Totally unimportant backend news!

typed for your pleasure on 24 October 2005, at 3.49 pm

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From the ‘Shouting etc etc’ FYI Department:

+ I’m no longer hosting my pics on PhotoPeg, as comparatively, they didn’t offer a lot of space. Especially when you have a horde of lookie-loos storming your site and driving up your bandwidth. My PhotoPeg plan, before I left ’em, was offering 15 MB of space and 900 MB bandwidth transfer, for $5 per month. But now, the ever-lovely and always-witty Penda has hooked me up with some of her extra space, and so I’ve moved everything there. Thanx again, babe!

+ In conjunction with that, I’ve made more guest Gravatars; there’s now 52 of them, so, much like the tagline, I can swap them out each week. They’re all headshots of various Synthetiks, of course, apart from 12 of them (one for each month), which are related to something non-Doll-related that I dig. Will you get the logo for SHADO, or will it be the Robot Station emcee version of Actroid-chan? Who can say?

+ HaloScab, err, I mean HaloScan, continues to consume comments entire. The plus side with them is that, unlike Blogger’s generic comments, you can go in there and ban shit-disturbers by their individual IP or area IP, but unless you pay for a premium account (of course), you can apparently only have X comments per month, then they disappear. So just view each comment as if it were a Replicant — a beautiful, ephemeral thing, with a limited lifespan.
Truth be told, it sucks. But if I were to switch up now, not only would I lose all comments posted, but there’d be no guest Gravatars, or banning ability. Ergh.

+ Speaking of Gravatar, their servers are still periodically dodgy. I don’t think they anticipated the amount of people using them. So if you’re checking out the comments, and you see a black void where a Gravatar should be, or, ironically, just the word ‘Gravatar’.. well.. there you go.

Right, that’s pretty much the lot

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    52 gravatars and nothing on.

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    Heh, how remarkably apt!

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