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Sdtrk: ‘Les chemins de fer’ by Notre-dame

Nick Holt, director of the fab documentary ‘Guys and Dolls‘, says:

Guys & Dolls is repeated on Channel Five next Tuesday 10th October at the later time of 11pm due to popular demand. Tune in if you are in the UK!

So there ya go. Also, he mentioned this to me in an Email, just after it was first aired:

Well the film went out last night and was watched by 1.5 million people, gaining a 9% share of the overall British TV audience at that time. This is considered very good indeed. In fact my commissioning editor at Channel 5 rang me up twice. Once to tell me that the film was ‘a hit’ and one of the highest rating documentaries for the channel in that time slot. Ever. And again to tell me he has never before experienced such a huge response to a film going out.

You can’t see us from here, but Sidore and I are nodding approvingly

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  1. SafeTinspector writes:

    Wooo! DC goin’ big-time. Its only a matter of time before you hire an agent and go on a speaking tour.
    Start writing up your inane warm-up jokes now.

  2. Davecat writes:

    ‘Two blokes walk into a bar; you’d think one of ’em would’ve seen it.’
    No good, eh? Damn.

    My big question that I’d mentioned to a friend: why has Japan not yet come a-calling? They love RealDolls and Synthetik humans even more than in the States!

    Don’t be afraid, Japan! Shi-chan and I offer you the Paw of Friendship.

  3. Wanda writes:

    Hi, DC!

    Everhard says your voice-over is way impressive: you sounded to him like a major in the Marine Corps.

    I hope they show it here; I would love to see it.


  4. Davecat writes:

    Hey Wanda, long time no viddy!

    It’s definitely an entertaining and insightful documentary — does it sound too biased if I’m the one that says that, though? 😉
    Part of me hopes they air it in the States, but for selfish reasons, I really don’t. Having cyber-stalkers and internet detractors is one thing; I don’t need real-life versions..

    Give Roxanne a kiss from the pair of us!

  5. nemimi writes:

    I ended up watching this twice.
    The first time my boyfriend and I watched it out of sheer fascination. The second time I watched it because I was amazed that I found your relationship made so much sense.
    Honestly, you were the only sane person they interviewed. I don’t usually judge the sexual/romantic practices of others, as my own can fall into the “odd” category. Having said that, the other guys seemed a bit odd. You seemed sweet and respectful. Sidore and you make a lovely couple!

  6. Davecat writes:

    nemimi –
    Well, Shi-chan and I say ta very much!

    Obviously, not all Doll owners are the same, but as Meghan Laslocky pointed out in the brilliant article she’d written last year, there are two types of iDollators — the fetishists, who just view their Dolls as sex toys, and the husbands, who see their Dolls as lovers and partners. Sure, us husbands aren’t in a ‘conventional’ pairing, but it’s one that makes both parties happy, and that’s really the reason anyone gets into a relationship in the first place..

    As far as the other iDollators featured in the programme, they’re alright blokes. I’ve been corresponding with Everard for years; Gordon sets out to make his own path; and Mike — I actually thought he was a twat for years (long story), but that documentary actually makes him a semi-sympathetic person. Not that I’d ever tell him that, though. 🙂

    Glad you enjoyed the show, and thanks for having an open mind! 🙂

  7. ChikkinNoodul writes:

    I got a DVD recording of the documentary from a friendly person at TDF… I found it very interesting.

    Besides, I had never suspected you to be that good looking… heh heh… too sad there aren’t any dolls that look like you. Being bisexual, I find many female dolls sexy and beautiful, but I still wish there were more (and other!) male dolls.

  8. Davecat writes:

    ChikkinNoodul –
    Me, good-looking? Are you sure you weren’t confusing me with some other bloke, or watching another documentary entirely? Anything’s possible, y’know.
    Anyway, thanks for the compliment! 🙂

    I would agree — Abyss should think about sculpting more and different body types for the male Dolls, but I’m sure that’s just one more project they have in the hopper. Since their main market share consists of heterosexuals like myself, they probably aren’t concentrating too much on additional male Dolls, but they’re losing another potentially big audience by not doing so. Again, I’m sure they’re working on it — going by what I’d heard during my recent visit, their fingers are in many pies. 🙂

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