No need for anaesthetic, just switch her off

typed for your pleasure on 28 November 2007, at 2.18 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Cemetry gates’ by the Smiths

Ha ha! Looks like even Gynoids aren’t exempt from visiting the dentist now! Now they can go through what I recently went through. Sucks to be you, Little Miss Synthetik! Ha!

As long as the nurse doesn’t start asking ‘Is it sssafe?’, then she should be alright

Humanoid robot teaches dentists to feel people’s pain
Yahoo! News | Wed Nov 28, 4:59 AM ET

Japan’s future dentists may soon be able to better appreciate patients’ pain by training on a humanoid robot that can mumble “ouch” when the drill hits a nerve.

The robot, resembling an attractive young woman with long black hair and a pink sweater, also can listen to instructions and react to pain by moving her eyes or hands.

A group of robot and computer makers presented the high-tech dental patient in Tokyo at the 2007 International Robot Exhibition, a four-day technology showcase that opened Wednesday.

The medical simulation robot, named “Simroid,” is designed to be used for clinical training at dental schools, said Tatsuo Matsuzaki, an official at robot maker Kokoro Company Ltd., which developed the body and control system.
the rest of the article is here

For a while, I was wondering what the forward-thinking people at Kokoro Co. Ltd. were up to, as I hadn’t seen nor heard any Actroid news in months. And believe me, I looked. But it’s good to know they’re not resting on their laurels…
Although you can’t exactly tell from the above photo, Simroid-chan’s pretty cute, even when there’s a bunch of people jamming their hands into her mouth. At the very least, you know she takes care of her teeth.

I found a couple of videos of her in action as well, but I’m debating whether to upload them to my YouTube page, or let the Missus put them on her Dailymotion page. Dailymotion has been giving us problems as of late, as most, if not all, of the videos we’ve uploaded have been marked as having inappropriate content. Bloody ridiculous. I’ll figure out something relatively soon

EDIT (2.31 pm): Well, damnit, Pink Tentacle. I’LL GET YOU NEXT TIME *shakes fist*

ta very much to SafeTinspector for the hip tip

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3 have spoken to “No need for anaesthetic, just switch her off”

  1. Miss Hyde writes:

    When I first saw this post I thought by the title you were talking about someone on life support, and I was going to throw things at you. Also, please forgive me for what I am about to say but I don’t attaly agree with this. Doing my ourseing training part time I personally believe using an organik person would be more helpful as they can give you attall feedback. Sorry 🙁 Hyde x

  2. Davecat writes:

    Well, that’s the thing — that’s why Simroid-chan was developed as she is, as she can supply feedback. Limited feedback, but feedback nonetheless. Of course, as the technology gets better, her vocabulary and responses will get better as well. And you have to start somewhere, right?
    They say that dental students that perform on this version of Simroid take more time and care in their work than the ones that were working on the prototype version, which was just a 3/4ths bust, as the current Synthetik can react in a more realistic fashion.

    Besides, they’ve had simulated patients available for nursing students for quite a while now

  3. Miss Hyde writes:

    Well, i haven’t don’t my training for long. I guess it would be helpful, and its not like they will scream in pain. Its a shame i don’t live in japan, or australia, i’m not fussy! Hyde, and her neko-chan flo! X

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