Any Synthetiks-related news, Davecat? (Sept 2008)

typed for your pleasure on 4 September 2008, at 12.02 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Syncopot’ by Ron Geesin

Four days into the month, and it looks like a slim showing of news. Perhaps things will pick up, though… I mean, apart from Simroid-chan and Holon-chan, what’s Kokoro Co. Ltd been up to? Or KITECH, for that matter? Didn’t Baeg Moon-hong promise that EveR-3 would be making her debut before we see the back of 2008?? And should I even enquire about the company that brought the world Dion? Don’t tease us, people; it’s impolite…

So what have we got for September? We have

+ a new model of Personal Companion by the name of Brandi-Lynn, from the good blokes at 1st-PC.

CAUTION: does not come with hairbrush

At 5’5″ and around 55 lbs, boasting measurements of 36.23.35, she seems rather pleasing! And to me, she bears a passing resemblance to Heather Graham. I think it’s the hair. Put her in a pair of rollerskates — the old-style ones, not the inline kind — and see if I’m wrong…

+ Phoenix Studios, as expected, has added yet another sexy Boy Toy to their sexy stable.

CAUTION: pointy hair

Miss September is an enticing lass, I’d say. And did you notice that she’s got, err, more to offer in the bust department? ‘I come with enhanced breasts at no extra charge!’ she says. That’s a pretty positive selling point, so you have to admire her initiative.

+ And rounding out this month’s report is a personal item; this Sunday past, I was once again the subject of a blitzkrieg ten-minute interview conducted by Tanya Gold, for The Independent, a newpaper from the UK. She’d sent an Email asking if I’d be willing to speak about being Sidore’s long-suffering husband, so I naturally said Yes. At the very least, it should be interesting; for one, she seemed genuinely startled when I mentioned that my ideal partner would be a walking, talking Gynoid… I mean, who knew, right? *gestures to ‘Shouting etc etc’ in general*
She tells me the article should materialise sometime next week, and of course, once I know, you lot will know. You know?

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  1. Dezarii writes:

    I know some dolls have the pubic hair applied by hand, do any of them have eyebrows applied that way? The drawn line in the first picture just looks so stark. I’m not overly fond of Miss September’s lack of jaw or the shape of her eyes either. Perhaps September will get better.

    (This is Désirée btw, logging in properly with the hope of having my own icon show up.)

  2. Laura writes:

    My dear co-worker and co-conspirator is named Brandi Lynn.
    Although, I think the Brandi doll looks a bit frumpy.

    I think ‘I come with enhanced breasts at no extra charge!’‘ is going to be my new motto, haha

  3. Kat writes:

    Wow, everything is large about Miss September. Her eyes have that anime quality about them when it comes to proportion.

    I suppose enhanced boobs at no charge is a deal. Real life implants are at least 3K here in the US. My back hurts looking at thath. Hahah. Im angry at mother nature for producing a similar joke on me.


  4. Davecat writes:

    Dezarii (new spelling noted) –
    Hey, you have a Stunning New Website! You’re into the smaller-scale dolls, I see. Have you scoured desuchan’s /do/ board, or the doll board on Futaba? Those should keep you busy for a while…

    Not sure how Phoenix Studios goes about things, but before Abyss gets underway with making their Dolls, you can request hair eyebrows, for an additional price, of course. When Shi-chan was first made, she had painted-on brows, but eventually they rubbed off — she sleeps to my left, and I assume that over the course of hundreds of evenings, my arm wore off her right brow. Which doesn’t really say anything good about the way I sleep. 🙂
    Back when third-party Doll accessorist and sfx artist Guy-Louis XVI used to sell custom-made brows, I bought a pair, and bolted them to the Missus’ face. She speaks about them here, actually. All told, I prefer the hair brows to the painted ones — they just look better.

    NO NEW GRAVATAR FOR YOU! You come back, ONE YEAR!! Seriously, Gravatar’s kinda dodgy at times. I tried to swap out the one I’d been using for years for another one a couple of months ago, and it freaked out and saddled me with a guest Gravatar for a week. I suppose I was being punished.

    And Miss September’s eyes are bigger, in order to witness the wrongs that you harbour in your soul. You know, the standard reason. 🙂

    Laura –
    You should show Brandi Lynn Brandi-Lynn. It’d be like dividing by zero! Upon reflection, maybe you shouldn’t do that.
    But I don’t think Brandi Doll looks too frumpy, but she’s really gotta do something about that hair.

    And I’d agree that that’s a fine motto to adopt. 😉

    Kat –
    Egad, real-life implants are like a third of the cost of a Boy Toy Doll! The desired result is a lot better than wadding tissue paper into your bosom, though. Unless you need tissue paper in a hurry. 🙂

  5. MontiLee writes:

    Personally, I would not say no to Miss September.

    Brandi-Lynn has that “just got rocked *hard*” hair that seems popular with guys who like their beer like they like their women – pale, light in the head, and easy going down.

    I’m working on the punchline for that one. Patience is appreciated.

  6. Davecat writes:

    ZING! One from the cheap seats. 🙂

  7. Mike writes:

    I work for and have been in the mannequin biz for a while. Have never seen anything like this girl before. TOO FUNNY!!!

  8. Davecat writes:

    I see Las Vegas Mannequins sells the Sexy Mannequin line. I’d wondered what happened to them!

    I used to have a Mannequin fetish, but it diminished nearly overnight the day I discovered RealDolls and the like. Fibreglass is so cold and unforgiving!
    So you’ve personally never encountered high-end Dolls before, eh? Welcome, friend. 🙂

  9. Mike writes:

    We have been in the mannequin biz for quite a while. Sexy Mannequins came to us to help get their product out. They have some great mannequins and so do others. Being in Las Vegas and working with shows like MAGIC and AVN, we have seen quite a lot. We also get a load of questions when people call us as you can imagine. We did have a company that we were going to partner with that sold almost Real Life people mannequins that moved. They would feel real to the touch and had robotics in them to move. We were going to launch them in the New Year but unfortunately they were hit hard with the economy and it fell through. The mannequins however were going to sell for about 10k each and we did have people interested in them. If we get anything in the future I will be sure to post them for you so you all can check them out.

  10. Mike writes:

    If you still have a fetish for cool mannequin pics check out our gallery here:

    My camera took a dumb and I just got a new one. When I get some time I plan doing some photo shoots in cool locations around Vegas.

  11. Davecat writes:

    When my local mannequin boutique, Mario’s Mannequins, went tits up back in the mid-Nineties, the owner (the aforementioned Mario) was kind enough to give me some of his stock of vintage mannequin catalogues, dating back to the early Eighties. One day I’ll scan the lot! One day, I’ll buy a scanner. 😐

    Thanks for the link to the photo gallery! I rather like ‘Window Mannequin‘ and ‘Daydream‘ — they’re like photos I’d take… cool stuff! And do let me know about those high-end moving mannequins if any news surfaces!

  12. Mike writes:

    No problem will do.

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