Didn’t we do this back in 2008?

typed for your pleasure on 6 November 2012, at 8.32 pm

Sdtrk: ‘On through the night’ by Blues control

As I missed the opportunity to perform my civic duty before my workday, as a lot of people more clever than I did, or even to make use of the absentee ballot to vote days ago, I had to get round to the polls after work. I predicted having to fight post-work traffic — incidentally, I managed to score a new job; more about that later — but it only took me 55min to get from my workplace in downtown Detroit to my local voting centre in the suburbs, which impressed me greatly. In fact, the entire process only took an hour! Admittedly, it might’ve taken less than that if 1) I’d gotten into the A-L queue, instead of the M-Z one I was idling round in for ten minutes, and 2) if I hadn’t gotten all OCD in trying to fill in those bloody circles. But it’s done! Incidentally, I was voter No.835 in my precinct.

The spider necklace didn’t help with my vote, but it certainly didn’t hurt

If you voted, well done! If you didn’t, get the fuck off the Internet, go back in time, and do so.
May the best man win, of course, but as fellow iDollator bbbjjjttt remarked, ‘I woke up this morning in the USA. Hopefully I won’t go to sleep tonight in the Republic of Gilead.’ Fingers crossed, people

UPDATE (11.55pm): Looks like the 47% did it, baby *subtle but proud fist pump*

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3 have spoken to “Didn’t we do this back in 2008?”

  1. bbbjjjttt writes:

    We’re still in the US of A! YEE-HAW!!!! Love the photo. (“Talk to the spider; the face ain’t listenin’.”) And I thank you for the mention!

  2. Davecat writes:

    Granted, this nation’s not without its faults, but I was extraordinarily proud of my fellow men and women that eve. Smart is always sexy!

    And you are a treasure trove of quotes! Apart from the whole iDollator thing, I knew there was a reason I liked you, B. 🙂

  3. PBShelley writes:

    I am relieved (<— understatement). The life of an expat does not appeal to me! Better than a life under Romney and his cronies though… apparently a majority of the country agreed! Eight years of Bush: the one good thing about them LOL

    In fact, SO MUCH would that sort of frat-club consortium not appeal to me, that rather than take a chance and MAIL my mail-in ballot, I walked it a half-mile to the "local" precinct place, deposited my ballot personally into the box, and then walked home all cool 'n' stuff, secure in the knowledge that I'd done my best in slaying this particular dragon. Nice to have help 😀

    Oh, and it helped to have caught the fine print regarding postmarks not being accepted. Thus, the walk 😛

    Plus, I got a neat little "I voted" sticker too!

    November 6 and 80 degrees; beautiful day for a walk… ON MUTANT EARTH o.O Nice to see that whole "global warming" thing was a myth, whew!

    Hope all is well with you and your company (here LOL),

    PBShelley & Lily (& friends)

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