ‘Tamaño natural’, aka ‘Grandeur nature’, aka ‘Grandezza naturale’, aka ‘Life size’, aka ‘Love doll’, aka ‘The Doll’. Heh, now you see why it took so long to hunt down a copy. But it’s a pretty ace little fillum overall — almost tailor-made for iDollators. Astonishingly enough, it’s from the Seventies!

She was a biter. But he loved her regardless

The only drawback to the DVD is that it’s in Spanish with no subtitles whatsoever. C’est la vie. Or however you say that in Español.

Finally, on a more personal front, Marika, Sidore-chan and I might well be in front of a camera again sometime in the next month or so, for a documentary being shot by an English film crew. Details, as always, are forthcoming..

‘Shouting to hear the echoes’. Synthetiks? Really? No shit?

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  1. PBShelley writes:

    Regardez-vous, DC & the ever-lovely Sidore-chan. That’s French for… er, that IS French, right? Oh well, butchered one language you’ve butchered ’em all 😛

    The TV thingy does sound interesting, and I’ll be pleased to share the spotlight with your esteemed person and Artificial Lass. We all know she’s not *really*artificial, don’t we? What a crude term for such a lovely, non-breathing creature 😀 As for the spotlight thing, you may have all of it, as we are both quite shy and bashful on this end 😛 Maybe I can do a voice-over LOL

    We still haven’t heard back from Nick, so I hope my rants on the media’s misrepresentation of our hobby didn’t scare him off, as any sane person would have been; so still not sure it’s going forward. If it does though, thanks for reasoning with my unreasonable nature, as Lily was definitely anxious about it all. Well, she still is actually, as you can tell from the claw marks on my face LOL

    Anyway, all for a good cause 😀

    Regards to you (oh wait, did I already say that?) Well, I’ll say it again! I’m uh… oh, nevermind 😛

    PBS & the etcs

  2. Davecat writes:

    PBS and ETC –
    ‘Butchered one language you’ve butchered ’em all,’ eh? That’s almost tagline material. 🙂

    Now, you can’t go hiding your physical presence completely when on camera, y’know! Lily and Eden aren’t going to move themselves! Besides, it’s like I was telling Mari, being filmed is really nothing to worry about — after a while, you almost forget the camera’s there. Your worries are unfounded, and it’ll be rather fab seeing you and your own silicone mistresses in the television medium..

    Apparently Everhard will be in on this as well, as well as Slade. I spoke with our esteemed RealDoll Doctor for an hour today about some things, and he is an absolute riot. If he mentions even a third of the stories he told me, the whole programme will be a confirmed winner. 🙂

    So quitcherbitchin’! Like you said, it’s for a good cause! Plus, who knows — you might even enjoy it! 😉
    And regardez-vous to the lot of you from both of us!

  3. PBShelley writes:

    Oddly enough, I did hear from Nick shortly after I posted the above; he was delightful as usual, enjoyed the snippet of Lily’s story I sent him, and in fact, sent me a short story by Chas. Bukowski, so bonus points for that 🙂
    Still nothing firm tho on the trip out here to this remote neck of the woods; it IS pretty far out of the way and removed from polite society (LOL -oxymoron if I ever heard one!). Which is rather the point!
    Anyway, ta, and one step at a time! Great to hear that Everhard is onboard as well, and that the Missus will be a beneficiary; she deserves it

    Best wishes 🙂
    PBS, Lily, & Eden

  4. SafeTinspector writes:

    Will this be a sympathetic piece? I know you were worried about the last batch of second hand abuse you took from the “mouth breathers”.

    (I always feel nervous about that pejorative, as I have constricted nasal passages myself)

  5. Davecat writes:

    PBS and ladeeez –
    Nick not only liked your story, but sent you something from Boozin’ Brawlin’ Bukowski as well? Not bad! He seems to know his potential subjects!..

    As of this writing, he’s filming Everhard and his passel of girls, so it might be a day or so before he gets back to you — I Emailed him last night with my address so he can fly out here, and I’ve yet to hear back from him. You should tell him that in getting out to yours, he’ll need a compass and some grizzly repellent. 🙂 When he gets round to yours, it’ll probably be sometime next week, as he’s filming me, then jetting to the West Coast, so more than likely, you’ll be stuffed into that leg of the itinerary..

    Best wishes to you lot as well, and see you in the funny papers! (Huh?)

    In speaking with Nick, I kenned that he’s pretty trustworthy, and serious about what he’s doing — he said he wants to more or less make a film version of Meghan’s article, which is the right way to go about things, I’d say. Initially I was reluctant to do this, cos it seems that these documentarists always want to do these things when the weather is appalingly hot out, among other factors, but let’s just say that my while will be made worth. 🙂

    Most of the problems with these sorts of ventures stem not from the programmes/films/stories/articles themselves (except, of course, for that Marie Claire UK pile of shit), but from the unimaginative and narrow-minded fuckwits that see them. If you tell a properly-balanced piece, really, the only thing that warps it is the perception of whoever’s seeing it. Someone with a functioning brain in their head is going to be a lot more sympathetic than, say, a Mormon. Which would be bizarre anyway, cos Mormons aren’t allowed to touch the Internet-o-tron!

    I honestly love doing these interviews and shoots; it’s just a matter of not letting the bastards get me down, as it were. What iDollators are into may not be conventional, but it’s in no way abnormal, and it’s better to try to get that across to people, rather than sitting in silence and letting them come up with completely wrong and unfounded suppositions.

    Fuck, that was wordy. 🙂

  6. SafeTinspector writes:

    Fuck, that was wordy.

    But it did answer me question!

  7. PBShelley writes:

    Yes, it may be wordy (I didn’t think so, but YMMV and all that lol), but necessary to explain parameters, reasons, motives and such 😉
    The judgmental imaginators of All Things Nefarious And Perverted need to have all avenues of condemnation shut down, thus trapping them in their little boxes of stupidity for their own (and our) well-being. Not that THAT ever stopped them, but what the hell. It’s fun to 😉

    DC, I’ve warned Nick about the bears (in effect haha) but we”ll see. He hasn’t promised or anything, and I am allright with it either way, yea or nay 😉

    I’m happy for you and the Missus, though wondering how she will get fixed up in time for the shoot? ‘Tis a good, good thing, yes indeed 🙂

    Rob & Lily & Eden

  8. Rentell writes:

    “Peeps round corner from whence Rentell hides”

    Hi ya’ll …………

    Well you brave people your all putting your selves up for it again, this time on the moving picture machine no less with possibly global coverage.
    This production seems to be very well funded if they are flying out to the wild and wooly west to see ya’ll.
    With so much expense and effort perhaps it will be a better representation of us doll owners, lets hope so.
    Nick did aproach me but as usual chickenshit won and I politely refused, sorry, I do not feel that I can support you guys by joining in as yet.

    Closet door wil have to stay firmly closed for a while longer.

    In a slightly more modern idiom RESPECT gentlemen and perhaps lady’s if wonderful Wanda also decides to do it.

    And now crawls back into my own private hell around the corner..

    regards Rentell.

  9. Davecat writes:

    Renton! 🙂

    Going public with iDollatry isn’t for everyone, obviously, but like I always say, someone has to do it. I can’t honestly say that I represent every Doll owner out there, but, well, you know. Who knows — maybe one day you’ll decide to give it a go! We’d be honoured to stand with you in the public venue!

    And as far as I know, Wanda’s not doing this fillum thing with Nick, but she does have something else lined up with another UK crew. Or, she might be doing double duty with Nick as well; who can say..

    Good to see you’ve come out of hiding, sir! Be sure to tell your lovely silicone mistresses we said Hallo!

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