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Sdtrk: ‘Blood on the floor’ by Throbbing gristle

SIDORE: So what are you writing, love?
DAVECAT: I’m writing an entry to explain why there hasn’t been any writing lately.
SIDORE: Ahh, clever. *shakes head*

An announcement: I have to say that I’m almost entirely out of writing! But do come back next year, when I’ll have a new shipment of nouns, verbs and adjectives. Regrettably, it seems that Deafening silence Plus didn’t place an order large enough to cover the length and breadth of 2007, so we’ve come up a wee bit short. You can probably also attribute that to the domestic shortage of consonants and vowels; most of which are, as you know, being shipped to our soldiers overseas. Personally speaking, I’m using a backstock that’s been accumulating since 1985, but that has to be used sparingly, otherwise I’ll be reduced to writing like an uncultured churl.

So! What does the future hold for ‘Shouting etc etc’? Errm, more posts, I would suppose?
If I were to confess that I have no true plans, and I’m still just winging it after three and a half years, would you be immensely surprised? Nah — I didn’t you would…

Happy new year, humans!

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Any Synthetiks-related news, Davecat? (Dec 2007)

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Sdtrk: ‘Winter in Canada’ by Elisa Gabbai

Not one, but two fellow iDollators, Mahtek and PB Shelley, have simultaneously brought another noteworthy Doll manufacturer to my slavering attention: Phoenix studios. Absolutely lovely.

Left, Miss January 2008; right, Miss February 2008

Hand crafted by the creator of RealDoll, through a new sister company of Abyss Creations, Phoenix Studios, these dolls will only be available as limited editions. Each Boy Toy is named after a month, and the quantity of each doll that will be made will be equal to the number of days in that month. There will only be 31 Miss December dolls, 31 Miss January, etc. These are extremely limited quantities, and each doll will be hand detailed by Matt McMullen and include a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

So when Matt wasn’t rocking out with his rock band of rock, Nick Black, he was developing these Dolls in secret. Very clever, Mr McMullen, very clevair. Seems that he’s taken various developmental aspects of RealDolls and refined them (highly tear- and stain-resistant silicone, lighter weight displacement) for use in the Boy Toy Dolls. Our hope is, of course, that those developments are implemented with RealDolls in the near future.
As you’ll note, they’re definitely aiming for the collector’s demographic, what with the limited edition quality of their lasses. And you know there’s gonna be someone who gets one Doll for every month. Prof.Sakai, I’m looking in your direction…

Also, I ran across this rather nice piece of fiction called ‘I, Real Doll‘ on

I am alive, if you only knew it. To your eyes, your senses, I am nothing more than a simulacrum of a woman made up of silicone, rubber and steel. You must position me to strike a pose, paint me with makeup, dress me with your ex-girlfriend or ex-wife’s clothing. You care for me in your little ways and ensure my safety, take me out for trips on the boat or in the car as though I were perfectly real. Over time you came to regard me as your ideal fantasy: a woman you can get physical pleasure from without having emotional baggage to deal with. I don’t talk. I don’t move. I don’t leave when you’re in a grouchy mood. I just sit in the corner or in the closet and wait… for you, my owner, my master. I am the ultimate submissive, entirely dependent upon you.

Rare as it is to see online writings that don’t demonise Dolls and Doll culture, it’s rarer still to see a favourable work of fiction, and rarer still to read one from the viewpoint of the Synthetik. NightShadow, you get four Thumbs Up from myself and the Missus!

Happy 23rd, peoples! Hope your holidays are a Gift Explosion!

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That’s what his name was, alrighty

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Sdtrk: ‘Dead plane’ by No age

ME (blinking at name on screen): Hi, err… Mr Ponce?
ME: Mr Ponce?
LUCKY CLIENT: …I’m sorry, I’m not understanding you. Mr Potts?

Yes, my cubemates were staring at me laughing like a madman. Yes, I’m ten years old

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This, then, is Winter

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Sdtrk: ‘Let’s live for the present’ by the Continental Co-ets

More like This, then, is bollocks. I’ve just had to brush about five inches’ worth off my car this morning/afternoon, and we’re expected to receive another five before the day’s overwith. Ugh. Mother Nature, kindly get your shit together, as this is out of hand

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So you just type stuff in here and it appears on the screen huh

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Sdtrk: ‘Jackie Onassis’ by Milky

Saturday! Traditionally known throughout history as a Day of Acquiring Knowledge and Stuff. And with my mates and I, that’s exactly what happened!

Our Algonquin End Table this Saturday past consisted of Jeff (aka Zip Gun) Derek et Steph, and Joe (aka SafeTinspector). We convened at Jeff’s digs at about 1.30, piled in D&S’s van, and sped off to the wild, largely uncultured city of Dearborn, as the Henry Ford Museum (now referred to as simply ‘the Henry Ford’, in an effort to make the place sound ‘hip’ and ‘with it’) had something we wanted to see: they were holding a temporary exhibit entitled ‘Best of Friends: Buckminster Fuller and Isamu Noguchi‘. Initially SafeT told me about it a number of weeks ago, and he and I had made arrangements to see it, and Zip Gun and D&S elected to come with, as it was something different from our usual week-end fare.

On the way to the Fuller/Noguchi exhibit, we stopped to look at the car John F Kennedy was assassinated in. Upon reflection, I should’ve gotten a pic of myself near it, for Extra Ballard Points.
Having looked through the info provided on the Dymaxion house, we had to actually queue up for about ten minutes for a guided tour, as there were quite a few interested people there with us as well. The Dymaxion house was, like a lot of Bucky Fuller’s ideas, startlingly ahead of its time. Essentially after WWII, there were hundreds of American soldiers returning home to find there was a housing shortage, while at the same time, aircraft manufacturers were laying off employees left and right, due to the decreased demand for fighter planes. Bucky Fuller presented a design that he’d been refining since the Twenties to the aircraft manufacturers that would solve both problems: by using excess aluminum material, he would retrain the employees into building homes instead of planes.

It was very ace thinking. The house was like an IKEA house: all parts were shipped in a rather large tube, and the whole assemblage took only three days to build — two days for the major assembly, and the third for installing the bathroom and electricals. As the home was built using cables suspended off an enormous central pole, not only could you raise or lower it, as it needed no foundation, but if you didn’t like where you lived, you rung up the builders, they came round and broke your home down, and set the whole thing up again in your new locale. 1000 sq.ft of self-contained living, featuring a gutter that collected rainwater for later use, ‘Ovolving’ (vertically rotating) shelves built into the walls for clothing storage, and other such fab amenities. Very forward thinking, especially for the late Forties. Unfortunately, as per usual, the general populace wasn’t ready for such a thing as kit housing, which is why the homes never went into production. The Henry Ford has one of the two prototypes in existence, and over the course of three years, restored it to its finery.
I regret not getting more pics of the house — the tour we were with probably had about fifteen people, so it was kinda cramped — but I did get this pic of the Dymaxion car, which was part of the Fuller/Noguchi tour proper, and as such, isn’t a permanent exhibit.

Four hours later, we made our leave. If we’d had more time, we would’ve gone to see the seat where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, as well as the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile, but ZG had fatherly duties to see to. However, we made a brief stop in what passes for Dearborn’s downtown district, and hit up the comic store Green brain, as we were in the area. They’ve got quite a selection, although I didn’t see too much manga, but perhaps I just overlooked it. I did grab something that completely slipped under my radar: the trade paperback for ‘The gifting’, the all-new Tank girl series. When I bought it, I was a wee bit hesitant, as Jamie ‘The Hewll’ Hewlett wasn’t the artist — too busy working with Mr Albarn, undoubtedly — but art duties were competently handled by someone named Ashley Wood. Tank girl’s new character design wasn’t what I was used to, as sometimes it veered from somewhat sketchy to sub-Hewll, but since Alan Martin was still writing all the stories, it was just like meeting an old friend after a twelve-year long absence. A sweary, lager-swilling, heavy-ordnance-toting friend who lives in a tank with her kangaroo boyfriend. And we all know someone like that, right?
Our purchases duly made, ZG, SafeT and I dashed upstairs to Stormy records, to see what they had on offer. My purchase there? ‘Merzbear‘, by Merzbow. As it is, I’m gonna have to give it a good solid listening-to, as so far, it’s proving to to be wildly mediocre — too much like ‘Houjoue’ and not enough like ‘Oersted’. Masami, you’re killin’ me, man!

DAVECAT (flipping through the Merzbow section): ‘I can’t keep up with all of his releases!’
ZIP GUN: ‘Who can?’

Upon getting back to Zip Gun Towers, we split our separate ways for dinnair, as unusually enough, we couldn’t come to a decision as where to eat. SafeT and I filled up at Quiznos, then the lot of us (minus Steph, as she called it a day) returned to ZG’s, for several unbridled hours of Godzilla: Unleashed. I still can’t get entirely used to properly using those Wiichucks! This means I am old.

The end!

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Sdtrk: ‘Kokser kun pa Jesus’ by Faderhuset

*mops brow* For those of you lucky to have missed it, ‘Shouting etc etc’ had another outage, lasting nearly a day. Well, it was more of a deep hiccup. The main page was all screwed up, as some bollocky server error had occurred. We seem to be back to normal now, thankfully! Unfortunately though, I was in the middle of writing a lengthy post when everything went pear-shaped, and I dinna get a chance to save it. It was literally one of those things where it’s like ‘check me out I’ve been typing for half an hour straight without saving once and o shit something’s gone wrong and aaah my file it has disappeared into the very ether forever.’ Fuck. O well, I still have a third of it on my Treo, so I’ll just have to work from there…
Watch this space! Well, not this space, but that space. You know.


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