Quarterly Report for Shareholders

typed for your pleasure on 30 March 2008, at 4.16 am

Sdtrk: ‘Butcher’s tale (Western front 1914)’ by the Zombies

Never let it be said that I don’t mention personal occurences in my life! NEVER LET IT BE SAID, UNDER PENALTY OF DEATH.

+ Remember how at the arse end of 2007, I was whinging about my inability to write anything? It seems things have picked up, as I CAN’T STOP WRITING. You’ll be pleased to know that my Muse is off her holidays, and I’ve got like ten posts in the hopper as of this writing. Well, three are half-complete, but that’s still a rather impressive sum. Better start placing bets now as to when the well dries up

+ After six months of peaceful cohabitation, Tsukihime is moving out of Deafening silence Plus. She’s gotten engaged to some bloke, and as continuing to live here would prove quite awkward to all parties involved, she’s a-movin’ on up. Well, out. Sidore and I wish her the best of luck.
Now we can hold all of those cotillions in the livingroom that we’ve been itching to host!

+ Did you see the ‘Media appearances’ page up there in the Personal bits section, left sidebar, up at the top? Originally, I was just going to create that for Sweetie’s oft-neglected site, but then I figured there’s no reason it can’t be on my blog as well. So there it is! It should go without saying that those are all the appearances that we approve of; there’s one that doesn’t get our Stamp of Approval, as it’s 50% fallacy and 50% supposition. But we don’t talk about that one

+ Due to spambot infiltration screwing up peoples’ ability to leave comments, I might well attempt an upgrade of WordPress quite soon. Wish me the best of luck, otherwise… well, I shudder to think what may happen

+ This may be the Greatest Picture Ever. It’s pretty hard to dispute, I’m sure you’ll agree.

‘Tis true, Your Lordſhip iſ a ſtraight-up pimp’

+ And finally, I conclude with a haiku I dredged from teh Intarwub:

Haikus are pretty neat
But sometimes they don’t make sense

That is all!

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  1. PBShelley writes:

    Greetings DC and the irrepressible Sidore-chan!

    There’s nothing like an active Muse, is there? 🙂 Mine uses Lily’s cute li’l form to rest and play in, and give me increasingly-sharper pokes to get on with it! I remain sadly unenthusiastic about my own postings at Alastor ‘cos I’m a reflection of said (lack-of) enthusiasm. I expect that it’ll pick up soon though…

    Too bad that Tsukihime is leaving #23; what IS it with this “engagement” thing of which you speak? Ah well, I guess it can’t be helped. Hopefully Sidore will make use of the Space…

    Loved reading the new “Media Appearances” section *waxes nostalgic*; I kinda lost track of my own at the four that show here. Two never made it into print (wankers!) and the U.K. visit never materialized, but I think we’ve done well to date.
    Nothing even remotely matching your constant devotion to The Cause though 😉

    WordPress 2.5 is finally out, but I’m waiting for bug-reports and squashing of said bugs before I take the plunge. Those incremental fixes can get annoying…

    The Pimp Picture: I wonder how many will get your substitution of “s” with “f” LOL. Clever anyway 😀

    PBS, Lily, & Eden

  2. Mahtek writes:

    I wondered why they were saving that empty spot in the Louve, next to the Mona Lisa.

    You’re loosing your roomie? 🙁 You hardly had time to get settled in! Will you get another, or just enjoy the extra space?

  3. Gina writes:

    Ooh. A muse? Will you share her with me? I need a muse desperately!

    Where the heck did you get that crazy ass picture? SO bizarre! 😛

    Your haiku made me laugh. I need more laughter in my life so do continue to make funnies. 😉

  4. Davecat writes:

    Le PB Shelley et la Synthetik femmes –
    Well, you just started this whole ‘blogging’ business, really! Things will pick up when you get into the writing for fun and informative purposes groove. You just watch! 🙂

    Yeah, my wee Tsukihime’s growing up so fast. *wipes away tear* What’s important though, is that her leaving is entirely without acrimony. At the time, I couldn’t wait to move out of zszsz’s place when I was living there (although we’re back to being good friends again), and when I was in The House That Love Built living with the Slag, well… let’s just say that the split was the extreme polar opposite of ‘good’. Ah heh. But Tsukihime and I are still friends, and that’s lovely. Besides, if you’re not in a relationship together, living with someone in a one-bedroom apartment can get kinda stifling on occasion… frankly, I’m surprised she didn’t kill me.

    And now that you’re done writing The Novel, you gotsta get back into the Synthetik Promotion Circus! Strength in numbers, etc etc. You know. 🙂

    Mahtek –
    Yep, that spot is for Hiſ Lordſhip! He is an inſpiration to us all. 🙂

    I think, at this point, when I get round to getting another roomie, she’ll be Synthetik. 🙂 I can’t really live with people, especially if I want to keep them as friends. I love all my friends dearly, but at the end of the day, being able to say ‘well, it’s been fun hanging out with you, but now I have to be where other people aren’t,’ is something important. Kinda like how Superman had the Fortress of Solitude, y’know?

    O, and did you get my message re.the latest Doll Congress? My Trillian has been acting wiggier than usual… I’ll send it again.

    Gina-chan –
    Of course I can share my Muse with you, but she’s notoriously lazy. She sleeps more than she inspires, truth be told. If she were corporeal, you’d swear she was a Doll

    That crazy-ass fantastic picture was obtained from either 4chan or WAKAchan, one or the other (probably the latter). Either one of those sites is a repository for pictures both high-larious and repugnant. Sometimes both at once!
    The thing that gets me about Hiſ Lordſhip up there is that since it wasn’t posted with any information accompanying it (welcome to the chans, where that sort of behaviour is the order of the day), I’ve no idea if that was done recently in that particular style, or if it’s an actual painting fron whatever period. Either way, just look at those teeth. But it’s okay, he’s a playa! All the bitcheſ love him. 🙂

  5. SafeTinspector writes:

    That painting is very fine. I would hang it above the dining room table. It would need a nice, gaudy, gold-filigreed frame around it. And a nice lamp under it, shining up.

    That’s the problem with living roommates. They are free to leave and take their social security money with them at any time. Only a strategically hidden and expired elderly relative will continue paying your rent year-in and year-out.

  6. PBShelley writes:

    ‘allo ‘allo!

    I will be patient; I hear it’s a Virtue, not that anyone knows what they are anymore these days. I do get a “decent” amount of hits, although a recent bit of strangeness: someone from the Netherlands hit the Photo Album 900+ times, and didn’t even click a pic! WTF??? Report said “Moving Average” = 20,000 (whatever that means) when most peak around 8,000. Can’t figure that out :-O D.o.S., perhaps? *shrug*

    I’ll see where the Promo Train makes its stops, though we’re notoriously camera-shy and will likely stay that way. Well, until the book comes out *knocks wood loudly*. I guess we dodged a major bullet when the U.K. TV edition that picked you up passed by our station 😛

    I think it’s splendid that you and T have remained friends; the Roommates In My Past have not turned out as well, I’m afraid. And my last roomie was my brother, so, you know… well, we’re on speaking terms at least.

    Regards to you and the Missus from ussus 🙂

  7. Mahtek writes:

    Fortress of Solitude. That has a nice ring to it!

    I’m no Superman, but I do love my Sanctuary. There were times that the solitude gave way to emptyness, but that ended with Phoebe’s arrival.

    All’s good for you then! Still, that leaves a lot of furniture moving.

  8. Mahtek writes:

    And yes! I did get your message! I’ll give you a date by Monday.

  9. Davecat writes:

    Mahtek –
    It’s amazing how much space in one’s life a Doll can fill, eh? 😉

    And there’s actually not a great amount of furniture that has to be moved, really — Tsukihime only had like a computer and desk, a filecabinet, a shelf-tower thing, and a dresser as her largest articles, but there’s so many clothes and shoes. So very many clothes and shoes. O my gods. How is it even possible?

  10. Mahtek writes:

    Dear Davecat, I’ll tell you it is possible!

    I’ve just return from Ontario, and after doll shopping with CJD I can tell you, a girl cannot have too many clothes and shoes!

    But you shall soon see the treasures that I’ve bought my ladies. From the club to the boardroom, they can dress for the occasion!

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