From South America, to the south of England

typed for your pleasure on 24 July 2010, at 1.53 am

Sdtrk: ‘C’est un rêve’ by Death in June

Even with this hideously humid weather SE Michigan has been withstanding lately, the Missus and I have been rather busy! Last week-end, the result of an Email interview with Felipe Castro, a reporter representing the Chilean newspaper La Nación (not to be confused with the Argentinian La Nación, or the La Nación from Madrid, which has been defunct since 1936) saw the light of day, which was fab. For the first couple of days, they had posted a photo of a Maria-type Honey Doll in lieu of everyone’s favourite silicone Goth lass, for some bizarre reason only known to the editing staff, but that problem was nipped swiftly in the bud. Well, relatively swiftly. You can read the article here in its original Spanish, or run it through your favourite online translator, and wonder as to what the potency level of mescaline they were taking when it was written!

Then today, I spoke at length with Amisha Surani, one of the editors for Best magazine UK, for another interview session, or ‘sesh’, as the meeja-types call ’em. I had to rise from our bed by 9am, as they’d be calling during 2pm UK time, but I’d like to think I was lucid! Time will only tell if I’m right, or if I’ve merely doomed the iDollator community with more of my careless and incendiary blather. Apparently, the ‘Strange love’ episode of National Geographic’s ‘Taboo’ will be aired over there on 05 August, so their plan was to speak with me, as a sort of apéritif. It was better than I’d expected! I was told it would only be a twenty minute chat, but we ended up conversing for a wee bit over an hour! My hope is, of course, that the bits that should be included are included in the final draft — you know how these things go.
They’d naturally wanted me to send them photos of myself and Shi-chan to go along with the article, and as she and I hadn’t taken any new pics of us together since her new body arrived, we got that sorted this afternoon.

I’m told the Best magazine UK issue we’re in will be out on 03 August, so keep an eye open for it if you’re on that group of islands! Although it’s a ‘womens mag’, I’m also told that men can read it as well, if we’re wearing our special goggles.

So there’s that to look forward to, if you’re into that sort of thing! Happy 23rd (yesterday)!

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  1. starvingeek writes:

    I was wondering when you and Sidore would drop some new fotos. It’s been quite a while. One can only look at you two playing PS2 for so long, mate.

  2. Davecat writes:

    Ha! 🙂 That photo is our ‘Blue Monday’ or ‘Tainted love’ — it’s gotten us places and done many things for us, but we’re kinda getting sick of it being so ubiquitous. There were other photos in that shoot, people!! Guh.

    I don’t even remember which one of us won!

  3. Everhard writes:

    I could not resist using Babelfish to translate this article “By Felipe I castrate”…

    “My wrist spoke to me” (subtitle about a third the way down). Does ‘wrist’ have a double meaning in Latin languages, like ‘ass’ is used in American English to denote either one’s rear end or one’s total person? (An interesting duality…)

    “And eye, that according to figure in the Web site of Wolfable Dolls…” I love it! These are wolfable dolls!

    (Then it goes on at some length with more about wrists…)

    Even so, some wisdom makes it through the Babelfish tower: “You find somebody you know, it and each begins a relation that lives in the own imagination, in which the other is object of affection and illusions. That is almost just like an artificial companion.” (I frequently make a similar point that how others appear to us usually is more in our imagination than how they would describe themselves.)

  4. Mrs. ARDO writes:

    love the photos! Very hot look!

  5. Davecat writes:

    ‘Felipe I Castrate’… y’know, if I were the writer of that article, that’s what I’d change my name to. It’s rather catchy, and definitely unforgettable.

    Wolfable Dolls certainly applies! As in, I would totally wolf that Ally-type down, as she looks delicious.
    My fave mangled translation would have to be ‘It can or not suffer of narcolepsy and aspires to touch the low one like Peter Hook, of New Order’. Peter Hook’s a bass player, but he might’ve touched a low one now and again in his career; sometimes that happens.

    And the paragraph you’ve selected came out more or less like the original… ish. I’d said

    To some extent, I honestly believe that a large number of relationships between two Organik humans are rather artificial; or at the very least, superficial. Think of it this way: relationships can be when two people genuinely relate to each other, or they can be a case of two people using each other but having no actual connection. You date, find someone, and each of you begins having a relationship of your own imagination, for which the other is the object of your affections and illusions; that’s really the same as having an artificial companion. That your ability to resemble each other’s ideal lasts a while is fine, but as soon as you are forced to deal with the actual person as they actually are, as well as ‘letting your hair down’ and being yourself in turn, it creates conflict and you hit the Eject button. With a Synthetik companion, there’s no need to lie to gain their approval, which I believe happens in traditional relationships much more often than people are willing to admit. Unfortunately, due to their own short-sightedness, peer pressure, or both, they don’t see any way out of the cycle of idealistic deceit, and it keeps endlessly going, and endlessly making both parties miserable.

    Paragraphs: they’re what’s for dinner.

    Mrs ARDO –
    Thnaks every mcuh! She says this year, she’s going to be rocking the headbands more often. Neither one of us are fans of Katy Perry’s music, but you have to admit, her particular brand of cute has made headbands rather popular!…

  6. Everhard writes:

    “…there’s no need to lie to gain their approval, which I believe happens in traditional relationships much more often than people are willing to admit.”
    A lot of guys I have spoken to over the years freely admit (to other guys) that their sexual relationships are based on lies and deceit. To be fair, many of them expressed the wish that it was otherwise.

  7. PBShelley writes:

    … -I’m still trying to erase from my imagination the Dali-esque vision of a talking wrist *shudder*

    I guess Mescaline will do that to you.

    I would like to see a Doll interview/article-writing done under the influence of absynthe. Now THAT I’d pay for (to be in LOL)!

    Congrats on the latest interview(s)! I trust you’ll be receiving a free copy of Best? We’ll be awaiting your reaction with interest!

    I’m really just writing to bring your attention to the imminent tally of 400,000 Visitors! VERY NEARLY THERE!!! We’d say that a celebration is in order! (Lily’s always looking for an excuse to party 😛 )

    Happy happies to you and your luverly Missus, and your numerous Visitors too,
    PBS, Lily, Eden, & Pennie

  8. Davecat writes:

    PBS and les girls –
    Mescaline?? What in the wide world of sports have you kids been getting up to in my absence? I blame all that animu that you’ve been watching. Animu.
    Conducting an interview with an iDollator whilst under the influence could be either a impishly good idea, or a desperately bad one. I keep picturing a second-rate Hunter S. Thompson spouting the worst kind of Doll-bashing invective; but then, I could also see someone who takes after the Romantics depicting Dolls and their lovers as the pioneers that we are. It could go either way!

    We did get a copy of Best magazine — Everard was kind enough to send one along. Technically, we were supposed to receive three copies from the magazine’s staff, but we’ve not seen them arrive yet. Typical gutter media.
    The article was rather as we all pretty much expected: not completely bad, but not entirely good. Everard posted a thread about it on the Doll Forum; he’d made some positive points, as did Mahtek and plastikeyes. Also, some idiot piped in with his misconceptions and jealous whinging, but his is a post worth ignoring, from a person worth ignoring. (The thread is here, incidentally.) Basically, I didn’t expect anything incisive from a mag that’s hovering a couple of inches above the red top tabloids such as the Sun or the Daily Mirror, but it’s a laugh. It was done to prime the pump for the UK debut of our episode of ‘Taboo’, which I thought had aired globally back in February, but what do I know? So there’s that.
    Shrug. One day, we — meaning our iDollator community as a whole, not just the Missus and I — will get positive recognition from a reputable media outlet! One day…

    Anyway, she and I thank you and yours verra mooch for the multiple visitors wishes! I’d blame the sheer volume of people stopping round for damaging my math skills, but they were already damaged long, long ago!.. But tell Lily to break out the spoons and the sugarcubes, as it’s party time. 😉

  9. fuji writes:

    Good point for Everhard! The term “wrist” in latin language has effectively a double meaning. Beyond the classical definition, it is also used as an analogy to masturbation. For exemple, we have in France an expression using this term when talking about masturbation: we talk about “la veuve poignet”… It’s just a way to say that you just have this part of your anatomy to sexually please you… ( It’s not about the wrist in itself, it is more about the mouvement of it when you masturbate yourself…). (

  10. Davecat writes:

    Kinda like the UK expression ‘having one off the wrist’, then?
    LANGUAGE: it’s crazy.

    Thanks for the comment, fuji! Do stick around! Unless that was your plan to begin with. 🙂

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