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typed for your pleasure on 10 June 2006, at 12.57 am

Sdtrk: ‘Alice in Boogie Wonderland’ by Noise/girl

Right, so I’ve given HaloScan their $12 ransom money, which means that all comments are viewable for posts older than three months ago. At the time of this writing, it still looks like the older posts have a comment count of zero, but I’m sure that’ll change accordingly very soon. *eyes HaloScan menacingly*
You’ll THRILL!! to the seemingly-witty repartee! You’ll gasp in HORROR!! as people unashamedly use vowels and consonants! Etc etc!! Yes, it was $12 undoubtedly better spent elsewhere, but I did it all for you.

Completely unrelated: My copy of Noise/girl’s ‘Discopathology‘ arrived through the post today. I’m only halfway through it, but it’s ‘wicked’, as the kids say. Picture the crushing Power electronics of Merzbow crossed with the anarcho-noisy breakbeats of Speedranch ^ Jansky noise, and you have a winner. Eight tracks for $13, with a cover by trevor brown? I approve!

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  1. SafeTinspector writes:

    DC: I won’t pretend to know what the frick you’re talking about in that second paragraph, but I’m happy for you, dear.

    And Haloscan’s adoption of your filthy lucre seems timely. Now I can go review my own words in an orgy of narcissism. Time-shifted me, here I come!!!

  2. zszsz writes:

    sounds like some stuff i talked about having should beena’ done by you/us/someone long ago long ago . . .

    so much hot air . . . :[

    (albeit i don’t know who speedranch/etc. are either) . . .


    ahem . . . sorry about that . . . :l

  3. Davecat writes:

    zszsz –
    Noise/girl is singularly ace. I’ve found that they make good backing music when I’m playing Burnout 3 on the XBOLLOX. High-speed battle driving and Power-electronics.. a match made in heaven. 🙂

    And I have written you back about Timmmmmmmmmm!

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