Err, ah, Happy New year!

typed for your pleasure on 2 January 2005, at 11.19 pm

So, I understand it’s 2005! Hm.

Just spent an inordinate amount of minutes heaving The World’s Most Comfortable Loveseat (from my first and best apartment, No.23 Deafening silence) into my bedroom, so that I can actually take some new pics of Shi-chan. I guess I dinna measure properly — hardly surprising since math was never my strong point — but the loveseat is deeper than I expected, and sticks out farther than I thought it would. It’s roughly a foot & a half away from the foot of the bed, which I will eventually back towards the wall. However, I can’t push it all the way up against the wall, as my bookshelves are back there. Yeah. I keep telling myself, ‘this’ll only be for two more years at the most..’ I can say that where I’ve placed the lamps makes it nice & highly illuminated; they’re on either side of the room, pointed directly at the loveseat, so as an ersatz staging area, it’s not completely bad. I’d sit Shi-chan down on the loveseat & take a couple of test photos, but my grip strength is almost completely shot from moving that damned couch, and plus, she’s asleep. 😉 It’s my intention to get some pics in next week-end, so we’ll see how that goes. I can’t wait.. it’s been far too long since the last proper shoot..

Currently listening to: ‘Honey honey’ by ABBA, with the original Swedish lyrics. Thanx Jeff! Thanx Internet!

And there you have it; ‘Shouting to hear the echoes’ first post of 2005. As always, utterly compelling

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