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typed for your pleasure on 31 October 2010, at 8.51 pm

Sdtrk: ‘The station’ by Blank dogs

Funny how things work out sometimes: I was cursing photographer Tamar Levine out loud for seemingly dropping the ball on what was to be a promising photo series, ‘Broken Robot Girl‘, as I’d run across the first in the set whilst checking a link. In hitting Mr Levine’s site to find a functioning link, I’d seen that he and his partner-in-Photoshop Rob Sheridan completed ‘Broken Robot Girl #4‘ back in August!

Better get that arm seen to, babe

You’ll definitely want to visit Tamar’s site, as the complete photograph is worth viewing in its entirety; plus Gynoid jubbleys involved. He says that numbers 2 and 3 in the series are forthcoming, so we’ll just have to keep an eye on that site now, won’t we?

And another online magazine interrogated me on my Doll husband status recently: upon the suggestion of Abyss creations’ Matt McMullen, writer Natalie O’Neill sent an enquiry to me a few weeks ago, wanting to write an article about Shi-chan and I for Asylum magazine. As I’d never heard of Asylum, I’d checked it out, and it struck me as being a ‘lads mag’ much like Stuff, FHM, and Maxim. Now I don’t mind Stuff or Maxim — FHM strikes me as their poorer cousin — but doubts crossed my mind as to how serious they’d approach the subject. Maxim UK actually did an article centred round a RealDoll back in December of 2004, and although it was amusing, it took the piss a bit, which is what you’d expect from Maxim. Natalie reassured me that what she would be writing wouldn’t be derisive, and sent me a link to another story she’d written for a newspaper. It was about ‘unusual’ lifestyles, but she approached it with intelligence, so I decided ‘why the hell not?’
The end result? ‘Man Has $6,500 Love Doll “Reincarnated”‘. It was a pretty even-handed article, all told, although personally Sidore-chan nor I would ever say she was reincarnated; we prefer the term ‘renewed’, as it’s less wanna-be Wiccan and more ‘Logan’s run’…

And I’m in the midst of yet another online interview with a writer from the Netherworld. Err, I mean, the Netherlands. More info as it arrives!
So there you are! Happy Samhain! Tomorrow I get to raid my local Hallowe’en outlets for BIG TIME BARGAIN SAVINGS!! As the Missus and I like to say, it’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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  1. Kat writes:

    Interesting article for such a magazine, Ill say. Its sad to say but I am learning alot about you from these articles (although I still prefer to take em with a grain of salt when it comes to anything the media says).

    Im actually shocked to find out more about the last live-in girlfriend that you had. No wonder you are much more into synthetiks. I agree that us organiks sure are trouble.


    PS:; Incidentally, I might need to ask you a few questions but Im not sure how to ask them and think its best to ask you off journal.

  2. Davecat writes:

    Yeah; it’s perhaps best to think of any articles and interviews as ‘distilled Davecat’. Which sounds kinda weird, if you think about it. Kinda… liquid. ‘How would you describe yourself, Davecat?’ ‘Kinda liquid’.
    There; that’s out of my system. Much like a liquid! 😀

    Truth be told, regarding that last Organik lass I was involved with? We actually weren’t a couple; we were just friends. Well, ostensibly, before the Cavalcade of Lies hit. I’d said as much to the interviewer, but as is often the case, between what the writer writes, and what the editor reduces it to, there’s sometimes a bit of a difference. I mean, good lord; I’d told the writer that the Missus and I enjoy watching ‘The Prisoner’, and I had to explain to her what the show was about since she’d never heard of it — a telly series from the Sixties about a retired spy being psycho-interrogated over seventeen episodes — and it was parsed as ‘they watch a lot of spy movies’. *exasperated sigh*

    And I am always open to questions! There’s my handy contact form page, or you can always send them via Email. You, ah, have my Email address, right?

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