This, then, is Winter

typed for your pleasure on 16 December 2007, at 3.44 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Let’s live for the present’ by the Continental Co-ets

More like This, then, is bollocks. I’ve just had to brush about five inches’ worth off my car this morning/afternoon, and we’re expected to receive another five before the day’s overwith. Ugh. Mother Nature, kindly get your shit together, as this is out of hand

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  1. Mahtek writes:

    Now now my dear Sir, you must approach this with a positive attitude.

    I chose to use this as an excuse to spend the day warm in my bed with my darling Phoebe. I would highly suggest that you and Sidore do the same.

    I will now return to my previously scheduled snuggling! 🙂

  2. Miss Hyde writes:

    last time i saw real snow i was 5 🙁 . Hyde x

  3. ButtonJessie writes:

    You ungrateful swine! I would looooove to have a white Christmas just once in my life. I understand the complaints a little though, I am a girl who hates to be cold. Living in the UK of course, it’s pretty unavoidable *sigh*


  4. Davecat writes:

    Mahtek –
    O, believe me, that’s what Shi-chan and I were doing! But she mentioned that it’d be better for me to clean my car off today, as opposed to tomorrow morning before work. So after that was done, at which point I was like, ‘well, what else can I do while I’m up?’ and the day kinda rocketed by after that. Next time she says anything having to do with work if it’s during the week-end, I’ll simply pretend I didn’t hear her. 🙂
    At least you and Phoebe put the day to good use!

    Hyde-chan –
    Good lord woman, you live in England, not Ibiza! How can you not have seen snow in two decades??

    ButtonJessie –
    (see above)

  5. Miss Hyde writes:

    Don’t get me wrong, we have snow in the north but i’m from the south and we only get ice pretending to be snow. Jessie, what part of england are you from? Hyde x

  6. ButtonJessie writes:

    South London, so the mixture of warmth and smog keeps the snow away! A little mush settled two years ago and my nephew went berserk#! He had snowballs in his pockets when he came inside 😀 This is what happens to kids when they don’t know anything about snow LOL.

    I lived up north near Blackpool for two years, and nerry a snowflake did I see.

    I’ve moved to Chichester now which is right on the South coast (not far from Brighton). Definately no snow here. Can I offer you some rain though? We’ve got plenty of that!


  7. ButtonJessie writes:

    Yaaaay! Different dolly avatar!

  8. Miss Hyde writes:

    Jessie: Your kidding me you live in chichester? I’m in portsmouth! So you’ll know how bitter it is! Hyde x

  9. SafeTinspector writes:

    You apartment dwellers have no basis for complaint.
    I have a corner lot and a six-car driveway.

    Since I refuse to own a gasoline powered snow-remover for ecological reasons, I hurled the stuff from my concrete surfaces my own damn self.
    TWICE! Once, and then the driveway again after the snow-plow went through.
    And then I went visiting my brother-in-law and had to clear his driveway with him in order to get my car up it.
    Gods, my back and fore-arms are death to me today!

    I took some pictures myself, and will send them along eventually.

  10. Euchre writes:

    Hey its a nice pic at least DC ;-P I had to drive in this crap all freakin weekend making sure that people didn’t have cold pizzas, cause Lord knows how dare the weather come btwn the customer and their garlicy-tomato, cholestrol filled bread!

  11. ButtonJessie writes:

    Hyde – Yes!! I can’t believe it! My ears nearly FELL OFF yesterday when i was doing my Christmas shopping. It doesn’t really get this cold in London because of, er, all the polution keeping it warm!
    I am NOT used to this. Thank god I have such nice gloves from Hennes LOL.

  12. ButtonJessie writes:

    Davecat – how do other people sign in so that their own avatar displays (not that i dont like the new one of course!). I have a LJ which has my photo as an avatar that I’d like to use.

  13. ButtonJessie writes:

    Sorry to spam your boards but i just read about this book in a magazine of mine and wondered if you’d read it:

  14. Davecat writes:

    Nearly everytime I think about snowplows, I think, ‘what if there were trucks that featured enormous heaters or hot air blowers instead?’ Effective as that would be, it would take too long.
    So on that note, keep shovelin’.

    O, but that pizza’s not gonna deliver itself! And if it did, would anyone want to eat it? A valid question.

    Driving round in that had to have sucked. My friends and I hit Red robin that eve, and later, some of us got round to visit a mate of ours out in Shelby feckin’ township, during the start of the blizzard. Everytime we passed by one of the windows at his place, we’d stare for a few minutes in disbelief.

    Mind how you drive, sir! What would Mrs Euchre and Samantha (the Other Mrs Euchre) do without you?
    Well, nothing having to do with pizza, I’d think.

    ButtonJessie –
    If I recall correctly, as it’s been so long since I’ve set it up, it’s almost a faded memory to me now, if you set up your Gravatar account with the same Email address that you use whenever you make a comment here, it should appear. Conversely, if you comment using whatever Eddress you’d used for your account, that should do it too, at least in theory. Keep hitting that F5 button, Jessie! (note pun)

    And ta very much for the link! I need some new research material. 🙂

  15. ButtonJessie writes:


  16. Davecat writes:

    Looks like you passed.
    The testing, not gas. That would be Awful and Rude. 🙂

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