‘Reruns again??’

typed for your pleasure on 1 February 2007, at 12.35 pm

Sdtrk: ‘To here knows when’ by My bloody valentine

For those of you who missed the fab documentary ‘Guys and Dolls’ the first time, the second time, or apparently the time it was recently aired in Australia as ‘Love me, love my Doll’, citizens of Britain (well, England) can catch it one mo’ time Friday, 16 February at 11pm, on FIVE. Who knew RealDolls would be that popular?

Also, you can check out the (repost of the) post that Penda wrote about her experience with the North One film crew. Can only two people comprise a crew? Sure, why not.

‘Who’s that on the telly?’
‘Looks like Davecat and Sidore.’
‘Well, tell them to get off, their legs are blocking the screen. Besides, how’d they even manage to sit atop a flat-screen telly anyway?’

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6 have spoken to “‘Reruns again??’”

  1. Camilla writes:

    DC, i love your shirt!! 🙂

    i just saw the video, you look great, i love your style. :)))

  2. Davecat writes:

    Aww, thanks Camilla! You’ve improved my Saturday morning. 🙂

    I have no idea where I bought that shirt from! TRIVIA: Not only is that the only short-sleeved shirt I own, but it’s only one of two that has a print on it.
    Congratulations: I have filled a section of your brain with something utterly meaningless. Go read a book and flush that out of there. 🙂

    Are you in the UK or Australia, by the way? Or perhaps… from someplace beyond time?
    Or perhaps the UK or Australia?

  3. Camilla writes:

    utterly meaningless?? are you kidding me? you can talk about clothes and style with me all day long, lol!. 🙂

    i sure am from someplace beyond time, hehe…
    not uk, not australia, italy. perhaps.

    now i’ll go read a book 🙂

  4. elfboi & Jazzi writes:

    Heh heh. So you’re a Monty Python fan as well. I learned a lot of my English from them.

  5. Davecat writes:

    Hey you kids!
    I don’t believe there’s a man, woman, child, or Doll with a functioning brain that doesn’t love Monty Python. Brilliant stuff…

    And you learned your English from that show? So were you walking round for months, telling people that your hovercraft is full of eels? 😉

    Shi-chan and I send our warmest regards to… err… what part of Germany are you from again?

  6. *waves to the traffic* | little black duck writes:

    […] I see that the Powers That Be controlling British programming will be airing Guys and Dolls again, and you people (that’s all of you who dig Davecat, Sidore, as well as assorted […]

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