Company’s coming – do try to look respectable

typed for your pleasure on 18 September 2006, at 3.18 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Cruenta voluptas’ by NON

For those of you who reside in England, you’ll be ‘pleased’ to know that Sidore-chan and I, along with Everhard and his lasses, the famous Gordon Griggs and his lasses, and ‘Dr Jackson’, will be on your televisions this very evening. I just received an Email from ex-Geordie director Nick Holt, that said the finished documentary, ‘Guys and Dolls’ (that title was Nick’s idea, if I recall correctly), will be on Five on 18 September, at 2200 GMT. You can find a listings check right here.

Sorry for the short notice, but I was just told today by Nick, and Nick was just told today by the people at Five. So there you have it. Hopefully I don’t like a complete twat — although that’s a possibility that can’t be ruled out, y’know.

Set your VCRs! Do people even use VCRs anymore?

ADDENDUM (6.45pm): Looking over my blog’s stats, I guess it aired!..
Info for the innately curious: 1) I’m working on rebuilding Sidore’s site, ‘Kitten with a Whip!’, so in the meantime, you’ll just have to settle for her Flickr page, 2) blah blah blah my YouTube page, and 3) you’ll find more Doll-related info in the lefthand sidebar, in the Categories area. Enjoy, and try not to break anything

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  1. PBShelley writes:

    Fab news, now I just need to get my VCR working again (or break down and just buy a new one LOL). Can’t wait to see it! Best wishes for favorable reviews, and if they aren’t they can just fuck off! :-O

    Critics/doll-bashers, who needs ’em? Thanks for the update 😉

    All of us here in Lily’s Pad

  2. Davecat writes:

    PBS etc al –
    Yeah, I need to break down and get a new one myself, as mine has recently gone tits up. Aren’t VCRs like $50 these days, in this, the Age of the DVD? If not, they should be..

    Thankfully, the responses have been good. There’s been a metric ton of hits on ‘Shouting etc etc’, of course — no idea why no-one will comment, as I don’t bite — but I’ve actually received a small handful of positive Emails, which really made my day. Always nice to see that not everyone’s a closed-minded churl. 🙂

    I’ll let you know as soon as that tape hits my doorstep with an annoying clattery sound. 🙂
    Tell your lovely Synthetik mistresses Shi-chan and I said ‘HAY!’

  3. SafeTinspector writes:

    Oh, poop! I totally just knocked this lamp over.

  4. Penda writes:

    Nick is kinda a hottie, but don’t tell him I said that. It would ruin our professional relationship.

  5. Davecat writes:

    No worries; your secret is safe with me. 🙂


  6. ray rentell writes:

    You did come out looking a right twat but a very lovable one !

    It turned out to be an excellent docu for a change with no physco babble.
    It just let you reprobates talk your very own selves deeper in as a good docu should.

    Good to put a voice and action to a face Mr.D. Cat, congratulations on your latest bit of Warhol ten seconds of fame.
    Or was it a minute?

    Can I have your autograph now your a star please he said fawningly?

    Seriously, thanks for standing up to be counted and representing all of us closet idollators.

    Rentell and the Goyls.

  7. Davecat writes:

    Hey Rentell and Kukoi-chan and Aiko-chan and Betty and Matilda and any others I may have forgotten –

    Glad to hear you lot enjoyed the documentary. We haven’t even received our copy yet — I expect that’ll be sometime this week.. Also glad that it seemed to represent iDollators in a positive aspect, as opposed to having something dripping with subjective media bias. It makes for a nice change!

    I can’t say that I represent all iDollators, but obviously there’s a certain reason why we all have made the decision to have these lovely Synthetik creatures in our lives — whether it’s on the level of being the subject of stunning, well-composed photographs (that’s a reference to you, by the way 😉 ), or if it’s to have a Doll as a life partner, or all points in between — I’m just proud that Shi-chan and I can give an insight as to how and why we’ve made our decisions.

    Or some such bollocks. It’s early, I just woke up, and I’m rambling. 😛

    Ta very much sir, keep up the excellent fecking photography, and give all of your goyls kisses from the pair of us!

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