Was this really worth writing down?

typed for your pleasure on 11 May 2006, at 9.32 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Ground zero: Infinity dose’ by SPK

So I dreamt the other night that my friend Mike and his dad were living over an auto repair shop, and that he was working with some Brazilian/Mexican bloke on a project for a new pseudo-Kamen rider series, with the motif based on apes. The Mexican bloke had ICQed me, but he was using Mike’s computer, so I saw this message from aneamo (Mike’s online alias) asking if I liked Noise & Power-electronics and I was like ‘huh?? Mike knows I like Noise, he’s known me for years!’ He’d first sent a message asking if this was Davecat — I guess he was actually online at the time — but I didn’t respond initially, as I was busy at the time. Then a couple of minutes later, he typed, ‘i am *name*, i am 17 years old, and i like merzbow, whitehouse, masonna, mb, etc etc..’ I suppose I sussed that he was of Latin descent, as all of his sentences began with an upside-down exclamation mark.

Later, I somehow managed to get hold of the Latino fella’s sketchbook, and I was sitting in the coffeeshop section of a Borders, looking over a couple of the coloured pencil sketches he did for their KR project. Despite the idiotic-sounding motif (apes??), the drawings were rather good.. Then this pleasant-looking Asian lass that looked about 17 or 18 came over and sat next to me. When she didn’t get my immediate attention, she pulled out a coloured pencil of her own, and began doodling in the margins of the sketchbook. ‘Heh — that’s not mine, you know,’ I told her. She stopped.

Naturally, I’ve no idea what to make of that. The Kamen rider idea was undoubtedly fueled by the fact that I’ve been watching a lot of downloaded tokusatsu shows recently, such as GARO and Kamen rider Kabuto, but the rest of it? No clue. I don’t think I’ve ever known a Spanish bloke in my entire life! I don’t think I’ve ever lived over an auto repair place my entire life! Who comes up with this stuff?? Don’t answer that.

And if you think that’s bad, a couple of nights before that, I dreamt that Captain Jack Harkness, the dashing bisexual 51st Century rogue from Doctor Who, had a pet bear cub that spoke English. I was initially impressed, like anyone else would be, but it seems that the only word this cub could speak was ‘ham’, and that’s all it would repeat. ‘Ham,’ it would say, in a voice you would expect from a winsome four year old. ‘Ham ham ham ham.’

What the fuck?

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  1. SafeTinspector writes:

    The bear’s a winner! Hallmark could make it and market it during the holidays. Kids (or stupid adults) would press its tummy and it would say, “Ham!”

    As for the rest:I know Tomas and his full-brother are thoroughly Americanized, but he is genetically latin, and if you ever met his dad you know a latino.

  2. Davecat writes:

    I’ve never met Tomas’ mum or dad, but you’re right — I’d forgotten that he is.. he is Latin.
    ‘Well, Latin’s a pretty big place, pal.’

  3. SafeTinspector writes:

    Yes, GTAIII had many memorable moments. I loved it good.

  4. PBShelley writes:

    Holy crap! I played GTAIII many times, and aside from a few Latino types still I have not a clue as to its inclusion here; the reference completely escapes me :-O

    But that probably explains a lot LOLOL (about me 😛 )

    The most memorable thing about GTAIII was hearing Kate Bush’s “Wow” on the jacked auto’s radio for the first time, causing me to plunge off a cliff wayyyy down into a park far below, where I crashed hideously, still amazed at what I was hearing in a GTA game!

    Um… we ARE talking about Grand Theft Auto III, right? 😛 At least, I guess I am LOL

    PBS & May Coverdoll-of-the-Month Lily (& not-to-be-left-out Eden)

  5. Davecat writes:

    PBS & Lilykins –
    Yes, Grand Theft Auto 3! The reference is from one of Lazlow’s interviews on Chatterbox FM with Fernando Martinez (‘Try New Beginnings. Call cinco-cinco-cinco-nueve-dos-nueve-dos’). My sides were split — nay, rent asunder — with Laughter, thanx to that station..

    Now, if I’m not mistaken though, ‘Wow’ was on the soundtrack to GTA3: Vice city, but not on the previous GTA game. Although (after consulting Teh Intarwub), the Kate Bush song is on the Emotion 98.3 channel, which is hosted by Fernando Martinez. Six degrees of.. Fernando, I guess..

    Shi-chan and I definitely give our thumbs up to wee Lily’s profile and photos, but that goes without saying. 😉 Give her a kiss and a goose* from us!

    *please do not give her an actual bird

  6. PBShelley writes:

    Oh right! GTA: (Miami) Vice City!!! Seriously, the radio stations were the highlights of both games for me. The ultra-violence you can get in any shooter, but radio like thees? I don’t THINK so! Kudos to the makers for thinking that bit up 😉 The talk stations were truly hilarious though LOL The song selections on even the “yucky” stations was well-done.

    Oh um… about the goose; too late! Lily wants to know what to do with her great big honking long-necked goose 😉

    I have an excellent idea (*drools*). About the goose I mean LOL

    On second thought… oh, nevah mind! Teach me to post after a few beers 😛 -Where’s my absinthe???

    And I hope you were able to read the Coverdoll profile that was correct, they mistakenly had linked to the wrong doll’s :-O It’s fine now, and Lily’s reputation remains intact 😉

    Erm… sorry to ramble. What were we talking about again? Oh yes, your DREAM! Damn, all I can say is, you got some very coolly bizarre dreams 😀 I had a trippy one the other early morning, where a tidal wave was poised over San Francisco, caused by the Sun’s solar flare that turned the daytime sky into night, dappled with stars and an unconcerned Sun. Took me 5 pages to write down LOLOL :-O

    So I’ll spare everyone 😉

    PBS & Lily (who sends regards and roses to her inspiration, Sidore-chan) (and gives you a peck on the cheek)
    (ON YOUR FACE!!!) 😀

  7. Davecat writes:

    PBS –
    You say you wrote about your trippy pseudo-apocalyptic dream the other evening? Heh, that’s what your blog’s for!

    We had no problems whatsoever viewing Lily’s profile – she’s a rather erudite lass, as we’ve always suspected! She loves her chocolate, apparently! At least it won’t go to her hips. 😉

    Shi-chan says Ta very much for the roses, and sends a chrysanthemum back (she’s been reading Oscar Wilde again), and thanx for the goose — err, peck, heh heh. 🙂

  8. PBShelley writes:

    Ah! My “Blog” is for shiting on (wonders if that’s the right tense)! It was totally thought up on the spur of the moment, and those things are SHARP! :-O

    Someday I’ll make a REAL one; this was just so I could post on another’s 😉 Which, coincidentally, is another REAL one, such as this hehehe. I’d like to be able to dedicate myself to actually updating it and making it nice. Eventually, we’ll (Lily and I) need to get serious! Eden couldn’t give a toss 😛

    Sidore-chan has been reading Wilde? Good for her! Lily loves her chrysanthemum and will clasp it to her breast while we sip our absinthe 😉 “Absinthe and chrysanthemum”… has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? (‘course I’m kidding about the potion (sad to say LOL))

    As always, ta,
    PBS, Lily & Eden

  9. SafeTinspector writes:

    PBS: Your tense is correct, but shitting should have had two t’s.

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