typed for your pleasure on 13 September 2004, at 11.36 pm

One ov the ace things about living in this century is the many fab and useful inventions that we can integrate into our daily lives. The wheel. The microwave. The combination cellphone/PalmPilot. The RealDoll. Well, now you can add pyrithione zinc shampoo to that list. Have you tried this stuff? I picked it up on a whim last week when I needed some more shampoo; I usually get the standard dry scalp version ov Head & Shoulders, but I decided to grab the new pyrithione zinc variation, as it boasted ov a ‘cooling sensation’ on the front ov the bottle. And they weren’t lying! It’s as if they injected pure and unrefined peppermint into the bottle. It is truly a cooling sensation not found in any other shampoo; that is, unless you habitually wash your hair with milkshakes. It’s very refreshing!

Ov course, just you wait; ten years down the road, the AMA will undoubtedly release a statement that repeated usage ov pyrithione zinc-based shampoos will cause explosive brain haemmorhages. ‘AARGH IT TINGLES’ *pfft thud*

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