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Sdtrk: ‘Irreversible neural damage’ by Kevin Ayres and Nico

Although we here at Deafening silence Plus missed the passing of the Autumnal Equinox waaay back on the 22nd almost entirely — which we’re rather embarrassed about, as this is our favourite season — nevertheless, we’re still enthused, cos that means we’re close to the beginning of October, which means we’re close to the end of October, which means we’re close to All Hallow’s Eve, which means we’re close to 01 November, which means post-Hallowe’en closeout sales, baby. Last year, I purchased this fine mirror, for example! And naturally, a third of Sidore’s wardrobe comes from various Halloween USA locations all across Michigan.

So not only is our breath bated for the crispness of the Autumn weather, we’re also gearing up for !!BIG SAVINGS!! It truly is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Well, it will be when Autumn actually kicks in; for the past couple of days, it’s been averaging a dreadful 80ºF. Damnit, Summer, let go already!

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What d’ye mean, not my real name?

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Sdtrk: ‘The Delian mode’ by Delia Derbyshire

I’d actually forgotten about this! The interview I’d had at the beginning of the month with Tanya Gold of the UK newspaper The Independent is now out, both in print form, and online.

Do you mind that [Sidore] can’t talk? “I’d prefer it if she did, but doll technology can only go so far,” he replies. “My ideal partner would be a gynoid [a female android]. There are only a few in the world and they are not available for consumer markets yet. Dolls are wonderful, but they can’t move, and they can’t speak”. I’m not sure what to say to Davecat. So I ask him you would really rather have a relationship with a robot than a really beautiful — er — actress? “Yes,” he says. “That is the end all, be all of it.”

She also spoke with fellow iDollators Gordon Griggs and zazakell, and overall, I’d say it’s pretty even-handed. It’s no ‘Real Dolls: Love in the Age of Silicone‘, but it’s not that scurrilous article from Marie Claire UK, so it meets with my approval, at least…
According to our list, this’ll be our fifteenth media appearance. Not too shabby!

Also, director Brian Crano was kind enough to post me a promotional copy of his short fillum, ‘Rubberheart‘, so expect a review here in a couple of days (relatively speaking)

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An alternate-universe ‘CSI’: supplemental

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Sdtrk: ‘Polichinelle’ by France Gall

Some startling (well, not all that startling) developments have cropped up regarding the abandoned Synthetik in Izu, Japan. Pink Tentacle reports:

According to investigators, the man had lived with the sophisticated doll for several years after his wife passed away, but decided to part with her after making plans to move in with one of his children. “It seems he grew attached to the doll over the years,” said the chief investigator. “He was confused about how to get rid of her. He thought it would be cruel to cut her up into pieces and throw her out with the trash, so he proceeded to dump her illegally.”
the entire article is here

Heh heh, ‘sophisticated’. ‘The Doll would spend most of her evenings unwinding with a glass or two of Clicquot, whilst listening to the strains of Mantovanni on her phonograph.’ It’s entirely possible.
Reading more about her former owner, we can see that he was ultimately well-meaning. A bit of a knucklehead, but well-meaning. He’s an example of one of hundreds of Doll owners who aren’t aware that there’s a global community for that sort of lifestyle. If he knew that, seeing as that the above quote implies that he was more of a Doll husband as opposed to a Doll fetishist, he probably would’ve arranged to have a fellow iDollator purchase her, instead of treating her to the indignity of a dump-and-dash in the middle of the woods.

Happily enough, however, today I’ve learned that Prof.Sakai, Japanese RealDoll collector extraordinaire, has given her a good home. Her name is Misaki (not sure if that was her name to begin with, but it’s what she’s got now), and she’ll be joining the ranks of Sakai-sensei’s 22+ Dolls. I don’t know who’s more fortunate — Misaki, for getting a new lease on ‘life’, or Prof.Sakai, for having 22+ feckin’ Dolls. Lucky bastard.
From his site, filtered through Babelfish:

Revival (wallpaper renewal)

So France which is reported to the entire world on this month first you think that it is perhaps understood even with the one where the conjecture is not good revived. When with process of investigation cooperation it becomes disposal after the investigation ending, to know, because then it is pitiful, it did to the thing which I receive. One day spending, to wash with the thinner, because it became a state where the photograph can take at last. Asking to the usual belonging exclusively stylist, it had preparing also the clothes in one for her, but as for that with future….

By the way, the parting line of the foot which has come out of the sleeping bag in first reporting (so it was visible but) terribly it is to think that it is not the empty real doll, but something hard ones, for example the door of the car, or the toe 轢 being with those like the winch, it collapsed, seems like truth.

Yep. He also adds:

In announcement of police as for her of 170 centimeters in height and 53 kilograms of weight of sleeping bag included body 8. There are no same ones, but as for the hand and foot when you saw commonness with body 6,7,9?, because it is the kind of size which is similar, taking type, if it duplicates with silicon, time is required, but sooner or later the finishing it heals.

Remember how I said Babelfish can do more harm than good at times? This is one of those times.
What I gleaned from that was
+ Sakai-sensei had to wash her down with thinner to make her presentable
+ the toes on one of her feet were smashed at some point, possibly in a car door, but he’ll be repairing them, and
+ she’s a Body 8, going by her stats.

‘She was the victim of “Realdoll Murder”, but she has come home,’ the good Professor says on his site. I think that’s a rather heartwarming end to the case, wouldn’t you agree?

Misaki the new girl (right), with Ryui

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A Ringling brothers intern on the loose

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Sdtrk: ‘Where’s Bill Grundy now?’ by Television personalities

Spotted this spectacle today, whilst out and about. Someone want to explain to me what I’m looking at here?

A unicycle. What, is two wheels too bourgeois for you, sunshine??

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Plans (scuppered)

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Sdtrk: ‘Fourth of July’ by Galaxie 500

As it was the first Sunday after Labo(u)r day, Mari, the lads and I were going to hit the Battle of the Brits event over at Freedom Hill, and stroll amidst numerous parked MGs, classic Mini Coopers of all stripes, and that one bloke who always brings his DeLorean. Not this year, though! O, no no. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Pretty much late Friday, it’d been raining quite a bit in the SE Michigan area, the fact of which can undoubtedly be blamed on Hurricane Ike, which is currently paying a visit to my friend Jaems over there. Despite being several states away from Texas, Michigan’s weather stability is as fragile as glass. You’re familiar with the whole ‘a butterfly flaps its wings somewhere and China explodes’ analogy? That’s pretty much par for the course with Michigan. A butterfly flaps its wings somewhere, and over here, the very ground erupts, belching forth random superheated jets of steam. It could be worse, obviously, but still. Aside from that, someone needs to find that butterfly and kill it, if it cannot be contained through ordinary means. So when I woke up (late) on Saturday, it’d already been pissing down for hours, with no end in sight until Monday-ish, according to the weatherman.

Now, with the Battle of the Brits, the programme directors stick to that date, rain or shine, despite the fact that as they only hold it for one day in an open-air area. Which seems, I dunno, retarded? I can understand that strolling amidst a passel of Minis in the rain would accurately replicate being in damp ol’ Engerland, but would you want that? They’ve been holding this event for years; surely they could find a venue with a roof? At any rate, we were crossing our fingers, hoping for a turnaround with the weather for Sunday.
So as I’d said, it’d been pissing down all day, and I had nearly finished getting ready for hanging out wi’ the lads like we do every Saturday eve. Round 5pm, I was looking up stuff online about the esoteric UK Seventies telly series ‘Children of the stones‘, and waiting for Zip Gun to swing round and pick me up, when I heard a muffled explosion in the near distance. Nothing huge; just a sound you’d perhaps expect from an engine block detonating. Seconds later, the power at Deafening silence Plus went out. Following that, about a minute later, I heard my neighbours emerge from their apartments, asking if the power had gone out. Answer: yes. Turns out a transformer blew across the road, killing the power to our little complex. The landlord’s understudy (don’t ask) informed us that Edison would have it taken care of in about three hours, which was okay with me, as I was heading out anyway. Although I didn’t get a chance to shave, but I’d live. So as I had about twenty minutes to kill before ZG’s appearance, I uncharacteristically took my folding stool outside and finished reading my copy of J.D Salinger’s ‘Franny and Zooey’. Lovely book, highly recommended.

After Zip Gun picked me up, we then sped out to aneamo’s place to pick him up, then we hit the local Steak n Shake for dinner, which is something we’d not done in years. Following that, we made a tactical strike on an area Meijer, and then a GameStop, so I could buy Yakuza 2, which just came out last week. Lovely game, highly recommended. Any game that crosses exploring a small Japanese metropolis with the ability to beat a man to death with a bicycle is pretty highly-ranked in my book.
The three of us converged on SafeT’s humble abode, meeting up with goshou who’d already been there for a while, and alternately played retro videogames, petted his cats and dogs, and watched ‘Logan’s run’, until roughly two in the morning. Before we took off, the lot of us had pretty much come to the conclusion that since we were still in the midst of la deluge, that we’d give the Battle of the Brits a miss and move on with our lives, as it would most likely be raining tomorrow as well.

Well, guess what?

I woke up round 11am, which was really surprising, as I’d a) not bothered to set the alarm, b) Shi-chan failed to wake me up (which happens more often than you’d think), and c) I’d gone to bed at 7am, due to punching and kicking my way through Yakuza 2 the night / morning before. Not only was the pavement dry, but it was actually a sunny 75°F out. Huh! Huh.
So rather than the report I was going to write up concerning the Battle of the Brits, you get this instead! To finish, enjoy this pic of Your Humble Narrator, taken by Monti, when we attended the 1998 BotB.

Mine would be black with silver stripes. And central air

As for me, it’s back to Yakuza 2! After all, those cheap punks won’t hit themselves with lead pipes, no matter how politely you ask

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O, don’t get my hopes up

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Sdtrk: ‘Today’s rhythm people’ by The Focus group

Hrrm. Is anyone else here somewhat disappointed that, upon activation yesterday, the Large Hadron Collider didn’t spawn a cluster of black holes, thereby compressing this miserable planet into gravel in moments? Go on, raise your hands

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Tonight, on an alternate-universe ‘CSI’

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Sdtrk: ‘William, it was really nothing’ by the Smiths

It had to happen eventually. Actually, this sort of thing’s happened before, but I can’t locate a link to a previous reported instance at the moment. So won’t you just facepalm along with me, and read this instead?

Japanese murder investigators fooled by life-sized sex doll
Justin McCurry in Tokyo | Tuesday September 02 2008 17:12 BST


Police in Japan have been left red-faced by an apparent murder that turned out to be an unusual case of mistaken identity.

It began in the morning with a frantic call from a couple who had spotted a “corpse” while out walking their dog in a mountain forest in Izu, central Japan, the ZakZak news website reported today.

Fifteen officers were dispatched to the scene, where they discovered a human form wrapped in plastic and tightly bound around the neck, midriff and ankles, with hair protruding from one end.

The body was left untouched and taken away for examination, and the crime scene duly secured by a police cordon.

Back at the local police headquarters, officials notified reporters who had turned up early the same morning to cover an annual earthquake drill. They began preparing to write up the launch of a major murder investigation.

Dozens of extra officers were dispatched to interview potential witnesses, while the evening edition of the local newspaper carried a report of the gruesome find, complete with a photograph of the body’s resting place.

By mid-afternoon, the body was in the hands of police pathologists. But when they sliced open the wrapping, they were confronted not by a decomposing corpse, but by a life-sized sex doll.


A police spokesman apologised for the commotion but defended his officers, saying they had simply been following protocol by leaving the concealed “body” untouched until it was in the hands of pathologists.

Though no crime had been committed, the spokesman could not resist admonishing the doll’s mystery owner. The doll, he told bemused reporters, showed signs of repeated use.

“Our guess is that the owner didn’t want to take a risk by throwing it away with the rest of his rubbish,” he said. “It was an incredibly irresponsible thing to do.”
photo source is here

Going by the detail and the skintone of her (very cute) feet, she kinda looks like either a RealDoll or a My Party Doll. Frankly, the pathologists should’ve consulted a professional.

The way I see it, this silly fuckwit had five options. He could’ve:
1. sold her (yes, there’s a market for that sort of thing)
2. given her a decent burial
3. run her round to Shimizu Kannon-do in Ueno park, where Orient industry consecrates Doll souls twice a year as a Buddhist memorial service
4. wrapped her up, flung her into the woods, waited for the subsequent CRAZY MEDIA EXPOSURE, and giggled for a week straight, or
5. sent her round to Ronald Dotson, as I hear he could use the company.
Can you guess which one our idiot friend went with?

Wow. Someone just won some bonus punches, as far as I’m concerned. Not out of spite or anger, mind you, but purely to teach him an abject lesson

EDIT (19 SEPT): A pleasant follow-up!

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