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typed for your pleasure on 31 October 2005, at 2.35 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Rêve pour un Beatle’ by Paul Piot & Paul Guiot

So I’ve managed to find the new URL for the pages on the Osaka Labs site that deal with the development behind everyone’s my favourite Gynoid, Actroid-chan. Now, I think I’ve got this sussed..
Actroid is the Kokoro co. Ltd‘s marketing name for the Repliee series of Gynoids. There’s an updated version of Repliee Q1, named Repliee Q2, that made her debut at the recent Aichi World Expo, where she was given the name of Repliee Q1Expo. She’s the interviewer version also known as Ando-san, or, as one site had it, Anna-san. Then, there’s Kokoro’s Actroid DER, which is the standing version of.. Repliee Q2, I would assume. ARGH BRAIN BOILING OVER

So anyway, I’ve managed to find the new URL for the pages on the Osaka Labs site. They’ve got additional movies of Repliee Q2/Repliee Q1Expo/Ando-san/Anna-san/what the hell ever. I call her ‘Relentlessly Cute-san’.

Sigh. 🙂
O, where was I? Err, yeah! Also, anyone who can find me media files, or at least decent pics of Kobayashi Labs‘ SAYA, will have their name bestowed upon my first infant. SAYA-chan doesn’t get as much press as Actroid-chan because her technology isn’t as sophisticated, and, well.. she’s a wee bit less attractive.

But she’s doing her best, damnit, and we love her for it.

O, and Happy Pagan New Year!

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Well, I think it’s newsworthy, Part II

typed for your pleasure on 27 October 2005, at 8.05 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Kenkäneekerien nenäkekkerit’ by Mats Swan

This is a really fab idea, but I think they’ll need to install some really tight security measures for it, otherwise it’ll be A FESTIVAL OF THEFT.

Mazda Ditches Cylinder Locks in Favor of USB Key

By Scott Clark on Tuesday 30 August 2005, 8:24 PM

I never thought it’d be possible, but Mazda of all companies has embraced the inner geek inside me to make me want to run out and test drive one of their cars. Thankfully this is only a concept car for now, and my Honda is still running strong.

Designed for “net-savvy youngsters”, the new concept hatchback, Mazda Sassou, ditches the traditional cylinder lock key system in favor of USB flash drives. In addition to starting the engine, the flash drives can be used to transfer driving directions for long trips along with the latest songs for the day to the Sassou’s internal hard drive.

Just be sure to vent the windows though, it looks like the extra large sunroof would literally cook any electronics you have in the car during your lunch break.

Mazda also has to refine the technology, so that people over the age of 35 can use it. You know.. all those individuals out there who aren’t exactly ‘tech savvy’. Which is probably half the US population. JOE SIX-PACK: ‘Why do they call it a key drive, if it ain’t look like a key??’
I can see this car doing well in Japan, of course, and maybe Europe, but unfortunately not so much in the U.S and A. Which is a shame, cos it’s a pretty ace-looking car..

More about the Mazda Sassou here

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Well, I think it’s newsworthy, Part I

typed for your pleasure on 27 October 2005, at 7.57 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Very friendly’ by Throbbing gristle

First otaku in space? Yes. But it’s okay, cos he’s cosplaying as someone cool.

Space geek to orbit in cartoon outfit

AFP, October 13, 2005

TOKYO: A Japanese Internet whiz is tipped to become the world’s fourth space tourist — and he wants to orbit the earth dressed as an ace pilot from a hit Japanese animation series.

The candidate for the $US20 million trip is Japanese investor Daisuke Enomoto, a 34-year-old former board director of the Livedoor Internet firm headed by flamboyant entrepreneur Takafumi Horie, local media said.

Enomoto has already passed medical checks and started flight training for a trip in late 2006, Jiji Press news agency reported.

Enomoto said in January that he was likely to be the first Japanese to make a paid space trip.

“I’m planning to do something amusing,” he wrote then on his website.

If he gets Russian approval, Enomoto said he wanted to dress up on the trip as “Char Aznable”, a character in the popular “Gundam” hero robot series of animation whose name is inspired by French singer Charles Aznavour.

Enomoto describes himself as a “Gundam otaku” (geek).

The third civilian to pay for a space flight, US millionaire businessman Greg Olsen, returned to Earth this week in a Soyuz capsule.

The 60-year-old American paid Space Adventures US$20 million for a seat aboard the capsule and eight days of gazing down at the Earth from the International Space Station, 370km up.

He was preceded into space by two other millionaire tourists, American Dennis Tito in 2001 and South African Mark Shuttleworth the following year.

Actually, Enomoto-san, during the inevitable filming of you tumbling round the shuttle in your Char outfit, I’ll give you $50 if at any point you shout ‘Sieg Zeon!’

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Annoyed beyond reason and politeness

typed for your pleasure on 27 October 2005, at 2.15 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Bop scotch’ by Stereolab


Dearest shitwicks,

I say this in all honesty, and without the slightest trace of insincerity: the lot of you need to choke down a cock, after which, you should crawl into ditches by the side of the road, and die. Tell me; if I’ve already bought a brand-new computer from a chain store that’s bundled with MS Windows, why in burning fuck does it not come with MS Office built into it? For free? I’m not talking about the ‘trial’ version, which is only good for 50 uses, I’m talking about full-usage Word, Access, Excel and PowerPoint being installed on the computer I just paid $1000 for. You know damn well people need Word at home, at the very least, and if you’re running any sort of business, I suppose the other three are useful as well. Once my classes are complete, I’ll probably never use Excel or Access ever in my life — much like algebra — but that’s irrelevant. Why are these not standard-issue programmes?

I was over at BestBuy this morning, checking on the prices for MS Office 2003 Student/Teacher Edition, as I was told by a classmate that it was only fifty bucks. Well, this just confirms that shouldn’t listen to my classmates at all, as she neglected to add a one in front of that fifty. And naturally, I was at the store with only $55. Apart from the fact that the basic, i.e. Student/Teacher version should already be in all store-bought PCs that run Windows — that is to say, all of them — if you insist on selling it separately, you really need to lower your goddamn prices. Christ in shitty knickers, $150?? For the ‘incomplete’ version?? So what all does the Professional version do that the cheaper version not do? I mean, if the Professional version is four hundred fucking dollars, there had better be a blowjob that ranks as a profound spiritual experience. Actually there should be several of them, and it doesn’t count if Bill Gate$ face is involved.

There is no reason why MS Office isn’t standard issue on PCs. There is no reason, if it’s not bundled with a computer, why it should be so horrifically expensive. No reason on earth. Bill Gate$, you need to stop being a cumguzzling profit whore for once in your life, and do what I tell you to do, you weedy little shit. Failing that, your dramatic and humourous self-immolation would be the only other thing I’d want from you.

And your money. That goes without saying.


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A somewhat tidy sum

typed for your pleasure on 26 October 2005, at 11.29 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Cut up’ by Duchess says

My blog is worth $6,774.48.
How much is your blog worth?

So — hypothetically speaking — who would I have to speak to in order to cash this fecker in?

Hrrm. Upon reflection, perhaps I’ll just sit on ‘Shouting etc etc’, and let it accrue some more interest. Maybe by this time next year, it’ll have gained five or six bucks

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Totally unimportant backend news!

typed for your pleasure on 24 October 2005, at 3.49 pm

Sdtrk: ‘In this home on ice’ by Clap your hands say yeah

From the ‘Shouting etc etc’ FYI Department:

+ I’m no longer hosting my pics on PhotoPeg, as comparatively, they didn’t offer a lot of space. Especially when you have a horde of lookie-loos storming your site and driving up your bandwidth. My PhotoPeg plan, before I left ’em, was offering 15 MB of space and 900 MB bandwidth transfer, for $5 per month. But now, the ever-lovely and always-witty Penda has hooked me up with some of her extra space, and so I’ve moved everything there. Thanx again, babe!

+ In conjunction with that, I’ve made more guest Gravatars; there’s now 52 of them, so, much like the tagline, I can swap them out each week. They’re all headshots of various Synthetiks, of course, apart from 12 of them (one for each month), which are related to something non-Doll-related that I dig. Will you get the logo for SHADO, or will it be the Robot Station emcee version of Actroid-chan? Who can say?

+ HaloScab, err, I mean HaloScan, continues to consume comments entire. The plus side with them is that, unlike Blogger’s generic comments, you can go in there and ban shit-disturbers by their individual IP or area IP, but unless you pay for a premium account (of course), you can apparently only have X comments per month, then they disappear. So just view each comment as if it were a Replicant — a beautiful, ephemeral thing, with a limited lifespan.
Truth be told, it sucks. But if I were to switch up now, not only would I lose all comments posted, but there’d be no guest Gravatars, or banning ability. Ergh.

+ Speaking of Gravatar, their servers are still periodically dodgy. I don’t think they anticipated the amount of people using them. So if you’re checking out the comments, and you see a black void where a Gravatar should be, or, ironically, just the word ‘Gravatar’.. well.. there you go.

Right, that’s pretty much the lot

Any Synthetiks-related news, Davecat? (Oct 2005)

typed for your pleasure on 24 October 2005, at 3.07 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Map ref 41N 93W’ by My bloody valentine

Well, kinda. Whilst I was out cavorting in T.O on Saturday, my copy of ‘Still Lovers’ finally arrived! As I suspected, it’s an extraordinary book, despite my obvious bias towards the subject matter. 😉 I only wished that I hadn’t seen so many of the pics beforehand on the Internet, as it’s turned out that I’d already viewed half the book. Nevertheless, the monograph is fab, the pictures are beautiful, the preface and the forward are both ace.. in short, I highly recommend you purchase a copy.. In fact, if you’re so inclined, if you send me your copy via postage-paid registered mail, I’ll sign it as well. Hit me up through my Contact page for further instructions..

Also, I ran across another article detailing why if the States doesn’t wriggle out of that whole Judaeo-christian stranglehold soon, other countries are going to leave it in the dust when it comes to the development of Artificial humans, and other aspects of scientific research, and, well, progress in general.

And since Sweetie’s site is temporarily down, here’s an omake (bonus) from atsushi-san and MaRi-chan, of MaRiWeb.

Dig that stylish belt buckle

atsushi-san explains: ‘This is FAKE of japanese teen magazin.’ Very nice, and arigatou to both of you!

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