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Hrm. This is the Space Cube. It’s a personal computer.

Please do not ingest PC, unless you really want to

The Space Cube is the world’s smallest personal computer. The unbelievably minuscule cube (2 x 2 x 2.2 inch case) packs 300 MHz CPU and 64 MB of SDRAM. The Space Cube offers a healthy number of ports, including USB, Ethernet, flash memory, monitor port, Space wire, serial connection, and microphone. This micro PC runs on a Linux named Atom Linux.

And they said it couldn’t be done. In a decade or so, the Space Cube is going to be seen as being enormously outsized, but in the meantime, I’m thinking: this + RealDoll = Persocom. Mmmm. Or, at the very least, an improved version of Katsuya Matsumura’s custom PC cases..

Also, there’s this — the City Car concept, from Smart Cities, one of those utopian idea factories:

Rather like bowling balls in the ball return

One of the proposed designs for dense urban areas is a stackable car for two passengers. Vehicle Stacks are located throughout the city to create an urban transportation network that takes advantage of existing infrastructure such as subway and bus lines. By placing stacks in urban spaces and key points of convergence, the vehicle allows the citizens the flexibility to combine mass transit effectively with individualized mobility.

Don’t know how well this would do in the States *coughrampanttheftandvandalismcough* *coughnotbigenoughcough*, but it’s a really fab idea nevertheless.. When I first saw that pic, I was instantly reminded of the ‘elecar’ electric cars that people living in colonies in the UC Gundam universe use to get from place to place.
So does this mean that Mobile Suits are next in line for development??

thanx to Zip Gun for the City car link

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  1. SafeTinspector writes:

    300Mhz isn’t even as quick as an XBox, although that case IS really tiny!
    Such miniaturization could easily be used as the brains of a fine exosuit. I’ve been waiting for mine to arrive from the Franklin Mint….

    The cars look fun, but I’d rather use a bus or a train, more room for the crap I must schlep.

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