Subspace is definitely the quickest way to get to Toronto

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Sdtrk: ‘Did you ever have that feeling?’ by Research Laboratory of Electronic Progress

By my own admission, I’m jumping on this whole Scott Pilgrim bandwagon rather late. Up until maybe last year, I’d never known anything really about the comic, apart from the fact that it takes place mostly in Toronto (my favourite city in the world), and that it contains a fair amount of references to both indie rock and 8-bit videogame cultures. Then the first trailer for the film adaptation came out, which, as I’m sure you’ve seen, is pretty damn impressive. Then goshou lent me the first volume of the comic, written and drawn by Bryan Lee O’Malley, and considering that I read it from cover to cover non-stop, I’d have to say I was hooked. As it’s in the vein of one of my favourite indie comic series, Chynna Clugston’s Blue Monday — detailing interpersonal relationships amongst a group of individuals that came to an awkward, stunted maturity during the genuinely alternative days of the early Nineties — it resonated with me quite soundly.
Despite the fact that Michael ‘Playing The Same Character In Every Film I’m In, Baby’ Cera is portraying Scott, it looks like it’s going to be a fun little ride. And it’s directed by Edgar Wright, the bloke behind ‘Shaun of the dead’? Well, more than likely it won’t be a shambling pile of rubbish, then!

Recently the Missus and I took some time to make Scott Pilgrim versions of ourselves! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the two latest members of Sex Bob-omb: Davecat and Sidore Kuroneko.

click here and here for full-sized epicness

Tell us those aren’t our dead spits! I didn’t think you could. And when you’re done downloading those, why not make your own here?
Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to practise our fighting / singing chops, respectively

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