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typed for your pleasure on 16 May 2006, at 4.48 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Torture by roses’ by Death in June

Hrm. This is the Space Cube. It’s a personal computer.

Please do not ingest PC, unless you really want to

The Space Cube is the world’s smallest personal computer. The unbelievably minuscule cube (2 x 2 x 2.2 inch case) packs 300 MHz CPU and 64 MB of SDRAM. The Space Cube offers a healthy number of ports, including USB, Ethernet, flash memory, monitor port, Space wire, serial connection, and microphone. This micro PC runs on a Linux named Atom Linux.

And they said it couldn’t be done. In a decade or so, the Space Cube is going to be seen as being enormously outsized, but in the meantime, I’m thinking: this + RealDoll = Persocom. Mmmm. Or, at the very least, an improved version of Katsuya Matsumura’s custom PC cases..

Also, there’s this — the City Car concept, from Smart Cities, one of those utopian idea factories:

Rather like bowling balls in the ball return

One of the proposed designs for dense urban areas is a stackable car for two passengers. Vehicle Stacks are located throughout the city to create an urban transportation network that takes advantage of existing infrastructure such as subway and bus lines. By placing stacks in urban spaces and key points of convergence, the vehicle allows the citizens the flexibility to combine mass transit effectively with individualized mobility.

Don’t know how well this would do in the States *coughrampanttheftandvandalismcough* *coughnotbigenoughcough*, but it’s a really fab idea nevertheless.. When I first saw that pic, I was instantly reminded of the ‘elecar’ electric cars that people living in colonies in the UC Gundam universe use to get from place to place.
So does this mean that Mobile Suits are next in line for development??

thanx to Zip Gun for the City car link

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May I remind you that I’m a Scorpio?

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Sdtrk: ‘Shopping’ by The Jam

How evil are you?

The funny thing is, I honestly wasn’t even trying..
Stolen (further proof of evil) from Penda’s LJ

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*shaking fist at Internets*

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Sdtrk: ‘Choking on air’ by The ladybug transistor

YouTube and the current trend of using Shockwave-based video is both a boon and a curse. On the one hand, when you want to display a video, you don’t have to go through as much malarkey to do so — just upload the bastard to YouTube/Google video or wherever, pop a link on your site, and Bob’s your uncle. On the other hand, a lot of sites are doing away with providing downloadable video entirely, in favour of… well, uploading the bastard to YouTube/Google video or wherever. What about those of us who’d rather download the actual .avi or .mpg or what have you? Hm?
So this is my current problem: I’ve found a video of EveR-1 on Akihabara News, but of course, it’s in that damnable Shockwave format. I’ve got the link to the homepage of KITECH, EveR-1’s manufacturers, but everything’s in Korean. Crucial note: I know zero Korean. Do you see my problem? Do you?

[03.15.18 PM] safetinspector: Which would win in a fight? EveR-1 or Actroid-chan?
[03.16.28 PM] Leahtype23: Hrrm.. I’d have to go with EveR-1.. her arms are a little stiff. She probably has a good karate chop.
Unless we’re talking tickle fight, in which case, my money’s on Actroid-chan.

Next week: thrill to me bitching about sites that have Flash video image galleries, instead of proper downloadable .jpgs. 4woods, I’m looking in your direction

Technorati tags: EveR-1, Gynoid

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Was this really worth writing down?

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Sdtrk: ‘Ground zero: Infinity dose’ by SPK

So I dreamt the other night that my friend Mike and his dad were living over an auto repair shop, and that he was working with some Brazilian/Mexican bloke on a project for a new pseudo-Kamen rider series, with the motif based on apes. The Mexican bloke had ICQed me, but he was using Mike’s computer, so I saw this message from aneamo (Mike’s online alias) asking if I liked Noise & Power-electronics and I was like ‘huh?? Mike knows I like Noise, he’s known me for years!’ He’d first sent a message asking if this was Davecat — I guess he was actually online at the time — but I didn’t respond initially, as I was busy at the time. Then a couple of minutes later, he typed, ‘i am *name*, i am 17 years old, and i like merzbow, whitehouse, masonna, mb, etc etc..’ I suppose I sussed that he was of Latin descent, as all of his sentences began with an upside-down exclamation mark.

Later, I somehow managed to get hold of the Latino fella’s sketchbook, and I was sitting in the coffeeshop section of a Borders, looking over a couple of the coloured pencil sketches he did for their KR project. Despite the idiotic-sounding motif (apes??), the drawings were rather good.. Then this pleasant-looking Asian lass that looked about 17 or 18 came over and sat next to me. When she didn’t get my immediate attention, she pulled out a coloured pencil of her own, and began doodling in the margins of the sketchbook. ‘Heh — that’s not mine, you know,’ I told her. She stopped.

Naturally, I’ve no idea what to make of that. The Kamen rider idea was undoubtedly fueled by the fact that I’ve been watching a lot of downloaded tokusatsu shows recently, such as GARO and Kamen rider Kabuto, but the rest of it? No clue. I don’t think I’ve ever known a Spanish bloke in my entire life! I don’t think I’ve ever lived over an auto repair place my entire life! Who comes up with this stuff?? Don’t answer that.

And if you think that’s bad, a couple of nights before that, I dreamt that Captain Jack Harkness, the dashing bisexual 51st Century rogue from Doctor Who, had a pet bear cub that spoke English. I was initially impressed, like anyone else would be, but it seems that the only word this cub could speak was ‘ham’, and that’s all it would repeat. ‘Ham,’ it would say, in a voice you would expect from a winsome four year old. ‘Ham ham ham ham.’

What the fuck?

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Problem solved!?

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Sdtrk: ‘Defenestration’ by NON

Now, if you’ll all have a glance at the lefthand sidebar, down below the ‘Previous blab’ and above the ‘This was the Future’ archive drop-down menu, you’ll note a stunning new menu. The ‘Doll / Synthetik / iDollator news’ drop-down menu allows swift and unfettered access to all* of the posts I’ve made concerning RealDolls, A.I.Dolls, Actroid-chan, etc etc. This would be another one for the ‘Why the hell did it take me so long to do this??’ file, obviously.
Truth be told, it’s a short-term solution. When I get round to making The Big Jump To WordPress, that sort of post categorisation will be a snap, but for now, I kinda wanted a quicker way to get to those sorts of posts. So my OCD tendencies are your gain! Or, ah, something

‘My, he sure does go on and on about that Actroid girl’

*’all’, meaning ‘most’. I’m sure there’s a post or two that I’ve overlooked. I’ll get round to a more intensive search eventually

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Your link cup overfloweth

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Sdtrk: ‘Monologue’ by Adult.

It’s yet another linkdump! CAN YOU SMELL *needless pause* WHAT TEH ROCK *raises eyebrow* IS MICROWAVING

+ La Vie à Bord – ephemera concerning the history of Air France, but concentrating on the Jet Set years of the Fifties and Sixties. SWEET JESUS, YES

+ ‘Serenity and Firefly are worth fighting for, and we will show our numbers by purchasing Serenity on June 23 en masse, proving to Universal that Serenity deserves to keep flying.’
Serenity Day on 23 June. Good job I’ve not bought my copy yet..

+ The Institute for the Study of The Goat, The Pole, and Their Relative Positions, a.k.a, Goat on a Pole. Sure, why not

+ Are you a fan of Ricky Gervais’ podcast series? Well, then you must certainly know of the Pilkipedia, which of course is all about everyone’s favourite vacuous roundheaded Manc, Karl Pilkington. And praise “Bob”, he has a book coming out in September. WOOOOO

+ Samurai warriors 2 is due out in the States in May. Heh, technically I still don’t have 100% completion on the first one. But then really, who does?
And unf unf, Armored core: Last Raven is out sometime this Spring. It’s the last one for the PS2, so I expect it’ll go out with a bang. Heh, technically I’ve not finished Armored core: Nexus, but I’ll get round to it eventually

+ I’m looking at these pics and saying ‘Has The Hafler trio considered using these for their Cd covers yet?’

“BANG!” – an open letter

The room is actually painted in this fashion (above), so that when you look at it from a certain angle, you get the correct result (below). Brilliant

+ Death note (Vol.5 is the most recent release) is still rocking the bells. Apparently there’s going to be a live-action fillum version of it as well! At first, I was wincing when I first heard of this, but apparently the director is Shusuke Kaneko, who more famously directed the Heisei-era Gamera trilogy. All together now: ooohh

+ Speaking of Gamera, I’d like to see ‘Gamera: The Little braves’, even though it seems a wee bit.. kiddy.
Also on my must-see list of revivalist tokusatsu features would be Mirrorman Reflex and Bio planet WOO. And why has no domestic company picked up the rights to Keita Amemiya’s Mikazuki? It’s only six feckin’ episodes long!

+ Finally, I’m still madly in love with Delia Derbyshire. Apparently, in 2005, BBC 4 aired a documentary about her and a potted history of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, which can be obtained from here. Fab! (link courtesy of ektopia)

So, what’d I miss?

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Sdtrk: ‘Always crashing in the same car’ by David Bowie


How did I spend my Holiday from Blogging, you axe? Playing altogether too much Phantom dust (crazy game. I like it), listening to a lot of Thin White Duke-era Bowie, and catching up on the 2005 – 2006 episodes of Doctor Who. I have to say, I’m likin’ what I’m seein’, so there’ll be a post about that relatively soon.

As I often say at my job, I’ll keep this brief: to those of you who posted or otherwise sent messages of support in this direction, both Sidore-chan and are very appreciative and grateful. It’s reassuring to know that are still a few people out there that not only have an open mind, but realise that if a person is finding some way of getting through life using a biologically harmless method that makes them happy without intruding on anyone else’s life, then more power to ’em. Again, thanks very much to all of you!

To our detractors, obviously I’ve nothing positive to say to you sorry twats. Apart from the fact that it’s pretty fucked up that you really have nothing better to do with your time than to mock someone that’s happier than yourselves. I understand that everyone needs a hobby; perhaps you lot should consider heroin addiction instead.

Right! *cracks knuckles* Back to.. whatever the hell you call this, ah, thing that I’m doing

N.B. Comment moderation is turned on, by the way, so if you don’t see your post at first, give me a couple of hours to look it over..

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