National Winter Hibernation NOW! / Overdue culling

typed for your pleasure on 18 January 2009, at 3.23 am

Sdtrk: ‘Cherish’ by Ike Yard

Absolute zero, meaning the weather is neither hot or cold;
it is in a perfect null-state

I’m starting to believe that this ridiculously frigid weather is actually having an influence on my lifestyle and mindset. Since the beginning of Winter — not the official beginning of Winter, as it’s been freezing off and on in SE Michigan several weeks before that — I’ve noticed an increased willingness to hibernate, a drop in my writing output, which extends to my creativity at large, as I’ve had no inclination to either do legitimate research on potential posts, or work on other creative things, such as ‘Kitten with a Whip!’, for example, and worst, a dip in my libido; which, for any Scorpio worth their salt, is almost inconceivable. I undoubtedly sound like a broken record, but it is just too cold to do anything but stay in bed, where the heat is. At the moment, I’m at a creative standstill, which is really unsettling.
And the thing is, I’ve noticed similar behaviour in a couple of friends of mine. I don’t know if you can chalk it up to the whole Seasonal Affective Disorder thing, but I wouldn’t rule it out entirely. Don’t get me wrong; I love me some overcast days, but egad, you gotta break that shit up now and again. Couple that with polar temperatures and crappy driving conditions, and Winter’s approval rating just continues to sink. Really, the only thing that makes Winter better than hateful Summer is that it doesn’t make you sweat, but that’s a small comfort, all told.

Therefore, I propose that we follow the example of our friends, the bears and squirrels, and hibernate during the Winter season. Of course, I don’t mean that we should literally stuff ourselves with acorns and honey, crawl into a cave or hollow tree, and sleep for three straight months out of the year. Although you’d be free to do that if you liked, but that’d be weird. No, what I’m saying is that society should go for a general go-slow when Winter sets in. Not like a complete shutdown of industrialised society or anything, but more of a simple understanding on the part of companies if an employee calls in to say, ‘sorry, I won’t be coming in today; it’s like 3°F outside.’ All this, naturally, would be done without cutting into any time-off time, or sick time, or vacation time, et al. It’d be officially sanctioned, but regulated so that business wouldn’t be short-staffed. It’d be a lot like Golden Week in Japan, only it’d be more like Golden Twelve Weeks…
The hoped-for result is that people would be more well-rested and less stressed-out overall, and ready to tackle the remaining nine months. Honestly, what better time to stay indoors and recharge your batteries than when Mother Nature’s being a disagreeable tart?

In other news, due to considering how Tomas and Jaems are attempting to simplify things with their lives, I’ve deleted my Livejournal account, as well as, which is where ‘Shouting etc etc’ got its start, and my Facebook account. My Livejournal consisted of a single post that essentially said ‘Nothing here, go to my actual blog’, so there’s no loss there, and what remained on Blogger/Blogspot said the same. As far as Facebook, I’ve already expressed my displeasure with it, but between Thursday night and my drive to work Friday afternoon, I thought to myself, why do I still have a page on Facebook? Initially I started it due to that twat in Australia co-opting my identity on Myspace, so I started a profile of my own, in order to stop Hitler at Munich, as it were. The thing with Facebook, however, is that when a person registers, they’re required to enter both a first name and a surname. Obviously I wasn’t putting in my actual surname, so I used a ‘fictional’ one. In addition to me realising that in effect, no-one can make a Facebook page for Davecat, not even myself, and since I had very little interaction with the site anyway, I decided that deleting the account would be the best thing for all involved. Twelve out of the fourteen people I’ve made friends with all there already know other ways to get hold of me, and as for the other two, well, you’d be well advised to bookmark ‘Shouting etc etc’. Now, if only I could get rid of my Myspace profile that easily, and ensure that no-one else re-starts it…

via text, Saturday:
SafeTinspector (2.28 pm): Re: facebook.
I pretty much ignore mine and consider it a biographical aggregator. It auto-pulls in my twitters, flickrs and blog posts.
Davecat (2.38 pm): Yeah; the sole content of my Facebook is my Twitter feed, but then, why not just check my Twitter feed?
Davecat (2.39 pm): My Facebook is like a (Organik) appendix. If you can get rid of it, do so, cos you really don’t need it.
SafeTinspector (2.48 pm): You could also have it parrot your flickr, youtube and WordPress posts. It requires 0 maintenance, so mine shall remain, as my MySpace page, as a simple signpos
SafeTinspector (2.48 pm): t.
Davecat (2.49 pm): Bah. BAH! *dismissive hand gesture*
Davecat (2.49 pm): That was the idea with my Myspace, but people just stop there instead of going to my blog! I’m funnelling.
SafeTinspector (2.49 pm): I’m glad you specified “Organic” appendix, as I am a pig proponent of appendices.
Davecat (2.50 pm): Proponent of pig appendices?

Twitter’s always a laugh, though! That’s not going anywhere

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8 have spoken to “National Winter Hibernation NOW! / Overdue culling”

  1. Laura writes:

    I’ll lead the hibernation charge.
    Oh wait, I’m not an indian anymore…damn.
    Well if anyone wants to ride a steel horse with a loaded six-string on their back, let me know

  2. jaems writes:

    Glad to see you are condensing. I was all over the place technically-speaking. I’m much happier with one place of solace.

    In other news, it’s no longer cold here in Houston, back up to bloody 70’s!

  3. Davecat writes:

    Laura –
    I’d do the steel-horse riding, but I’m too busy trying to tell the days from the bottles that I drink.

    Jaems –
    Seventy degrees?? Maaan… I’d kill for like 40 right now. KILLING. FOR WEATHER.

  4. Laura writes:

    Nice. You know these Bon Jovi references could go on for days…..

  5. PBShelley writes:

    We recently defrosted from our Winter of Discontent after about three weeks of snow and ice over the holidays. I can relate to your distress, although not quite as perpetual as your ice capades. But it was awful.

    Even awfuller, I had to go to work without having had the pleasure of plowing through snow in my truck before! The first day I was like “No way” and hunkered down in the house. Two days would’ve been pushing my luck though, so I braved the roads despite several vehicles that didn’t make it up/down my hill parked at the bottom and snow-bound. I only skidded twice on my way, unless you count fishtailing on poorly-plowed city streets.

    Let me tell you… pushing frigid shopping carts repeatedly across a large icy/slushy parking lot is not easy! On the other hand, I’ve lost like 20 pounds so… silver lining yeah; just don’t mention gray clouds!

    Oh. And whoever wished for a White Christmas? You Know What To Do…


  6. Davecat writes:

    The winter of your discount tent, you say? 🙂 Like I always remark to anyone within earshot, Winter’s lovely, unless you have to be out in it. Ugh. It’s literally been the coldest I can recall it being in about a decade! The last time I remember it being this cold was when I was attending classes back at Wayne State University, and I had to meet a friend of mine outside on campus. It was so cold (how cold was it?) that the snot in my nose was actually freezing up. 😐
    Can’t something be done about this?

    Of course, once Summer sets in, I’ll be bitching about that. Guaranteed!

  7. PBShelley writes:

    “It was so cold (how cold was it?) that the snot in my nose was actually freezing up.

    Can’t something be done about this?”

    -copy-and-paste much? 😛

    Um, yes, I believe that something CAN be done about this:

    Sandpaper hankies!

    But let’s not think too deeply about that. I’m not (obviously) 😛

    Alternately, we *could* take Kamina’s route though that no doubt would be painful, if you know what I mean and I think you do.


  8. Davecat writes:

    Taking Kamina’s route through my nostrils?? Good lord, man; there’s nothing of any value up there!

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